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November 16, 2001.

A common source of energy produces all of life, though no one knows what it is;
what can be recognized is that while the energy remains consistent in its production of physicalities (viz, elements, atoms, and different animal species are created in a constant pattern), its work is less predictable in the one known area of
intangible creativity — human thought.

This same common source of energy produces all human thought;
it enters each person through a genetically designed transformer in their brain
and provides them with their individual conception of life, of reality, of what is going on, and becomes the private running commentary that they will hear in their head
for the rest of their life.
Contrasted to all electrons, zebras and homo sapiens appearing physically similar,
in the realm of thought there is no such consistency;
whatever be the common source of thought, each person has but an individually transformed piece thereof, thus what any ordinary man knows about life
must be put in quotation marks and considered extremely conditional;
if this were not so, all men would be in agreement as to what life is about,
and there would be no conflicting religions, philosophers or personal views.
But if there is some basic Fact which explains everything,
then no ordinary mans mind has the full comprehension of what it is — but ,
all men have been given an individually translated bit of it.

Not recognizing this, each man believes that the running commentary he hears
about life in his brain is a valid analysis of what is actually going on,
and while it cannot be said to be — nor can it be —
without any connection to the reality it comments on,
neither can a super alert & curious man rely thereon for the exceptional info he seeks;
for if that neural commentary cum analysis normally provided to man contained such, all of mans questions would have long ago been satisfied.

There is a parallel, alternative commentary floating around out there
which provides an entirely different analysis of what is going on,
but one which few men are wired to receive.
It does not contradict the common one, but rather, expands it;
it sees the same events as the ordinary commentary, but its analyses are far different: as between looking through a peep hole & a telescope;
or measuring by a tape measure & topology (although no comparison can
actually cover it, for if such was possible, the noted distinction would not exist
and everyone would be tuned into the latter commentary).

Men have no more choice concerning whether they have the ability to
receive the alternative analysis than they do regarding their birth and death;
some people are inherently tall, others short; some shy, some aggressive;
most can only receive their genetically determined & transformed piece of
the common thought source that is shared by all, and which,
combined with the other six billion individually distorted bits,
produces the reality conceived of by collective humanity;
it is neither right nor wrong; true nor false — merely incomplete. .
…….(oh, and did I mention: not the only one).

Although lacking the necessary genetic interest therein,
thus having not the proper grasp thereof,
ordinary men yet are not unaware of its existence,
and experience a taste of it in times of great stress, extraordinary circumstances,
or with the introduction of certain chemicals into their brain,
but life does not wire humanity as a whole to have a significant attraction to
an alternative analysis of life.
Men are born to argue over and defend differing interpretations of life;
diplomatically they are always professing the urgent need to achieve agreement,
but a mere glance at the everyday lives humans live,
and a brief listen to the common commentary being relentlessly fed into your own brain, clearly reveals another story.

The differing and conflicting views of life that each man ends up clutching
(or clutching him, according to your comprehension),
is an integral ingredient in what makes human life the singularity it is;
progress itself depends totally on this mentally-based conflict;
all beneficial change in mans social existence comes as a result of
clashing interpretations of how-things-should-be,
and clearly also is derived, all new scientific theories.
‘Tis as though: no one mind having the full picture of what is going on,
all minds with their individual piece, engage in constant conflict as they
promote their little bit, which ultimately — and continually results in
life itself, (through man) expanding its comprehension of itself,
and while it is no doubt nice to be able to assist life in this way,
a few men think: What about ME?
How come my understanding doesn’t get expanded? — and such a thing is possible for the few born with the nervous system, wiring potential to pick up & receive the alternatively broadcast commentary that is there in the air all round you all of the time.

Tuning in is The Enlightenment: The Awakening: The Liberation,
and if you have the innate potential, all you have to do to begin is to
remember that it is there, and each time you do,
the act will momentarily stop your reception of the common commentary,
and the more often you remember and do this, the weaker becomes your connection to and dependence on the routine fragmented & incomplete analysis of life upon which
everyone else relies.

In that always present, parallel commentary is everything that the few want to know;
it is not in the ideas & words in the mind of some other human being,
and it is not even in the words & ideas in your own mind,
as provided by the common commentary;
all that you seek is there — complete,
and all you have to do is want to tune in.
Turn your mental attention away from the broadcasts you are
normally picking up in your mind, and, Voila! — there it is;
another totally different, more explanatory commentary and analysis of everything: of you, other people — of life itself.

(And life’ll be secretly proud of you for doing it —
well at least it wont slap your hand.)


If someone is ever of actual assistance to another person in them finding his way in this, the other person will not notice it;
what should this tell you about your thoughts’ blatant attempts to instruct & assist you.

……….(dixit goobers.)