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October 12, 2001.

For everyone there are times when doing without thinking is natural, (walking),
but for those desirous of cutting through the haze,
there is no interminable entanglement in thinking without any doing
that is not prohibitively costly.

Those with an innate attraction to the life of the mind have an inclination
(as is true with all preferences) to overindulge in their favorite flavor,
but mere knowledge of structural engineering will never get a building constructed,
and no amount of thinking alone
will ever open a man’s mental eyes to what is going on behind all the haze.

In material matters it is obvious that thinking about them is moot until the thinking is acted on,
but when the mind deals with non material matters,
this fact is not so clear — at least to the mind doing the dealing.
Those inherently dissatisfied with their thoughts’ interpretation of themselves and life have historically tried a variety of ways to bring about change, but all divorced from doing,
(prayer, meditation, scripture study),
and any alternative to such approaches seems quite tricky,
but as with effecting substantial alteration to any of the intangibles
unique to the mind, it is not actually difficult — it is impossible.

In that it is thoughts which are dissatisfied with the mind’s analysis of life and oneself,
it would seem that thinking about the situation is in order,
but how much thinking must a man do before he is fully aware of the source of his dissatisfaction?
How many times must a man be faced with the same thoughts
before he is adequately familiar with them?
And how many years does it take before a man recognizes that,
no matter how much they be thought-about — the dissatisfied thoughts never change?

There is no examination so thorough — even, metaphysical — of a squirrel
that it will ever change the nature of the squirrel,
and how long should a man continue to pay a con exterminator to spray his premises
as they both stand there seeing clearly that it has no effect on the infestation?

But then again: mere physical activity alone will not produce the desired change;
you cannot exercise, nor diet your way free of the dissatisfied thoughts,
there is a special combination of thinking & doing that is necessary,
and it is so obvious, that it is totally invisible to ordinary minds.

Though if asked directly, routine men will helplessly refute it,
they do not make a continuing distinction between thinking & doing
when it comes to affairs strictly of the mind;
every sane person’s mind realizes that knowing how to remove an appendix
will not get the surgery performed,
but when thought is turned to matters that have no physical substance,
the mind — beyond all normal awareness — becomes deranged,
suddenly unable to distinguish flesh from the word, flesh.

Without grasping this distinction confidentially for yourself,
you mentally attempt to fix things which are not only not broken,
but which do not exist —
neither in a broken nor unbroken state,
but since they indeed have no material reality,
they are broken and unbroken as they are said to be,
and the contrary cannot be proven.
Without having this simple realization firmly for yourself,
you will endlessly think about changing something
which cannot be changed,
but which can be thought-about as being changed
for as long as eternity can hold out.
It is the World Cup in the sport of piling frustration on top of dissatisfaction.

You have to start by thinking-about the thinking about you & life that rolls on naturally
in your mind which you find unacceptable,
but then you must find a way to do something about it,
and it is sooooooooooooo obvious that few people can ever get their mental eyes to focus on it;
it is tooooooooooooo close to the eyes to ever see,
via the automatic focusing normal to man’s mind — but make no mistake —
it is there, but you must do rather than just think to finally see it.

The great tip to pocket is this: the kind of doing that is needed in addition to
your thinking about This Thing
is to always being doing some kind of doing that your thinking is not thinking about;
the necessary doing is forever in conflict with the thinking of the time;
this in and of itself does not get-the-deed-done, but when systematically prosecuted,
it will eventually split open your mind, and the secret of it all,
which had heretofore been too close to your normal sight to see,
will be laying there right in your hand — smiling at you.