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December 10, 2001.

Even though it may be that every person who finally realizes what is going on
does so in a way that is ultimately theirs alone,
there is no doubt that everyone would benefit from having as precise an early view of the terrain on which the endeavor takes place as is possible.

The difficulty is that mankind’s thinking is programmed to automatically reject
the most basic and significant fact thereabout;
a quite simple and apparent matter —
yet one few are able to ever usefully grasp, accept and consistently remember.

If you are already sufficiently clear headed, then you could be urged to forget all the ideas that may have stuck to your head throughout the years regarding the mysterious nature of wanting to wake-up, achieve-enlightenment, et al,
and to you it could be validly said that failure to recognize this simple but difficult-to-confront fact is the very sole substance of the mystical-hunger.

This: Everything a person thinks about either has a physical reality or does not, and those which do not — his thought created.

And watch that your mind does not automatically start to cloud up on you,
for this statement makes no comment on the comparative quality of
the two different things about which the mind can think;
there is no inference whatever that thoughts about things with a physical reality
are superior to those that have none, nor vice versa;
the words merely note the objectively obvious that:
every thought you have is either about something which physically exists,
or something which does not physically exist.

Mankind’s ordinary thinking is programmed by life to not only
vehemently reject this, but to have a ready, quite impressive come back
(impressive to who?), which is the instant, blind mis interpretation of the fact as being
a subjective, speculative judgment which is identifying
one of the two types of thoughts as being superior to the other,
or even just the existence of one being the literal denial of the others existence,
(among non mystically given philosophers & week-end-thinkers,
this moot verbal debate has been playing meaninglessly for thousands of years).

To the wide eyed, the clear reality of the two different types of thought
offers no judgment, nor presents a preference;
it is merely a most basic recognition of a most basic fact unique to man,
sc. not only does he alone have thoughts,
but he can not only think about all of the things which he finds
already physically existing all around him in this universe,
but can also think about things which never existed at all —
until his thoughts created them, (and which still do not).

This does not say that thinking about gold is superior to thinking about god,
nor that thoughts concerning food are better than those about art;
the statement merely makes cold note of the experientially obvious;
what ever you are thinking about either is a thought about a thing that physically exists, and that you could touch with your hand if you were close enough to it,
or else you are thinking about a thing that neither you nor any other human can,
has or ever will, touch, because it simply has no physical existence as far as
the human senses can ascertain.

This is plainly true, but outside ordinary minds ability to use
but is of supreme practical significance for the few —
and far beyond what may even now strike you as its obviousness;
you believe that you realize its truth and full profundity at your expense,
for be assured, even if you think: Yeah, yeah, I hear ya! Its true, so what?!
Whats the big deal about it?!
I want to, Wake-Up and be Enlightened — not play silly word games like this —
which is understandable when you know the secret about the mind,
but relentlessly chewing on the simple fact that:
Everything you think about either has a physical existence or does not,
will (for those to this born), eventually — one unsuspecting day,
suddenly shove you right out of your dark inner cave,
out into the joyous, glaring light on the totally open plain just outside the caves door.

In spite of how dogmatically a thought in your head may presently say
that you understand this
just the persistent pursuit of this one simple fact can, in an instant —
— when you suddenly really see it —
change absolutely everything connected to your desire to discover the secret
that is hidden from ordinary minds…….if there be one?!….and — there be one!
— and this is it.

But it is no secret! — everyone knows, (when it is pointed out to them),
that everything they think about either physically exists or does not,
yeah — at the moment when it is pointed out to them
(if they are in a relatively receptive & lucid mood),
but no ordinary man nor mind has an abiding awareness of the fact who has not achieved it through some sort of hard-to-classify-or-describe, non essential efforts
he has made, usually taking up the better part of a life time.

For the few, the trickiest, seemingly, most dangerous, damn near, blasphemous aspect of this mapping of the basic terrain is in finally having to add everything you think about wanting to Wake-up into the mix;
scrutinizing this super sensitive, delicate, obscure, mysterious activity
of seeking the great secret of enlightenment as impacted by the fact that:
Every thing (you know the definition of, every thing right?)
you think about, (not excluding ThisThing) either physically exists, or does not,
and if not, then it is something that human thought thought up.

And be reminded one more time: this does not say that thoughts and ideas about Awakening & Enlightenment are better or worse than thoughts about anything else,
and it does not deny their existence — in your mind.

All crops grow, but unicorns only in elysian fields
but for those with the natural appreciation of the creature
the effort required to bring it to harvest is all too worth it.