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December 12, 2001.

Perhaps the trickiest trap from which to extract your foot & be on your way,
is one so subtle as to evade all but the most fevered of would-be see-ers.

(Oh, me! — me!
Lift me up,
I want to see!

A parade with no viewers is a parade nonetheless.)

This snare, (strictly from the view of the few with the hunger),
is life driving the activity in men’s brains that is their thoughts
to labeling themselves as an object — the mind;
(energy ipse dixitly identifying itself as matter).
By this ruse, the brain serves up a picture of certain of its activities as being
the products of what seems almost a discrete other organ within its own mass,
via reverse engineering it would be like the brains thoughts insisting to man that
his physical heart had no existence outside of its pumping:
an obvious falsehood, but not so apparent (pretends mans brain)
is that outside of thinking — there is no mind;
ordinary mens concept is that their mind is the stage, or screen upon which
the thoughts that pass through them appear;
that the mind is the medium and thoughts, the message,
but stop the hearts pumping, and still there lays a heart,
but stop the minds thinking, and the mind disappears.

If this already strikes your (ah hum) — mind
as nothing more than a meaningless word game, then read no more,
but for those who truly long to get out of the dark, smoky building
(you do not even know for a fact that it is on fire) and into fresh air,
the consideration of this distinction can be a critical guide to the light.

As long as a man believes that the annoying yaps come from his dog,
he will believe it is possible to stop them via training the dog,
but there is no dog of a mind producing the yapping of thinking;
you have been stuck with a seeming, cause-&-effect situation,
but in mans mental instance,
one in which effects themselves have identified the cause
which has no discoverable existence other than the effects claim that it does,
(and you might note: the effects are also the claims sole audience,
and judge of veracity).

By the sensation of physical stimuli does everyone know they have a body,
(and by observation, that does everyone else),
but man knows that he has a mind only because his thoughts tell him he does;
a humans sensation of having a non physical self is dependent entirely on
this thing fabricated by thoughts — this supplemental organ — the mind.
Thoughts creation of a solid seeming, permanently abiding,
though imaginary structure/persona for themselves,
which they treat unilaterally as a substantial reality, and call — mind,
man calls his self: his strictly-private, inner-controlled, totally-individualistic, and,
not-limited-to-the-shortcomings-&-restrictions-of-his-physique — self.

Thus it is that a man, with blind confidence, refers to: MY mind
as though the thing that the word, my represents is something different than
the other word, mind —
and as though there is some distinct, controllable organ somewhere in man
named the mind — which is responsible for the production of thoughts —
which are what motivated him to make the comment about, My mind.

(If you are still reading this & still find it just vacuous, verbal hocus pocus,
at least it proves you are normal.)

Illness alone bothers the body:
not understanding the mind alone — bothers the mind.
Being physically sick would not cause a man to believe that
there is a metaphysical purpose or meaning to life,
nor would it make him suspect the existence of a Secret,
the knowledge of which would liberate him from all discomfort;
these notions require that the mind suffer an illness: the illness of stupidity,
(Ah, perhaps, the old doctor is being a bit dramatically harsh in his assessment.).
To be confused, disquieted and in conflict with life
demands that a man not realize (or at least not acknowledge) that
what he thinks of as himself
is nothing more than the thoughts that are thinking the word/concept, self
and that he (the thoughts in his brain thinking the word, he/me/mine/his)
has no organ, the mind which is a something that churns out the thoughts which
he (the thoughts) then experience.

It is bizarre enough to try to change the state/condition/workings-of your mind when there is clearly nothing which can even approach the task other than your mind —
but on past that — then comes this:
you are trying to change/bring-under-control/affect-in-any-way — your mind,
when no such thing exists;
all it consists of is a verbal sham created-by and now supported-by
the thoughts which are saying: I have got to bring my mind under control!
I must make certain alterations to the way my mind works!”
In each of those sentences, two invisible, (harmless to most) errors occur,
(fatal to a few):
One: that mind is an actual something (like an organ) that can be worked on,
and Two: In that in each sentence appears both the words, I and mind
the illusion is maintained of them being two separate things.

Most human brains do not come with an interest in this matter,
nor the talent to deal with it,
but right here today, in this pretend News report,
is laid out naked as a horny eel, the entire technical explanation for:
everything that has ever, bothered man;
the basis of all his, unanswerable questions
(and absent spasticality) — the cause of all stumbling and stupidity.

Only a human who does not have even a suspicion of what is going on says that ,
he HAS a mind or that ,

Jeeze! — how dense can one species BE!…and survive?!……
…..and, double damn! — be top dog?!

Damn, its both amazing — and I-poppin!

…..(well, damn if it shouldn’t be.)