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November 26, 2001.

There is a world which is struck every several seconds by lightning;
it is ceaseless and has been this way as long as any one can remember.
The inhabitants have come to believe there are meaningful patterns to
the incessant flashes which carry important information,
and they offer to one another their personal interpretations of
what they perceive the information to be,
and in that each individual’s differs somewhat from his neighbor’s,
over the years the residents have gradually adopted several large,
collectively agreed upon interpretations which seems to give them a feeling of stability and comfort.

Asserting alliance to one of the larger templates does not stop the
individuals private interpretations of the flashes,
and though they may pay lip service to selectively subjugating theirs to the larger;
each inhabitants personal interpretation of the lightning is as natural,
and irrepressible as are the flashes themselves.

All above told is such an innate gear in the overall machinery of life on the world that rare note is specifically taken thereof, (that is):
the entire matter of the strikes themselves provoking in the inhabitants,
automatic interpretations of the strikes is itself not analyzed & interpreted.
This affair is without parallel in our universe,
and not at all agreeable to being described, but this gives suggestive outline:
a thing occurs which carries its own interpretation of itself
while causing those who hear the interpretation to think that it originated in them.

Just trying to grasp this scene is far too frustrating for most of that
orbs inhabitants — test it for yourself;
even with the power of the human mind the situation is like attempting
to picture how light could be described to lightning,
and as noted, these aliens suffer from the added difficulty of having
the lightning constantly describing itself as it strikes,
while making their minds believe the descriptions come from them.

Indeed, the whole affair is so annoying and convoluted
(not to mention, unnecessary), that save for a minuscule few,
no one there bothers with it at all;
the few who do are not readily explained — all that can be safely said is:
they exist, and that for a very few within the already few,
nothing will do but to see the matter through.

Where to even start? — a quick exemplary sketch:
calm, close, cold blooded yet easy scrutiny gives the few-of-the-few
unmistakable private evidence that the interpretations they hear coming from the world in their own head — which is being continually struck by lightning —
are not their interpretations (nor are anyone else’s theirs);
this initial realization, as plain, simple and self evident as it be
is as near an impossibility as the human mind can imagine (and trying to imagine what the mind cannot imagine, being itself an impossible challenge).

When you try to think about this, your thoughts will immediately point out that even if it is true and you manage to see that the interpretations you hear
and take to be yours — are not yours — then you have the brand new quandary: whose are they? — where do they come from?
questions which no human mind can answer,
and thus is the whole affair one which any normal human mind will ignore,
and avoid thinking about at all costs,
but it is Step One on the path to Freeville.

Verbal limns of other steps could be offered, but they are just illusionary encouragements (like telling a traveler: When you reach a certain
rock formation on your left, you are getting to closer to the destination etc);
it is the realizing for yourself that:
there is a world which every several seconds is struck by lightning

Bam! Bam! Bam!
It strikes — and is gone — it strikes — and is gone;
over and over and over again.

What interpretation is needed? — now its here — now its gone.
here’s a flash — now its gone;
here’s another — and now.