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December 5, 2001.

In re that everyone, if asked, will say that they want to, “know The Truth —
then continue to live to the contrary,
and that there are a few people who actually make efforts in that direction,
but experience endless frustration therein, consider:

Everyone’s behavior is governed inescapably by laws both natural and man made,
(e.g. gravity & speed limits) which do no fatal harm,
but to willingly place your thinking under regulations & restrictions
(religious doctrines, political systems & anything else that fits the bill)
is a form of suicide,
for it will make your mind avoid the truth
your thinking will shun the unauthorized — which is what The Truth is.

Even though some enjoy it doing so, the term, the truth does not have to carry metaphysical connotation, (as in some highly mysterious, weird and dangerous
secret information that is purposefully hidden from ordinary men),
for people with no interest in such notions still believe that in the life of mortals
there is the actual Truth of what is going on,
and then there is peoples mistaken Belief of what is going on,
and that the latter should, and ultimately, must be replaced by the former
— when it can with certainty, be ascertained —
for man to ever achieve his proper level of existence.

So while routine mystics believe there is an extraordinary, metaphysical Truth-of-things & then mundane mens erroneous conception thereof,
routine everyday men believe there is a Truth-of-things which any right hearted person can be taught, and which is ignored only by blackguards and the deranged;
and as mystics immerse themselves in exotic ideas of the supernatural,
which they say will eventually reveal to them the great, secret Truth
everyday people submit themselves to collective mental constructions
which they say is the only proper way for a man to be taught The-Truth-of
what they should believe is true;
(one of these approaches is not correct and the other flawed;
they both are driven by the same machinery,
and merely manifest themselves differently).

Life is so arranged that the ordinary six billion people of this planet
are made to say that they are sure there is The Truth about anything and everything, and then there exists the mistaken belief about how things are,
and that it is a man’s duty to learn the truth for himself, and that the only way to do so
is to receive it from a source which already possesses it,
which is always institutionalized;
The Truth, as it is pictured by ordinary minds, is never held by some individual somewhere, but rather by an organized collection of men who,
either via divine revelation or combined intellectual effort,
are the keepers and distributors of The Truth (Judaism, Marxism,
Existentialism, Postmodernism), and that a seeker can therein learn The Truth by submitting his thoughts to their thoughts, (swap the wrong for the right — right?!)
What they seek is an outside sourced verbal template by which to form
their own world view.
This is how it works and how seems proper to ordinary minds, and to such,
no proof to the contrary can be presented (nor of course, is it intended to be) —
but, for the few;
this just wont do.

Ponder: why do ordinary minds WANT to submit themselves to restrictions on
what they can think is, or might be the truth? and want to they do.
You can feel the desire extant in your own brain:
the attraction for mental regulation is inherent in everyone,
(just less so in the secretly insurgent few).
Ordinary people are not simply stupid and must be told what to think
(and even if they were: other humans would be just as stupid as them,
so from who could they be so told?!)
No it is more, and more subtle than that.

There is no question, from the fews more expansive view,
that the closer a participant comes to being a good
Catholic, Socialist, Environmentalist, Anarchist,
the more does he say that the institution’s ideas on the matters pertinent
are superior to his and indeed must replace any of his which may be in conflict.
This cannot from the routine human perspective be denounced,
in that the very concept of being a valid member of any organization is based on you accepting that what they say is the truth is THE truth,
regardless of yours or anyone else’s thoughts otherwise.
Such institutionalized thinking is an important and deep rooted pile in the structure of mankind’s civilized existence,
and that’s the book on that.

But what ordinary people never look at is the why behind their desire to be:
told The Truth in the form of regulations and restrictions on their thinking,
(which a man privately digging around the foundations of all this must investigate),
and the answer is simple and obvious to a keen eye:
unless, for practical reasons, their thoughts are focused on a specific matter
in the physical world outside of them,
men feel that their thoughts are out of their control.
They do not talk about it in such terms, but their behavior in submitting themselves willing to the teaching of The Truth by some human organization is ready proof of their desire to impose some sort of regimentation on their thoughts —
even if it is based on extrinsic, and clearly questionable authority.

If you want to see what life is really about ,
(a sight always available, and the truth of which is simple)
you cannot put your mind in a vise;
thoughts you naturally have about human matters are already tortured enough
when you first receive them without you further torting them with
some other sleeping persons mechanical notions of what it might take to
free your consciousness up sufficiently for you to
realize the great & hidden, Metaphysical Truth.

The first truth you need to discover is that neither you nor any other human has
any say so or control over the thoughts that appear in your mind,
and that everyone has an inherent desire to impose order on this
runaway neural activity,
and the way favored by most of six billion of your neighbors is by placing yourself under the idea-auspices of something external to you: a church; cult;
political organization; action committee;
what they unwittingly seek is freedom from too much freedom;
freedom from lack of restraints;
freedom from apparent chaos (which is the brother-in-law of real freedom);
but for routine people — this will not do! —
so to external, essentially superfluous restrictions they turn.

And if you escape that, you then step into submitting yourself to the ideas/teachings of some individual (alive or not) who also apparently fled there from,
and on his own (with or without supernatural assistance)
discovered the REAL truth! —
not that phony truth that the bourgeois church-goers, voters,
and other middle class know-nothings believe to be the truth —
but the great, secret metaphysical truth.

Nope —

the truth is the same for everybody;
the truth is — what is —
so what is there to think about — about that?!
What is IS regardless of what anyone thinks about it.


……quid pro goobers.