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Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News


November 19, 2001.

Those who discuss their enemies are wimps, not warriors;
a real warrior never speaks of who he considers his opposition.

(For those who still prefer their oysters on the trope-shell [reality as metaphor]
you can believe this tale is about another world or not.)

On one planet there is a species quite similar to man which has within it
an all but unknown separate race of warriors,
and while their presence is sometimes suspected, and unwittingly portrayed in myths & fables, the men themselves have never been correctly identified nor their nature understood.

The fully realized ones do not call themselves warriors,
and the neophytes do not know what they are,
so, warrior is just an expedient word employed herein to identify this special group,
(though not entirely of felicity bereft ).

These secret warriors generally look and live like the others of their species, but have several subtle, dissimilar features which, when realized, distinguishes them markedly from everyone else;
the one the focus of today’s Fresh Real News concerns:
recognition of opposition — something they do not practice.

Wherever is life is conflict (as perceived and labeled by mans mind);
conflict over the resources necessary for survival;
this conflict is as natural as birth and death and could be used as an
operational description of what in fact separates & occurs between the two,
and just as natural there with the majority, non warrior creatures is their
constant talking about their enemies —
those with whom they perceive themselves in serious conflict.

And what could be more natural than that, you might think:
something or someone who opposes you would be — and should be
always on your mind; to be otherwise would be foolish & dangerous;
this is so clearly the case that no one gives the matter any notice;
the ordinary men-creatures of that planet constantly talk about people and forces which oppose their goals, but interestingly,
most of it concerns matters not essential to survival;
they talk incessantly to one another (and to themselves)
about other men whose own desires regarding non essential ends
are in conflict with their own superfluous ones
(although no one ever sees theirs as being such).

In the more developed areas of that planet there is little direct conflict regarding
the survival essentials;
their quarrels revolve primarily around matters abstract,
but they commonly treat them with a seriousness, even ferocity,
worthy of food or territory disputes;
in that environment, the non warrior, sissy men
verbally hold up as being their enemies other sissy men
who merely mouth ideas which conflict with theirs.

But still (you might think): a conflict is a conflict, even if it is about ideas,
and those who oppose you — who are your enemy, as it were
should be always on your mind, and understandably — your tongue.
Talking and thinking about your foes is the way you plan
battle strategies to overcome them no?! — everyone realizes that!

So, on that other world with men creatures similar to here,
you hear an endless cacophony of people talking about other people,
individually and collectively, who they identify as being in serious opposition to what the speaker wants out of life, and they go into bottomless detail in repetitively reviewing and denouncing their foes evils;
they even have their own version of mental health specialists there who
say that in individual instances, or when a group is under the threat of attack that it is beneficial — if not imperative — to relieve the stress by freely and openly talking about your enemy, even ridiculing him via jokes,
but this is totally foreign to the secret warrior class within that far away race.

The fully realized warrior never speaks of his enemies;
he never refers to damage they have attempted to inflict;
he never acknowledges their opposition to his goals,
the truth is he never utters their name or even acknowledges their existence,
and that, on that distant, different planet —
IS the triumph of the Real Warrior.


…………..(If you want, you may ponder this regarding your apparent struggle with your own seeming inner opposition.)