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November 28, 2001.

The mental offspring men have named intelligence is a strange child indeed,
yet not seen so by its christeners.

The concept of intelligence, as normally defined & employed by men,
has multiple facets which they freely interchange, confuse,
even contradict with flagrant oblivion, (if not exhilarating, expedient abandon).

Those born with the urge to break free of mans mental halter & blinders
could find no better place to focus their attention than on this matter;
its features and manifestation are so omnipresent than you do not even
have to get out of bed to find and study them.

Not understanding the reality of what men’s ordinary thoughts call intelligence,
is like being in an always present fog,
shrouding the sights the few long to see;
the examples are so capacious, they could be noted & dissected for years,
but here are a potentially useful several.

There are clearly two distinct, radical forms of intelligence:
that of the body, and that of the mind;
all sane men know this — and freely forget it.

When the subject is specifically raised, ordinary people readily agree that
mans body has its own intelligence which is quite different from
the intelligence men have in their minds;
the body can naturally do, and be taught to do things which the mind plainly cannot do, regardless of its education,
and in contrast the mind can perform activity so different in type,
and alien to the body as to be totally beyond its comprehension;
all of this — in a calm, deliberate moment — all men know,
yet in practice — in everything they say and write — do they ignore.

Certainly how life wants it, and none can objectively judge harm to the herd resulting, (it merely creates verbal uncertainties, the needed fodder for the minds
endless disputation: the machinery for all non material progress, nee change);
the matters interest to the few lies in their confusing these two separate intelligences in methods they utilize to try to spit the bit out of their mouth,
and see around the blinders — to wake up from
what the few so unmistakably feel to be some sort of collective mortal dream.

Men’s bodies clearly do not live in a dream,
but in a physically experienced, material world,
and its intelligence deals directly & unhesitatingly there with,
and when the body does — go-to-sleep — it is visibly apparent;
but the minds entire life is lived outside a material reality;
it can touch nothing; pick up and handle nothing;
can rap nothing on a table to test its solidity;
nothing in its existence is solid, in fact nothing is naturally present
in its world; everything must be brought in, except,
brought in is not the accurate term — made up is.

All of the minds intelligence about matters strictly human — it had to invent;
its intelligence does have hard knowledge of hard objects outside itself,
but no knowledge of the soft, non material objects inside itself,
(the things it was forced to make up — then pretend to have brought in).
After all: what knowledge can you have of something that did not exist until you imagined it in your mind? None. ……well, of course except for the knowledge that
you made it all up — but — that is not how the minds intelligence works, (thank you!).

If they ever make headway in getting their heads out of the way of
mans collective bridle,
those with the innate feel for the minds dream-world-intelligence
eventually recognize that the whole matter they oft-label as, being-asleep,
and their desire to awake there from,
exists, occurs entirely in their mind:
no mind — no being asleep;
no mind — no way to awaken,
but still is life so stacked that their own sincere (we assume) minds
will ignore this — even after having been advised about it
and will confuse and try to inappropriately use
the different energies & intelligence of the body & the mind to achieve their anomalistic, unnecessary and purely extraordinary goal.

Training your body to become a champion athlete will not teach your mind math,
nor will the study of athletic manuals make you an athlete — everyone knows this,
but right there in the midst of the first twenty-five words in this sentence
stands clearly hidden an ultimate hobble to
a would be head-thoroughbreds escape from the stable.
In trying to pursue this most elusive of all muses, (the minds realization of itself),
people look to the body to do things it cannot do,
while ignoring what it can contribute to the effort,
and look sadly to the mind to do what it does all too well:
add new made-up stuff to its already stuffed, made up repertory;
unwittingly it is as though: If I can just collect a few more Zzzzzzzs,
I will discover how to awaken from this sleep.

Everyone rides a rhino while holding a macaw in their hand,
and those hungry for a more exciting jaunt are inclined to pursue this aim by giving their attention to the bird;
but if the bird was as smart as the rhino is already, they would be there already.

What was just noted is hard:
and yet it is as plain and simple as can be.

Since only the mind can go-to-sleep without it being noticed,
why not put in charge someone immune thereto.

