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November 30, 2001.

There is no greater proof of ignorance than arguing;
there is no surer sign that a man is asleep & in the dark, but that he argues;
only captives tied to a post argue — mentally defective captives.

Solely by the fact that he argues can a man be correctly judged.

He who argues understands nothing; he is in fact, worse than asleep —
for while asleep and arguing, he can believe that he is awake and trying to
correct someone else’s mistaken idea of what being awake is.

He who argues accomplishes nothing;
arguing is not fighting; fighting accomplishes something,
arguing is an impotent mans activity.

There are two teams: if your jersey has either a 1 or a 2 on it —
you are with The Sleepers;
The Woke Up players have no number; being awake is being a zero
being a nothing — in fact, they do not even show up for games —
and no one misses them — and that alone should tell you something
eye popping about the very nature of the sport.

Only unoriginal men argue:
the truly creative produce ideas that are argue-proof.

Routine men believing that ideas have qualitative substance,
can think theirs correct and anothers fallacious,
and so assuming, think that by arguing for their idea, (the right one),
the person holding the erroneous idea can be persuaded to — see-the-light-of-truth.

The light of truth is indiscriminate; that is; it shines on all ideas equally,
and to the opened-eyed, reveals them for what they are:
imaginary roaches.

In that ordinary mens kitchen-minds consist entirely of these illusionary creatures,
arguing in defense of yours is in essence an effort to make it appear that
there is some sort of real substance to what is going on in your head.

Men having no actual, material self inside of them which produces their ideas, arguing for them is an attempt to divert their attention from this,
It-hurts-my-head-to-think-about-it fact;
thus as everyday men argue over ideas they find in their minds,
they pretend to one another to BE somebody
a somebody as evidenced by the ideas they have,
and are prepared to argue over.

If a man believes he has won an argument — he wins what?!

Another sick dog enticed back to his vomit.

Everyone can see that everyone else exists physically,
but how can you know that another person has a non physical,
self inside of them? — only by speech;
by them talking do they in essence tell you there is someone inside
of them doing the talking AND the thinking which drives it,
and the more vigorously do they argue for the words that flow from their mouth —
the stronger is their sensation of there actually being someone in them
doing the passionate arguing.

Macaws argue.

Humans do not argue about the physical world;
they only argue about ideas and not ideas about the physical world;
hot is hot, and no one disputes it;
falls from high places hurt — no one argues the point;
men only argue about ideas about things which
their ideas made up in the first place.
Does this not make a heretofore silent fire alarm go off in your attic?!

Only sleepers argue —
outside the dream world there is nothing to argue about.

Men who want others to like them, argue;
men who argue do not mind being asleep;
only sleeping people like or dislike one another.

The most popular and nauseating attraction on the fairgrounds is the:
Arguing Over Being Awake ride.

Shooting fat men in a closet is spotting the ordinarys sleep by their arguing;
more challenging, (yet its ridiculousness not lessened thereby),
is walking head on into your own closet — to fearlessly face yourself on the matter of whether you will argue, either aloud to someone else, or silently to yourself,
the question of you being awake or not.

If you are ordinary — you are asleep and dreaming — and if you argue,
you argue about your dreams; that is plain & simple,
and the position in which all are born,
but if you consider yourself non routine, and have struggled to achieve
a higher level of understanding and awareness by
awakening yourself from this mass illusion,
and believe that to some degree you have succeeded — will you argue the point? —
if someone says to you:
I know about things like this, and I can tell that you are certainly not awake!
what is your response? — instantly in your thoughts?

Having your knee rapped will automatically extend your leg;
what does having your idea of you being awake rapped do?

Real men fight over food and sex
eunuchs argue over ideas.

The downhome reason it is so hard to find someone who you can unconditionally believe may be really awake is that:
their jersey has no number;
they play for no team;
knowing the game for what it is — they do not take it seriously,
thus cheer for no side so that you can spot them;
they argue for nothing, realizing there is nothing to argue about.

Rhinos don’t argue — they bite.


As he looked through his mail, a guy who understood things mused;
Why do people waste their time trying to prove to me that they are my equal hell, Im not even my equal.

…………..veni, vidi, goobered.