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October 15, 2001.

Those who can, do, and those who cant, carp.
This clich?, while well known,
is not normally applied in the area that would most benefit the few.

Among ordinary men it is commonly suggested that those who make their name criticizing the works of others are those who have no talent themselves;
men who cannot make music, write books, or paint pictures are the very ones who do not hesitate to criticize the works of those who popularly can, and in this vein, men easily accept the idea that it is the critics lack of talent which is the sole motivation for their criticism;
but there is another territory in men’s lives wherein a similar situation exists,
yet note thereof is not made.

It is not possible for anyone to ever see what is really going on as long as they are still entangled in the natural, human activity of criticism;
this is not a matter open to debate, nor subject to being proved to those not interested,
but it is something that those born-to-this-thing must eventually realize for themselves,
(thus, the sooner you do, the sooner you can move on).
The minds basic responsibility is to criticize, and foremost, mans external environment,
(which is the force that drives all material progress),
but when his thoughts are not on such matters,
which are actually subject to tangible alteration, they light on the
non materials which are created and which exist only in men’s minds,
and here is where the, criticism-motivated-by-lack-of-talent phenomenon
takes a nasty, irrelevant, and unnoted turn.
(Be aware that this is not a criticism of the situation, and if you were already thinking that it is,
it is your own meaningless criticism causing you to do so.)

Relevant is when one man’s mind criticizes the way a farmer tends his field, which results in an improvement in crop production,
what is not relevant (for the unique interest of the few)
is one mind criticizing the thought production of another man’s mind;
this does keep the intangible (illusionary) world of culture running & entertaining to the masses,
but offers nothing of substance to those whose mind demands more than simply being distracted.

First Part of This For The Few:
You will never see what is going on if you are in any way involved in criticizing some other human and their ideas of what is going on, or how to go about seeing it,
(and neither by following their ideas either);
Second Part: You will never see what is going on while listening to your own criticisms of yourself and of the ideas this self seems to have:
this is the dividing line which distinguishes the myopic wimps from the clear eyed Trojans;
this is that one feature of, having-no-talent-fueling-impotent-carping
that few men have the interest-in or stomach-for.
When you strap on your guns and go into town past this pale,
you enter, no-man’s-land, (leastwise no ordinary man’s land),
for you have then pushed your mind into a place not normally visited by human thought;
an area that from one view is irrelevant to everyday life & consciousness,
but yet a place which explains all of life and your own frustrating state of everyday mind;
you go there in truth, for no known reason, but when there — all reasons become clear.

Striving for as much scientific precision as possible,
the most accurate description that can be given to a man who criticizes others is: A fool,
but for a man who criticizes himself, there is no word that even begins to describe his condition.
Yet there is also no available verbiage which will make an ordinary mind comprehend
what is herein being pointed to;
it is not possible to say anything that makes sense to an everyday man about the
complete foolishness of criticizing yourself;
the idea, on its face, sounds completely insane or inane;
or maybe like an attempted cop out to keep from trying to improve yourself,
but no matter its reactionary expression, routine thought thoroughly and automatically rejects the entire idea that criticism of yourself is useless & foolish, (it is more than that, but there is hardly more than that for which there is words, save, impossible
which would strike standard minds as being even more
ridiculous: How can criticism of myself be impossible
when I am standing here this very second feeling critical of myself!
.but for you real gunslingers, impossible really is the right word).

You must see it for yourself, for there is no way to present a logical argument or proof that criticism of yourself is useless, (and don’t forget: impossible), but here it is blunt & head-on:
It is the thoughts in you which have no talent that criticize you
(making you believe that you are criticizing yourself),
and they are not actually criticizing you, but rather themselves,
(viz: criticism you feel about the size of your nose is not caused by the size of your nose,
but by the thoughts that go through your mind about the size of your nose);
if thoughts are not criticizing something physical (farming techniques)
they are criticizing themselves:
the reviewers thoughts which rip a play are not actually directed at the work,
but at themselves for their own inability to write.

In the classical mystics terminology:
it is not more awakened thoughts in you which criticize your sleeping state,
but rather — sleeping thoughts.
No, that is not possible; that is not how things are —
look and consider the matter coolly and see if you can still say that it cannot be possible.

If every man is in his thinking — a fool,
and those who criticize mans thinking are thus even bigger fools,
then what does that make a man who takes seriously the thoughts that appear in him which criticizes him — and in truth — themselves ?!
What do you call that? Do you really want to see that?
If you want to ever mentally see for yourself what is going on, you do — you must.

To ever even begin this journey, you must feel an innate, distinct criticism of
what goes on normally in your thinking, but to ever get past even the half way mark you must undertake your own investigation of the above noted situation and gain an unnatural realization of the nature of man’s criticism-of-himself,
a realization that will free you from an everyday, constant foolishness that keeps everyone else distracted and entertained, but which holds the potential consciousness of the few captive.

No matter how reverently and relevantly it comes garbed,
any thought that ever passes through your mind that criticizes you — is an idiot thought;
that is about as accurate and charitable as can be put.

Anyone or anything — your thoughts included — that criticizes you
has no talent to do otherwise themselves or they would not be criticizing you.

How much more obvious does this have to be before you……………………