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October 26, 2001.

There are parallel universes:
one of motion and noise; the other of stillness and silence;
a combination of the two produces man’s reality.

Men live in parallel worlds;
one, the size of the universe; the other, the size of their head,
a combination of the two produces each man’s reality.

The universe is run by life;
no one knows what runs life.
Man specifically is run by two things:
a Verbal-Thing and a Silent-Thing;
a combination of the two produces his sense of self.

A man’s sense of self looks in two directions:
outward to things, and inward toward itself;
a combination of the two produces his conception of life.

A man’s conception of life has twin features:
accuracy and uncertainty;
a combination of the two produces all of his questions
and complaints about life —
due to his difficulty in distinguishing between the two features.

Look at the universe outside your head;
in some areas it is active and noisy;
in other areas it is still and silent.
Where do the two areas meet?
And where they do, are they discretely separated,
or do they bleed over into one another and partially merge?
Look at the universe inside your head;
there is an area of constant noise and activity,
but another of stillness and silence;
where do the two meet?
Are you even aware of the dual existences?
There are goods made in Bedlam that are unknown in Elysium.

Measure the size difference between the universe outside your head and the one inside your head, (something men never do);
calculate how much more should be going on in the larger one
than in the smaller one;
then ponder reality being the opposite;
schematize how it is possible for the universe inside your head to contain more than the universe outside your head —
which is the one in which the one inside your head exists.
How can a room be larger than the house it is in?*

How can motion and stillness coexist?

A clear look outside shows that life runs everything;
a clear look inside shows that you do not know what runs life;
a calm inquiry into what runs you reveals
a Verbal-Thing and a Silent-Thing;
the Verbal-Thing says it knows what runs you,
(and hints strongly at its preeminence therein);
the Silent-Thing of course, says nothing.

Question: Who are you going to listen to?

Consider the twin features of your conception of life:
accuracy and uncertainty;
one is noisy and jumpy; the other, calm and quiet.
What shows on your screen as a result of their parallel existence?
How do they simultaneously inhabit the same space?
What does their juncture point look like?……….what?! —

— you have never looked or thought about it?!

In the universe inside your head: motion is always noisy;
the Verbal-Thing that partially runs your life is constantly moving;
it must stay on the run to compensate for its uncertainty
and lack of accurate sight,
which results in its continually glancing-at-itself
as it attempts to keep itself from straying too far from
the reality of things outside your head;
the Silent-Thing also involved with running your life,
due to its inherent accurate sight of the world outside,
goes about its work in silence;
if you know what you are doing — what is there to talk about?!

A noisy, ever-active universe-in-the-head is the sign of
a fully functioning human being of this planet;
those over-developed experience private signs-in-their-head
which point to an unactivated function: a potential new star;
a latent fresh world; an inchoate black hole with the ability to swallow up all useless noise and motion, and make a man look in the direction, either inward or outward,
that is appropriate to the situation.

When you look at the universe outside — you do not stare;
when you socialize with the Silent-Thing —
you have nothing to say,
and when you reach over and touch the unused function
all universes become calm, quiet and comprehensible.


*(Bonus question: How can a room be larger than itself?)