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October 29, 2001.

Those who think least about life are happiest with life,
and those who think least about themselves are most satisfied with themselves.
This statement about humans sounds extremely suspect in that it is their ability
to think about life and themselves that makes them the singular creature they are,
and yet — at the most fundamental level of existence — it be so.

Additional verbal precision would dictate that this story should have begun:
At the most basic level; those who think least about life are happiest with life, and those who think least about themselves are most satisfied with themselves, for indeed, if we were speaking of the general, civilized level of humanity today, the statement would not be accurate because to lead an ordinary social, technological, cultural and professional existence requires that a person think constantly about both the life going on outside of them, and the one going on inside of them in the brain’s consciousness which they take to be them thinking about themselves;
without a person be so involved to the necessary degree, they cannot maintain
a stable position in the overall, everyday flow of human existence.

As tis always: there is no problem in this,
(not that any human knows or can know about) ,
and the situation is of interest to the few vis a vis the eternal question of — aim:
what is it that you want? — to be ordinary? —
an acceptable piece of the routine human puzzle picture? —
even perhaps to therein excel,
if so, then there certainly is nothing wrong with thinking about life and yourself, indeed, if your goals lie in the everyday world — the more you so think, the better,
but doing so instinctively conflicts with not only the most fundamental
physical, homo sapien pleasures, (everything has a price),
but also with attempts to see through the mentally conceived and super-imposed, secondary-reality of culture and of a self somehow residing in consciousness:
the very two very normal human sensations which so irritate the sensitive eyes/Is
of the few, (in other words): if you want to get-ahead, or even just get-along
in the ordinary world you must constantly think about life and about yourself,
but if your goal is otherwise, then so too must be your actions,
(to become a sculptor you employ methods different from those to
become a mechanic — even a moron understands that — right?!?)

At the more simplistic level, those who do not naturally think very much about life or about themselves are those still outside the mainstream of civilization;
people who literally live from day to day,
with no technology and few possessions, or even the concept of same,
and with little feel of themselves as being individuals, apart from their tribe;
from the perspective of the civilized & sophisticated,
such people are behind the times & out of step,
and primarily because of the fact that they do not think enough about life,
(planning for the future & trying to get-ahead),
or about themselves, (trying to Improve themselves over being simply
laughing lay-a-bouts; placid, smiling savages),
but that is not our concern here since no one from such a setting will be reading this.
What should be of interest in this matter to the few, who these words pursue,
is the unrecognized uniqueness of their position:
they are born into civilization with its second-reality,
subject to all the pervasive influences thereof,
a minimum of which they must acknowledge to remain in their native environment,
but beyond this doing-of-ones-necessary-duty of
thinking about the life going on around you
and about how the apparent you inside of you should deal with that life outside;
any additional thoughts regarding same are sight-busters;
cataract-carriers; sensitivity-soporifics — dream weavers.

Primary consciousness thinking about life and itself (you)
beyond the point necessary to simply get by,
is more than a waste of time for the few with that other aim — it is self destruction,
in the sense that you destroy the opportunity of igniting the other-consciousness
by continuing to fuel the ordinary one via these two routine courses of thinking.
Simpler put: you cannot see what is really going on in life as long as you are
listening to your own primary consciousness telling of what it says is going on,
and you will never realize what you are
while entertaining your own ordinary consciousness descriptions of you;
it could not be plainer or simpler — nor much more obscure and complex,
in that this entire marvelous adventure arises from a desire to find a secret,
but the secret is hidden within the desire itself.
It is looking for a pot of gold at rainbow terminus
when the treasure is the rainbow,
and thinking about where the pot may be, is thinking about life,
and thinking about how you can find the pot, is you thinking about yourself, but note —
both activities keep you looking awkwardly; squinting in the improper direction;
thinking more than is necessary about life and yourself
supports the sensation of a pot at rainbows end being the reward,
when it is the trail of the rainbow which initially seems to be the path thereto
which in truth is the treasure sought.
Unnecessary thinking about life and about yourself will keep you blind to this.

Each person alone can know what amount of thinking about life and their self is
necessary for them,
but for the few, it is always much, much, much, much less than is now going on,
and indeed, this, much, much less than is needed is the reality at the bottom of
such notions as, being asleep & unenlightened.

Thus it be that at a meaningless, fundamental level:
those not to mostly secondary-reality-existence born
who do not by nature engage in unnecessary thinking about life and themselves,
are happier with life than are the civilized, and are more satisfied with themselves,
but so too would be the few, amidst civilization & its second-reality
if they also did not engage in these excesses of essential thinking.
Those who call themselves, “asleep & unenlightened would no longer feel so deserving of the labels should they refrain from thinking about life & themselves
more than is clearly necessary, (clearly so if you take time to look into the matter).

Ergo, now that you understand the thrust of today’s report,
we will close with the heart of the story verbally fashioned for just the few,
in view of what they want to do:

For those who know what is being talked about:
A man who thinks least about life, understands it best,
and he who thinks least about what his ordinary consciousness calls his self,
is satisfied most therewith.

What could be happier conditions than those.