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November 5, 2001.


On a planet to our west, (in some ways quite similar to ours),
the conscious creatures who clearly dominate life there have a most curious feature, indeed surely one of the strangest in the universe:
they believe they need instructions in, (now get this): how to live.

When you see this put into plain words, it seems too outré to be true,
but it assuredly is so;
the very life form whose intelligence is so incomparably beyond
that of any other there that they have not only subjected all others to their will,
but have also rearranged the physical conditions on that orb to
better suit their specific comfort, and yet these same, undisputed
supreme-reigners live their days constantly looking ‘round to their peers all bout them for directions on how they should be conducting their affairs and living their lives;
like kings beset by unshakable uncertainty.

As with man, they do not have to be instructed in how to eat, sleep,
or any of the activities necessary for survival, (same as with all of the creatures who they dominate), but then when you shift your attention to that unique feature which gives them their dominance, (their conscious intelligence as distinct from the merely instinctive form of the other creatures), this astonishing apparent need they feel for instruction reveals itself.

Compared to all other forms of life on the planet,
these creatures are as absolute monarchs,
and ones who have achieved their position of supremacy via a single feature;
there can be no question but that it is their conscious intelligence alone
which makes them the singularity that they are, and yet much of their lives is spent soliciting directions from their peers on precisely how they should be exercising this unique ability of their brain to think and to talk;
does this not strike you as curious.

None of the other life forms there (fauna & flora) whose very existence has been
bent to the convenience of the conscious creatures,
question the ways they have achieved and maintain the situation;
no one questions the lives & methods of these thinking ones, save themselves,
and no one else of the world feels a need to be tutored on how to lead their lives,
but them;
as though the serfs are totally satisfied, while the king is riddled with doubt.

Their readiness to entertain, if not actively seek out, instructions from their own kind in: how-they-should-live-their-lives,
takes forms you will scarce believe possible when you hear of them,
for example: those who have off spring will look for directions in:
How-to-be-a-parent (barely one step above: How-to-eat-food),
or they will solicit advice as to what changes they should make regarding something they are doing which causes them mental anguish (a millimeter away from:
and a multitude of others, all equally insane, from our rational human view,
(how-to-be-an-honest-person; how-to-avoid-guilt, debt, accidents,
conflicts, heart break, disappointments, self-inflicted injuries,
and on & on like you wouldn’t believe).

As is probably already clear to you, the areas in which these conscious creatures insanely feel/believe they are in need of instructions are not those which are
solidly programmed in them by non conscious instinct
nor having specifically to do with the way they conduct the lives of their bodies
(none need be instructed not to drink boiling water; eat rancid meat,
or sleep with crocodiles),
no, all of the matters about which these faraway thinkers-&-talkers seek to
get and to give instructions in how-to-live-your-life concern things which
cannot be physically touched: morality, speech, attitude, and above all:
what-one-thinks, (which in truth contains them all), exemplified for instance
that while these creatures have no doubt that they should eat,
and eat food physically suitable for them, but (get ready to suspend belief)
they planet-wide question whether they should or should not partake of a particular edible based on a sentence their own consciousness once concocted and whose origin they now feign forgetfulness and attribute to an equally invented supernatural power:
“Does Jehovah want me to eat chocolate or not?”
“Can a socialist be expected to live next door to a democrat?”
“Does Allah want man to worship him on Monday or Thursday?”
“Would a patriotic Armenian have sex with a Turk?”
“Would Buddha take home pens from the office?”
“Does Vishnu really want me to be tolerant of all these idiots I’m surrounded by?”
and as noted, the el suprimo, everything-packed-into-a-single-imbecile-burger:
“What should I be thinking about this-or-that non tangible matter?”

By now you probably are convinced that this is all fiction,
unable to conceive of creatures with consciousness and enough intelligence to totally dominate life on their planet believing they must receive instructions, under the various subterfuges, from their own kind of:
(If you were more given to sarcasm you might say something like:
“Any creature which one day suddenly finds itself alive, and then still thinks that it needs instructions in how to be alive, doesn’t deserve to be alive,”)
but something more is going on there than has been herein mentioned —
but still from what has been said: can you figure out what it is?
And to save you the trouble of talking to a travel agent, about getting there,
it surely comes as no surprise by now to be told that this world exists in your head.

For the few: accepting the feeling natural to consciousness that you are in need of instructions from someone in: how-to-live-your-life
will, by itself, keep you from directly seeing what life is about.