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November 12, 2001.

If there is anything more to life than staying alert and having fun,
no one knows what it is but a few people do try to add to it:
those who want to reshape themselves–not physically,
(which would fall under having fun for the body-centered),
and not intellectually (which would just be more fun for the fact-lovers);
no, these few want to reshape their very consciousness —
— an undertaking truly distinctive from all other human activity.

Muscles do not want to enlarge themselves,
fat does not wish to eliminate itself,
nor do brain cells desire to house additional statistics,
there must be a motivating source extrinsic to the matter that is to be changed
for it to be conceived of, much less acted on;
put in everyday, apparently sensible terms:
it requires a mans consciousness to make the decision to join a gym;
go on a diet, or return to university,
the mere flesh involved in such activities will not take these actions on their own — a mans consciousness clearly must conceive of and direct such potentially
life altering changes.
And yet — is this really so clearly what is going on?

(Those who do not enjoy carnival rides that abandon their fixed tracks
and can actually take-you-somewhere
should stop reading now.)

Certain materials have a natural attraction,
but not such that iron, carbon, copper & rubber are ever drawn together to form an automobile — this is known to everyone,
so too do the elements which make up man have a natural attraction to
increased complexity in life, both in his environment and his own behavior:
the first equates with technology, the second with education;
consciousness directs him to change his physical surroundings to
better accommodate his needs, and leads him to pass on discovered knowledge about his physical self that likewise makes his life more enjoyable and survivable
(although in the latter instance is where consciousness, [when it has nothing pressing to do], drifts into dreams about itself which it translates to man as the desire to
improve himself spiritually and fulfill some concocted transcendental obligation to some imagined super being,
which is a severely diluted version of what the few try to do).

Did not his consciousness motivate him so, no one would undertake to make permanent alterations to the physical environment in which they find themselves,
once alive and adult;
they would simply make the best of conditions as they found them, day to day,
and would never think that having, facts-in-their-brains-about-non-edible-things
would add anything worthwhile to their lives;
such people would of course, be less conscious than mankind in general is now
on this planet, and would, comparably speaking, suffer the consequences of this failing.

But what it is that urges on the-few;
those with a singularly anomalous desire, yet rational & non fanatical?
They have no complaint with what consciousness has wrought in the physical realm, nor the mental one:
they reject not technology, nor pleasures of the body,
nor find they fault with the minds forms of fun,
but neither, of themselves or in any combinations deliver what they desire,
and to make it more interesting: they do not realize what it is that they want —
— until they have it.

But to keep it verbally viable, what they all want, (be they call it: Liberation,
Enlightenment or Awakening, etc) is the same thing: to reshape-their-consciousness,
and up to this point — Whats the problem?!
Well, the problem is that no matter is motivated to change itself;
not muscles; not magnesium; not fat; not neurons;
if any reshaping is done to any of these it comes about by
mans consciousness conceiving of it and implementing it,
and the problem with reshaping consciousness is………..must it really be pointed out.

There was once a race of men who received mail everyday
which they did not want;
they struggled mightily to stop it from coming — but could not,
and for one reason:
they did not know where it was coming from.
This did not stop some of them from standing in curious postures for hours a day, trying to hold an equally curious word or picture in their mind in the attempt to
stop the unwanted mail from arriving.

In a walled city, everything comes from everywhere you see;
to say otherwise is to dream,
and to think that you can stop delivery without knowing the source
is inanity of championship quality.

Only drunks want to stop drinking,
and if you really wanted to wake up, those 6 words would do it for you.

To know The Secret, (and there is one, it is just not metaphysical and hidden like those who believe in The Secret believe),
is to have a reshaped consciousness;
not a reshaped, super human body,
and not an intellect reshaped by it being taught a great secret knowledge;
knowing the secret and having your consciousness reshaped may affect you
physically and intellectually, but the pay off actually longed for is in how
your overall consciousness of you, life and everything else
is altered from the ground floor to the cellular penthouse of the nervous system,
and is not contained in something that your mind either knows or does not know,
or in something that your body can or cannot do.

Everyone sweats, bleeds, laughs and dies regardless of whether
they know The Secret or not
(if life wanted everyone to know it, these previous 15 words would lead them to it),
it is certainly not necessary, and there cannot even be said to be-a-point to knowing it;
like everything else in life that is not literally essential to living:
it is a hobby; something else to do to pass the time between good meals;
great orgasms; neural gymnastics and the arrival of the embalmer,
although with the few who have the fever in its advanced stage,
its avocational pleasure comes damn close to some of the above,
(though its probably best left un talked about).
And since those who cannot be stopped might as well be as well informed
as they can be, let them be informed of the need to look into this one most basic and all promising question:
if consciousness is always — and must be behind
any desire a man feels to reshape anything in his life,
what is driving consciousness desire to reshape itself?

Don’t want to get into that one, huh?!
Wish you’d stayed on the well secured carousel rather than
sailing off on the untethered Sky Ride?!
But in that question itself IS The Secret,
be further advised that there is no answer to the question, not in the normal sense of
there being a collection of words which of themselves would give a faithful description,
(in truth, it can be validly contained in a simple sentence,
but your mind is incapable of accepting it ,
and if told such would merely shrug and ignore it, or reject it out of hand).

So you must dig it out for yourself — but it is not that far away;
all that separates you from The Secret is the space immediately in front of
the W in the question: What is driving consciousness desire to reshape itself? Right before that W — just as close as it can be —
is the answer to the question — which is The Secret,
and whose sudden recognition reshapes — to your agreeable specifications–

— your consciousness forever.