And there is another interesting side to intelligence
that is never noticed in the routine world,
the fact that only someone smarter than you will comment to you
on how smart you are,
and that those who tell you how stupid you are always stupider than you.
Save for parents, con men and ironists,
rarely does one person tell another how smart they are,
and for the simple reason that ordinary men have no real idea of
how smart anyone is, including themselves.

A most cursory glance at the verbal and written life all around you reveals a never ending flow of men declaring the stupidity of other men;
sometimes other men specifically; sometimes mankind collectively,
and it is accepted by ordinary people as needed, even beneficial notations of
men’s incessant lack of intelligence — but always of a distinct, unqualified variety.

People are not upset more than momentarily over discovering that another man
has no intelligence about farming, carpentry or mechanics, and certainly not sufficient for them to make a public outcry of condemning the man’s stupidity;
no, men only take serious note of and criticize other men’s stupidity in matters that have nothing to do with anything other than — man.
This takes in everyone since no one knows anything about man
other than for the, information which mans mind has made up about him;
and in this: one man’s smartness is as valid as anyone else’s,
and not facing this childishly obvious fact is what gives rise to one,
I-don’t-know-anything-about-man man,
calling another man’s,
I-don’t-know-anything-about-man-either-based-ideas-about-man — stupid.
(Hate to break it to you — but: Han Solo is not smarter than Mr. Spock,
[course hes not stupider either.])

Anyone who purports to tell others how to awaken-from-the-dream
who comments on how stupid you are
knows even less than you do,
and if you cannot see this, then you simply enjoy being criticized,
and playing in self condemnation,
and do not actually want to be free of the fog.

Any scheme built around how-stupid-you-are is meaningless;
anyone who incessantly tells you how dumb you are is dumber than you,
and anyone who says that they see and understand the details of your individual stupidity and know the specific secret information necessary to save you from this pitiful condition is crazy.

Assuming you are not in such a relationship with another person, friend, or guru,
there exists a similar one inside your own head
whereby something — someone in there continually comments on
how stupid (asleep) you are, and appears to be your one true friend
in your attempt to recharge the operations of your consciousness;
in the beginning this is unavoidable, but eventually you need to consider deeply
what has been herein noted:

Only someone dumber than you are will comment to you on
how dumb you are;
(what? — Snow White is going to take wake-up lessons from Goldilocks?!)

Only the mind ever speaks about intelligence & stupidity;
the body — never;

why not give somebody besides the bird a chance to teach you something;
the rhino never trips; forgets his keys; insults his mother — gets insulted;
blasphemies god or sins in any other fashion,
and regardless of what you have heard:
his I-sight makes that of the macaw-mind seem downright blind.

The rhino/body is always aware of everything going on around it,
while the macaw/mind is just barely, spasmodically even aware of its own existence, (forget actually, knowing-anything about itself).

(With dropped metaphor: in routine moments,
your buttock is more aware of what is going on than is your mind.)

Your own hands, feet and physical eyeballs
can do more to open your Is and keep you from daytime dreams
than any mystical teacher, book or system that has ever existed.

Listen to and watch your hands and eyes and ignore the yammering of the macaw,
and one day everything will suddenly go from being a flat painting of life
into a breathtaking three dimensional realm,
wherein nothing is hidden — even from the mind.


Re: The Important Warning: someone e-mailed:
“I understand that it is possible for someones web page to be illegally invaded,
and without their knowledge or consent, its contents changed,
like was mentioned in your several recent addendums,
but what I cannot understand is your final comment that
it is not possible to identify on which occasions this took place! My god!
If you wrote what was originally there how can you not be able to look at it and tell if
it has had its entire meaning reversed!
If we lived in a universe more conducive to having your head cleaned out,
this one insane conundrum would be sufficient to get the job done.

The body’s intelligence is real:
the minds is fiction — total, complete fiction,
so what does it matter if fiction is played forward, backwards or sideways —
it is still fiction — so what difference would it make? —
and who could tell the difference? —
certainly not people who listen to & read the fiction with their own fictitious minds.

But you are too smart not to have already

Is it really necessary to note that all of this is always written in code.