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October 22, 2001.

(Cont. from 10/20/01)

There are striking dissimilarities between primary consciousness
and the other-one which are directly pertinent to seeing through the mental hologram which man normally superimposes on life,
which produces the state of consciousness natural to all men,
and acceptable to most, but which bothers a few to the point of distraction.

The dissimilarity perhaps most relevant to instant interests is
primary consciousness’ natural talent and tendency to engage in sustained, concentrated focus, an ability necessary for all ambulatory creatures who both hunt and can be hunted;
if you are a form of life which moves, to survive you must be able,
when conditions demand,
to focus your complete attention in one place;
a lion does it; man’s primary consciousness does it also,
and not only aids in mere survival by causing man to focus his
full attention to a single object, but also to a project — a problem to be solved; circumstances in the external that could be rearranged to be more conducive to his survival and comfort:
all of this, man’s primary consciousness does,
but in that most men are no longer engaged in a constant struggle to merely survive, primary consciousness has much free time on its hands, and how it spends this time brings up its second most significant activity regarding the few’s hunger for better sight:
its continual reviewing of the past and projections of the future.
These two characteristics of your primary consciousness are the most striking differences between it and the other-consciousness:
its innate talent for single-minded focus,
and its ability to live outside of the present moment;
without them ever being so recognized, it is these two ongoing, automatic activities of their everyday consciousness that
have always been the motivation beneath the few people’s dedication to achieving, some-other-state-of-consciousness.

Whether realized or not, what they want is for their consciousness not to be single-mindedly focused & held by
one thing when there is no profitable reason for such,
and when the thing does not have anything to do with instinctive survival needs it will always prove to be a mental-thing —
it will be something someone has said, or your own mind’s
interpretation of what someone has done;
it will be a verbal based haze that your primary consciousness,
(having nothing more important to do),
has laid over scenes now passing through its mind,
and is giving every iota of its attention thereto:
it stares like a hypnotized cobra —
but staring internally — at itself:
a crouched lion, deranged — totally focused on an imaginary prey, for there is nothing there for consciousness to be focused on except something which presently exists only in consciousness.

It stares at itself, (and moreover), realizes not that it does.

Ordinary people live with this all of their lives
and without discussion, accept it as being how they are,
and doing so obviously does them no harm since the situation is natural (unless you have finally discovered the anomalous hole through which things unnatural get into this universe),
but it is this very innate operation of man’s primary consciousness that drives the entire historical engine of
metaphysics, philosophy & mysticism: the desire to
make-more of the mind than is presently there,
(at least in its sane manifestation, this is all there is to
that-certain-hunger, and this-kinda-activity).

It is the hunger to stop consciousness from uselessly staring at what is going on only in itself that moves men to meditate,
chant, pray, starve themselves, freeze themselves, read and attempt to assimilate verbal gibberish, any of which,
carried to their unavoidable end by a properly drawn participant,
can result in a person having their mental eyes suddenly slapped open, but it would save time to approach the whole thing from a different, more accurate and factual basis, (which is),
that the aim is not to stop your workaday, primary consciousness
from being single-mindedly focused on first this & that when the thises and thats have no significance whatsoever to your enjoyment and understanding of life and yourself;
they are simply meaningless, interminable, internal staring bouts
which play and replay nothing but The Oldies;
scenes and dialogue you have heard a thousand times before;
grudges from the past and fears about the future which perhaps,
the first time primary consciousness showed them on your screen of attention were of some interest, even potential usefulness,
but now — forget about it! They continue to be shown and played, but they mean nothing — and yet whenever it has nothing better to do,
primary consciousness will run and re run them through eternity, then sit right there and stare and its own
vacuous activity like an imbecilic child reading and repeating the same sentence over and over and over again, (not to mention all of the potential new fun things you might be seeing and thinking
if your mental life were not so totally taken up in this foolishness).

That another kind, state, or level of consciousness exists is beyond question: the ordinary know it,
and have booze & drugs to show it;
the non sane pursuit of this metaphysical hunger
is also well known to man via its numerous irrational manifestations of: talking to god, the dead, extraterrestrials, etc,
but these infantile expressions do not forbid its mature reality
any more than does the existence of, “See-Dick-Run” books
obviate that of The Tao Te Ching.
Everyone has a vague awareness of another kind of consciousness appearing periodically, momentarily in them,
but it seems to serve no purpose;
its presence is always brief and weak,
and most people simply have no interest in pursuing the matter;
the few do, but they would spend their mental energy more efficiently if their map of the inner terrain more closely resembled what is actually there, and what is there is not a primary consciousness that is in any manner flawed or lacking,
(if anything, it is overbuilt), or subject to change, (not profitably;
it can be negatively affected via drugs, booze, irrational-dreams-taken-as-reality);
the survey more resembling the actual landscape of the brain
and consciousness is one that pictures primary consciousness in one place with a full, automatic menu of responsibilities,
and then separate from it another consciousness which does not have such a menu of responsibilities — it in fact has no menu
nor any responsibilities — it is just there….and it does not stare…. and it never thinks of yesterday nor tomorrow;
it is what the few are looking for, but you spend
time applying effort to change one thing when it is really something else entirely you seek;
not a change in the thing it seems appropriate that you work on
but a turning away from this thing which is unchangeable,
and making the slight effort required to simply slide over into that adjoining other-consciousness that is always there in your brain, next door to the normally present one.

Relief is always only a step away.