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Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

November 2, 2001.


So what is the point of what you have said?
There is no point.
That cannot be true — everything has a point.
You still do not recognize me.

Those twenty-eight words tell the full story of todays News;
whatever follows is just padding & palaver — but then again,
so’s everything that’s been said after Adam finally looked around internally
and said to himself: What the hell I doing here?!

Man, via the sciences, has satisfied himself that everything occurring in Nature,
has a point
no matter how superfluously otherwise it may seem;
he has learned that with sufficient investigation, all activity in the physical world
is revealed to have a point and purpose, once you are able to mentally put it in its proper context, (parasitism; apoptosis, floods, draughts, earthquakes);
the validity of this view is incontestable.

Man is further led to profess a belief that things which do not occur in the physical world of Nature also have-a-point,
(religion, art, self reflection & criticism, and all manner of proffered: rules-to-live-by);
the propriety of this belief is, for ordinary minds, also incontrovertible.

There is something else however, which stands totally outside these two categories (which routine thought would conclude covers all possibilities):
an activity that occurs in the brain/minds/consciousness of only a few people,
and whose attempted description comes only from surgeons wearing boxing gloves.
It is an interest inherent in these people that can neither be said to be
a part of the natural physical world, nor of mans standard inner one;
it has nothing to do with digestion, the weather, or survival,
nor does it concern morality, the supernatural, or survival;
indeed, if a man who had gotten-to-the-bottom-of-the-matter,
(and would respond to questions thereabout), were asked:
What is the point of this thing you have accomplished?
he would say: It has no point —
at which juncture he would be predictably deemed deranged,
for why would any sane person pursue an activity that had no point.

This unique Interest-cum-attempted-activity does have a
public, albeit washed out, face (reflections in a mirror of a banquet table,
certainly not being the same as feasting thereon):
it is philosophers struggling to define ultimate reality;
religious mystics attempting verbal communication therewith,
but neither of these two & their variations are the thing itself,
for any description offered by mans mind of anything — has-a-point,
or else the mind would not even entertain it,
(including the point of dismissing or even denying the reality of what is described),
but this certain exceptional thing is as real as, real-is-real
to those with the natural interest in it,
and in the outset of their attempts to turn it into a fulfilling activity,
there certainly seems to be a most definite point involved.

These people have an inherent conviction that there is something going on in life
of which men are not normally aware,
and the mind most readily translates this feeling into a mental concept of there being some piece of significant information about things that is not made known to man;
in straight words: there is some bit of withheld knowledge that would
make sense of all the inexplicables and conundrums of human existence,
and in equally straight talk — they be right.

So, their initial efforts to turn their interest into an activity/investigation that may eventually satisfy same is on the general basis that there is obviously (to them)
more going on in life than meets even the most educated, ordinary eye/I —
but that what it is is being kept secret from man,
and they are determined to discover what it is – and: that is the point.
So far, so okay, for no sane person would go off on a treasure hunt
unless they believed that there was a treasure; that there is a point to their effort,
but this particular pursuit is cosmically singular,
for any point a man believes that there is to it,
is a blind spot which will eventually keep him from seeing
what he is actually involved in.

As long as you think that there is a point to discovering, The Secret —
you will never have even a clue as to what it is,
and while you continue to believe that there is some point to you realizing
what it is that is going on in life of which everyone else is mentally unaware —
— you will remain so yourself.

Reconsider now the opening conversation between two voices
(whose identities, for the alert, need not be noted):

So what is the point of all this stuff you have said to me?
There is no point to it.
That cant be true: there is a point to everything!
and the second voice then realized that his identity was still a mystery to the first.

The fews natural hunger for the missing piece of information will, even to themselves, remain a mystery for as long as they assume that there is a point to knowing it;
indeed, it is bizarre by any reasonable standard,
but you need remember that the unshakable determination to know The Secret
is unique to the entire universe,
so how can a bit of irrationality regarding the outcome come as a surprise. SURPRISE!

There is no point to it,
but for those dying for it — life holds no bigger treat.


(Hazardous Warning Label: It is forbidden to reveal the secret, but in the above, it almost comes out;
do be careful, especially if you are still trapped in the fully mirrored room,
looking to that shiny trinket you grasp as being your way out.)