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December 7, 2001.

The word: use: “to put into service.”
The distress: not facing the minds misuse thereof,

(this sentence originally read: Not realizing the minds misuse thereof,
but why not start off on the more accurate foot in that every ordinary person on the planet is surely aware of how the mind misappropriates the word use
and the only sane explanation for their conduct to the contrary
is to conclude that they simply will not acknowledge what is so clearly so:
the naked fact that men endlessly refer to the, use-they-make of thoughts
when by definition, use ner comes into play.)

Not understanding and remembering that the thoughts issuing from everyone,
which are not descriptions of things in the physical world —
have no use,
is the source of all human confusion,
(from the specialized view, of course, of the confusion-intolerant few).
In every instance of every accusation & condemnation that one human
levels at another over matters non physical,
misuse of the word use is the actual origin.

Thoughts about the physical world, (which is clearly consciousness primary purpose), can result in use thereof;
thinking & talking about better ways to raise crops; build shelters,
improve technologies, have the potential to be put into use,
and mans ordinary mind makes no distinction between these useful
thoughts & words (which are a minuscule minority) and the many ideas to which he incessantly gives vent which are never put into use —
which literally cannot be put into use,
and whose nature he simply ignores.
(As always, there is nothing wrong here;
the situation is obviously as life wants it to be with humanity collectively,
but for the few to ever clear their head and see what is really going on,
an objective living-autopsy of the human game must be performed.)

Let us cut right to the bone to begin with:
for the specialized aim of the few, the plain view of this affair is thus:
Any thought you have about anything you cannot touch — is useless —

If, by definition, a thought, an idea you put into words, cannot ever be put into service, into action, then what is its purpose?
The thought may entertain you, even entertain others,
but if it is not about something that physically exists in the world outside of you,
then it is useless;
useless now — useless always;
it serves no use; it has no use — it is useless;
fun, distracting, a topic of conversation & debate — but useless.

Turn your hearing apparatus to Clear Channel and be instantly aware
that 99%+ of what humans talk about has no use; it is inherently useless,
and it can never be changed and made useful;
and most of what people write about has no use other than to
take someone else’s dog for a walk
(give their mind thoughts to chase other than its own all too familiar tail).

Men have a native disinclination to face this fact;
to think about it; to speak of it, to in any way, acknowledge it;
they rather speak, and pretend collectively to believe to the absolute contrary.
Routinely do men preface their remarks with the comment:
Here is some information you can really use: and then proceed
to fearlessly palaver about matters which have no existence outside of the words which man has employed to create them for the theatre of his mind.
Examples are so much an ingrained part of the human drama that you do not have to search for them — you cannot get away from them;
they engulf you and all of ordinary human mentation.
It is certainly useful to study your local holy book
so as to know what the gods want you to think,
and assuredly useful to listen to the priests so as to get the latest updates
and interpretations of the divine’s desires;
and it is obviously useful to stay abreast of what commentators are writing
and saying about the ideological conflicts in the political hot spots of the world, and unquestionably useful to know the experts’ latest thinking on
the stock markets short term future, etc, etc,
and from ordinary, sane mens mental perspective,
all of such matters are important in the sense that the ideas, the thoughts, the opinions, the information being conveyed is of obvious, or at least potential use —
when, from an alert fish eye view — it is not.

A thought is useful only if it results in action
not the action of producing other thoughts in the hearer —
— but action in the physical world,
and in this matter the mind can subtly but most handily fool you (itself),
look you and itself innocently — right square in the face —
and pretend to believe that many……a lot……hell — most
of its thoughts do result in action being taken in your life,
when that is transparently not so.

Bearing down on 100%, are the thoughts that normally pass through your mind
totally useless — they do nothing;
they accomplish nothing;
they prove nothing:
they go nowhere;
they lead you nowhere;

a particular thought suddenly appears it registers its presence —
then is gone in an instant and totally forgotten,
unless & until it suddenly appears again for an impotent instant.

The whole affair is as simple, runny and difficult to get off of your hands as duck shit,
and yet men are not programmed to face it;
their minds are not programmed to face it, (for an obvious reason),
but in its free time, when not engaged in thinking about some material something that actually exists in the world outside,
the thoughts you have are thoroughly useless — they accomplish nothing;
they have no effect on the life you actually end up living.
It is plain and obvious to anyone with the non standard capacity to look at it head on.
It does not require the assistance of a guru, teacher or guide;
no study of a textbook is necessary;
no meditating or fasting is needed,
all it takes is you being born with a certain unusual wiring arrangement
in a particular area of your brain (mind) which enables you to privately
look at this question:

Are the thoughts I have in any way related to the life I actually lead?

You may be assured that at any given time,
out of this world’s entire population
there are but a handful of humans with the ability, the interest, the potential,
the overwhelming need to deal with this question, and the aftermath of its solution;
but in seeing completely through this simple (and to ordinary minds) foolish question,
you will see it all.