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October 24, 2001.


Soon after becoming civilized, everyone wants to be recognized as being hip;
the few who come to realize what being civilized is, are hip,
(in fact), not just hip, but super-hip and in a quite special way:
they are secretly hip;
no one knows they are hip but themselves,
for the super-hipness of knowing-what-is-really-going-on is invisible to ordinary people,
(hey, if everyone could recognize the super-hipness,
then everyone would be super hip
……….and then being so would no longer be anything special).

There is a certain business which if carried on too openly in public will never succeed.
There are underground tunnels to extraordinary places that can only be dug alone.
There is a book which tells you everything you want to know, but you must write it.

Men who seem to know-more-than-is-good-for-them — know nothing;
those who know — know in secret;
that which the few desire to know cannot be known in public.

The secret is not a prize in Crackerjacks to be shown & verbally passed around:
the secret is in the hand that reaches in the box.


On one planet it doesn’t matter what you think
just as long as you act like you believe it matters;
this is both true for the majority, in one sense,
and also true for a few, in another.

What is true for the forest is not necessarily so for the few trees who are conductive;
a blight might befall ’em all,
but not all will buckle under the pressure and drop to their knees in supplication
forays into insanity.

On every planet, those who know-what-is-going-on
do not go on about it.


One man says: I have, over the years, gradually gotten myself into such a condition that even if I cannot say that I fully understand what is going on in life,
I can say that whatever does go on no longer bothers me.

There is no greater manifestation of being blind & dazed than being of such a mind
as to mistake now for always.


At birth, every living thing knows a secret;
plants & animals cannot think it, and hence cannot forget it;
man however does put it in words and thereby, soon misspells it —
— thus misplacing its significance.


In this world of six billion people there are twelve billion stories;
six billion, the people know about, and six billion they’re oblivious to.

To be ordinary and to sleep through life
is to accept the seriousness with which ordinary consciousness takes life.


When animals have nothing to do, their consciousness stares — blankly;
when humans do not, theirs stares also — but ostensibly at something — itself.

Pretending to take life seriously is not difficult, but what is difficult
is pretending to take seriously those people who really seem to take life seriously.


There is literally no limit to the number of ways of looking at & describing man,
and part of the trick to getting secretly-hip
is in producing as many as you can for yourself.


Everyone has two minds — only a few make use of both — and once you start,
it is only a matter of time until you want to know what is really going on around here.

…and when a son said disgustedly: “I cant believe how little I understand,
his father responded: If you can’t believe that — you can’t believe anything.

Congratulations — you’re finally starting to get the hang of it.