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December 3, 2001.

Consciousness is clearly mans distinguishing mark,
but technically he is possessor of two types:
the consciousness of the body and the consciousness of thought;
(though speaking of them as such is ultimately fallacious
in that the viable reality of no thing exists in disjunction,
but in the realm of words, expediency is the only reality).

If you are physically sound, your body’s consciousness will see you
safely through your life and with no complaints on your part,
while regardless of your physique and genetics,
the consciousness of your thoughts will never satisfy,
(unless you are one of the few who discover a certain little something).

The consciousness of the body is quite visible and understood,
while the consciousness of thought is not understood at all,
although ordinary men continue to say they are making progress therein,
but on a level which actually means anything,
no man (professional or otherwise)
understands the consciousness of thought,
(which is, with the greatest possible precision, to say):
no mans consciousness of thought understands the consciousness of thought.

Anyone inclined to argue this point has little likelihood of ever
understanding any more about life than everyone else does,
or any more about their self than they do now,
(or when they first began to think, for that matter).
The point cannot be proven,
nor would one who understands it try to do so to the ordinary;
it is a basic fact of the life of man, but one not at all necessary to be known;
ordinary minds not only have no interest in this matter,
but indeed have a natural repulsion thereto:
ordinary thoughts do not even want to hear this subject mentioned,
(which is simplistically understandable once you see it for yourself).

Physically, men are learning more and more about the operations of the brain,
which in toto seem to result in the consciousness of thought,
but only people whose neural wiring bars them from interest in that
specialized affair-of-the-few can keep their eyes-&-Is shifted off to the side,
and refuse to see the radically obvious in this matter, sc.
that no matter how well armed you are with neurological observations,
or how sincerely you try,
mens consciousness of thought understands no more about itself than it did
the very first day the very first human experienced the consciousness of thought.

For the few, this fact is in no way a cause for discouragement
or nihilistic surrender — just the contrary:
the personal realization thereof is the first real step to stumbling on the secret of,
which is what is behind all of mans unwittingly encoded ideas of what is going on.

The consciousness of the body does not strive to understand itself;
what the body does IS the full understanding of its consciousness;
it is solely the consciousness of thought that seeks understanding of itself,
but the matter is hidden in a multitude of guises:
The struggle to understand the nature of God;
to understand the purpose of life;
to understand the meaning of life;
to understand the proper way a man should live his life (with variations),
but beneath all such sentences coming exclusively from
the lips of thoughts consciousness is the one, never directly confronted question:
“What is this thing — this me — that asks these questions?”

Regardless of how sincere a person believes their self to be,
when their mouth says that they Hunger to know God, or: The Truth,
or: To understand how life can be so strangely arranged?!
what is being expressed is nothing more or less than the persons
consciousness of thought almost screaming: Who/what the hell am I? —
this thing that has a private awareness of itself through hearing itself talk
when there is no one present in here BUT the thing doing the talking?
How can it have awareness of itself and yet not a scrap of a notion of what it is?

Discovering the answer/solution to that is the alpha & omega of :
waking-up; being-enlightened; knowing-the-secret:
that is all there is to be known or discovered,
but since scarcely anyone ever even gets directly on the case of the real question,
you cannot expect that many ever get to the solution.

The consciousness of your body was born knowing all it will ever know;
there is nothing more that it needs to know;
it is naturally as conscious as it can ever be,
and even if the same were true regarding the consciousness of thought,
it by ordinary nature does not think so,
thus neither can you — by the thinking life ordinarily provides for man.

No where in the complete, combined library of human thought & wisdom
will the few find the one sentence they are unknowing searching for,
and even if it were there, if you are still looking with-&-through
ordinary consciousness of thought, you would not see it.
The practical consequence of this is that there is nothing available in the complete, combined history of thought in your mind-&-memory
that will utter those longed for words which will finally crack the puzzle nut
and make you privately, king-of-your-inner-hill,
(what it actually does is relieve you from obligatory participation in the game).

A man who knows-the-secret is not smarter than everyone else,
he is just less stupid — a lot less — okay: ALL less,
for there is but one stupidity in man’s consciousness of thought, and that is:
not realizing that it does not understand itself.

Those without a clue believe in the consciousness of their thought
that they do understand more or less what they and life are all about,
while the only humans who actually understand
are those who understand that the thing in them and in everyone else
which alone ponders the question of understanding
can never understand the one thing which they unknowingly want to understand;
the one thing which, if they understood it,
would cause them to instantly understand everything else.

Your body’s consciousness is not given to any such frustrating activity
only your consciousness of thought;
perhaps one might possess characteristics profitable to emulate.

The time may not yet be ripe for you to hear this — but that is all right,
it will do you no harm to be verbally exposed to the big boys department: supremely:
there is nothing you can ever think that makes the slightest difference;

but unless you personally realize this for yourself — it is obviously not true;
so til that day comes, all you can do is:
stick this bit of clearly irresponsible info in your pocket;
do not let ordinary thought for too long at a time drive it from your mind, and —
— take it from there.


As he browsed through his mail, a man who understood things, and some times for his own amusement spoke about them vaguely, mused:
What makes the many people who take the time to inform me that they are not the type to be a follower think that I want followers —
— and even if I did, that I would want the likes of them as one?

Anyone who wants to talk to you and seeks to impress you — is not worth listening to.
Apply this liberally to the voices in your own consciousness of thought.

In that secret clear-headed area: life is not a sarcastic, ironic place to be.

……..reductio ad abgooberum.