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November 9, 2001.



Those who seek enlightenment;
those who crave awakening
those who long for liberation, all want the same thing — peace;
that is all it is — peace.

And what is the great-disrupter-of-peace? —
the desire for fame? — for wealth? — for power? — no,
the desire in your mind to be right — even in disputes with your own thoughts.

Peace comes from being in step with a certain rhythm;
in the old infra cortical homeland there was graceful, peaceful rhythm in life which everyone felt, but the tempo of life in the new city of consciousness is different; thinking caused man to become jerky and agitated;
he lived longer and in greater comfort, but at the cost of his sense of original rhythm —
— which resulted in the loss of peace.

While thought is responsible for the changes in mans physical life that allows him to live in greater peace with his external environment
it is also the cause of his lack of internal peace.
Tit for tit and also tit for some men’s anti tit attitude;
fair’s fair and fairs are fair,
and top prizes always go to the most docile cows.

On a mountain top above the city and in a valley below are two armies who fight incessantly over possession of that singular territory which lies between them.
There are no casualties in this conflict save those who report on it.

Cocking his inner ear, one man said: Hark! Is that what I think that is?
Then thought: What else can that ever be but that.
A is always A and can never be B.”

“Okay sergeant — smoke out the disrupters with the laughing gas;
spray em with the self-directed insouciance & drive-by dismissal.

Words may not be mightier than a sword,
but laughter can be almost as cutting — and worse dreaded by many.

Men lived at home in peace —
until the right & wrong knuckles of the mind came rapping on their door.

Those hip to city ways stop answering the door.

If you do not know where a noise comes from, you cannot stop it.

Nobody knows where the noise comes from.

Just above the left & right ears of a mighty giant in another mighty universe are two kingdoms who have, immemorially waged endless battle over possession of the territory that lies between them laterally.
Those wise to city ways on this planet wipe the word, lateral from their shirt front.

Measure things mentally to yourself only in the simplest possible sentences
with no multiple objects, adjectives or adverbs;
as strange as this may sound,
it can be of extreme assistance in clarifying your inner sight.

(Remember that herein, knowledge-of & thinking-about refers to things untouchable.)

He who thinks, argues;
he who argues, argues with himself;
he who argues with himself — debates the demented.

The adding to of ideas in the quest for peace further destroys peace,
thus is only the hollow man enlightened;
the blank man awakened;
the empty man liberated;
them all restfully at peace in the silent bosom of the-great-knowing;
the knowing that there is nothing worth knowing to be known.

Carnival rides can be great fun, but they do not take you any where, huh?!

If there was a village of people who were cultured & asleep,
and down the road another village of people who were rustic & not asleep,
and you would prefer to live among one group rather than the other —
you are asleep & between worlds.

If the wise man of the kingdom did not attempt to impose the
right-way-of-thinking on the people,
peace would reign and the land would awaken.

Moving to the city caused men to be in a hurry,
Moving to the city caused men to become clumsy.
Moving to the city caused men to lose their ability to peacefully nap.
Moving to the city caused men to develop cloudy sight, (inner cataracts).
Moving to the city caused men to have questions, uncertainties, fears.
Moving to the city caused men to believe they know things they do not.
Moving to the city caused men to wrangle over trifles.
Moving to the city caused men to be in two places at once.
Moving to the city caused men to wear watches.
Moving to the city caused men to want wealth.
Moving to the city caused men to seek recognition,
moving to the city caused all of these neat things to happen to men so that,
in essence: moving to the city caused man to become Man.

One mans motto is: From the thalamus up: life is a dream;
from there down: either a nightmare or a ball.

Another guy’s slogan is: “Uncluttered vision = peace.”

Those who urge the king to war are fools,
likewise those who plead with him to seek peace,
and anyone who will not or cannot point this out to his majesty
is the biggest fool of them all.
(No trope here fer sure, huh?!)

Once a man is awake enough to know what the word really represents,
his aim then is just to get by —
to just get by — IN PEACE.

Never show a righteously driven reformer your best side; it will but inflame him,
and he will disrupt your peace even more.
There is no wrestling to satisfaction with one who is dumber than you are,
and all voices in consciousness who call-you-out
and challenge the incorruptibility of your natural sight, are your mental inferiors.

Tangling with those who understand nothing keeps a kingdom in turmoil.
Unspoken sight knows what it sees, while the spoken sort sees nothing;
and a debate between the two only blinds the sighted,
and raises the blinds stupid esteem of himself.

The peace sought by the few comes not from struggling with
the voices which are the cause of all disquiet.

Even though the unsighted are said to be asleep,
unlike matters in the external world,
it is this internal disquiet that produces the sleep.

The peace of clear sight is the only sleep of the awakened.

The enlightened — the unmoved — the indifferent:
none make trouble for themselves
and live (internally) in something resembling peace.

You cannot be both right and at peace;
you cannot be both right and awake;
struggling to be right makes you lose all sense of rhythm,
and being in step with the rhythm in life IS being awake.