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November 21, 2001.

The most remarkable difference between the secret inner warrior,
and ordinary warriors (and other routine men)
is that the former offers no resistance to opposition.

The very essence of a physical warrior is resistance;
his purpose in being is to defend his liege from unwanted advances,
but the ruler of a real warriors kingdom suffers not from that perceptional distortion which creates in other men the illusion of opposition,
thus this warrior has nothing to oppose — nothing real that is.

In the material realm, mans immune system and entire physical structure is the warrior which opposes unwanted advances on his flesh,
and in the abstract arena it appears to be his belief-systems
which oppose undesired assaults on his mind,
and with ordinary men a balance is maintained between the
relentless attempted incursions of outside forces
and the opposition to same by his physical and mental warriors,
adequate for him to live out his designated tax paying years.

But these daily reports are concerned not with the lives of common people,
they have their own news sources,
indeed it is impossible for them to get away from their sources;
the instant interest is in those select, secret, scattered, working-in-solitude few from whose ranks come the extraordinary warriors (assuming that any do come),
and anything that can be noted about an ordinary mans opposition to things
non material which threaten to invade his kingdom
can be immediately stood on its head; turned inside out;
spun around til its totally dizzy, then pushed toward an open sewer.

So — we have this special warrior who, 1. (as covered in a previous story):
never speaks of his opposition,
and, 2. offers no opposition to his opposition.
What kind of warrior is that?!

An ordinary warriors responsibility is to defend the kingdoms status quo,
and repeal outside attempts to upset it;
once a ruler is on the throne, he has but one desire: to stay there,
and the primo salubrious condition for doing so is tranquility;
peace; calm; stability; certainty; predictability,
and it is his warriors job to keep intruders from coming in
and knocking over furniture and raising a ruckus.

Physically, macrophages handle viruses,
and mentally, a mans in-place thoughts ward off alien ones,
but with the uncommon few — who yearn to explode their view,
they can afford to fend off naught;
their mind is already maximally poisoned by the non fatal ideas with which
life so generously provides all men,
so resisting others of the same strain is not only a complete waste of energy,
but in fact could be even more costly,
for somewhere amidst all of the poisoned ideas presently foreign to you
might be an unrecognized antidote,
(or, put to you with greater clarity, treating you as one who might comprehend):
he with real warrior potential eventually realizes that the kingdom he attempts to defend is not only not worth defending, (the early realization),
but is also, (the later realization), not worth thinking that it is not worth defending:
the whole thing is simply irrelevant.

Man is born into this world with the sense that there is a separate,
special inner kingdom wherein his thinking personality sits a throne’d & in charge, and whose ideas and desires must be defended at all costs,
least the kingdom disintegrate and the people go insane.

A man with the inborn potential to expand his inner domain to
extraordinary lengths (if persistent and fortunate)
comes to see the situation quite differently — and will in fact
come to the conclusion that his present ruler must be removed.

So then, rather than being involved with defending his current liege from
opposing ideas which might topple him,
the nascent warrior begins to oppose everything he can find within him which helps support his present medium mundus.
This is as far as most budding empire expanders ever get but it is inadequate;
it is a start — but it is not a finish.

There is but a single energy in your head and how is it to oppose itself?!
To dim sight it certainly seems as though such a thing is possible,
and indeed is going on continually;
the king thinks: I will have just one more danish,
and one of his warrior-defenders injects: Sire, remember your weight,
Ah, shit! says the king, and drops the delectable,
and in the non fattening realm a mans inner liege-personality hears an idea expressed that is so egregious that it must be countered,
but one of his protective warriors reminds him that the misguided speaker
is his boss daughter, so, (for the sake of the kingdom), he lets it pass.

But now — Great Gawd Almighty, now! — we get to the uncommon he
with the possibility of becoming a real warrior,
and find that he has at least reached the stage wherein his energy is not wasted on the world outside of him which shares not his interest,
and the conversations in his throne room between his present king,
and his apparent warriors run along these lines:
Damn! There I was again thinking about stupid argument I had with my mother last year and translated, is like this:
Damn! apparently a warrior speaking There I was — the I being apparently the king, so it should be: There HE was — thinking about that stupid.
the plain point being that there appears to be two figures involved in this scene:
one party (your ordinary I-king-self)
who had once again lapsed into useless thinking — had gone to sleep —
and another party (your warrior self who wants to awaken from this sleep),
who had caught your sleeping self back at his old tricks & roundly condemns him, while recommitting himself to keeping a closer watch on the distracted king
so as to gradually weaken his hold on your consciousness,
and allow your, I-wanna-wake-up-warrior to take control.

It is good and absolutely necessary for a person to reach this position,
but to remain there in spite of its clear illusionary nature is the zenith in
not being able to walk because you have one foot standing on the other one.

Engaging in resistance to that which is meaningless
gives an intensified new definition to the term, meaningless”.

One man received an endless stream of disconnected, jerky messages,
and for a while tried to stop them — but found he could not;
then, (in what he considered at the time), a great realization,
decided that the thing to do was to make them into a seamless, stable whole.

He ultimately passed beyond that by understanding that what was really in order was learning to use the disjointed nature of the messages themselves.

You cannot cure an ill with an ill,
but you can therewith correct your misnaming of it as one.


From a party attendance view point: wanting to wake up is wanting to already be there before you arrive.