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October 8, 2001.

If you think you are responsible — you are responsible,
and if you say you are not responsible — you are responsible,
the only ones out of this impasse are the few who know what is going on.

Beyond the instinctive responsibility all creatures feel for their progeny, (leastwise those of the distaff design),
as life drove homo sapiens to the new lands of civilization
it bred in him feelings of responsibility outside the familial ones.
The closer did humans begin to live together, the more did they
feel responsibilities that went beyond just their own welfare;
they felt concern for the well being of the group in which they
had established residence, and accepted responsibility therefore.
This is the human way: the civilized & proper — human way,
but just being natural does not exempt it from close scrutiny by
those to whom the family photos of man that life holds up,
do not hold up — do not reveal enough detail.

If an ordinary person feels they have some responsibility for
some particular something in life, then they have a responsibility which they cannot avoid without negative consequences
(guilt, stress, frustration, irritation),
and if another person feels the situation strongly enough to declare that they have no responsibility there toward,
they likewise feel a responsibility that they deny at their expense.
(It is still, [figuratively speaking], amazing that otherwise sane people believe there is some where in the universe that
they can hide from the universe: Hey, Ill just scrunch down over here
in this dark corner and life wont even know Im here.)

Even while life is making most of humanity feel they have some responsibility for the life of humanity —
it is life which is totally responsible
including its responsibility for making most humans feel
the responsibility that they do.
Tis comedically tempting to say that life has tricked & enslaved man to shoulder some of the responsibilities which are clearly lifes, except for the small problem of nothing in life being separable from it.
……other of course than in the thoughts men have about their position relative to life…..which are there — again — courtesy of life,
but rather than this being some questionable move by life,
it is the height of efficiency;
it is having the inner components of a Viva Machina assist directly in the performance of the overall machine.
For indeed, from any valid view: men do have a responsibility to
life in that we are an inseparable part of life,
and life observably feels a responsibility to continue to live,
thus do we, one of its parts, share in the responsibility.

But this responsibility has potential limits & exemptions which life does not make known in its routine placement thereof in the
consciousness of ordinary humans,
any more than it makes known to them the possibility of their being conscious of themselves and of life in a manner that is not standard-from-the-factory,
but both are quite real potentials for the few people born with
the suspicion thereof and with the gritty fascination therewith
to adamantly pursue them to their ends,
and those who do so are those who finally understand for themselves — — individually —
what is going on with this thing men call — life.

By & large, life, via many agencies, will succeed in making
ordinary, sane & decent people feel a responsibility to life,
manifested primarily by feeling a responsibility for the welfare of other human beings, (and secondarily for that of other forms of life, and for the planet itself)
and twould be simple insanity — and error — to say that
humans should not feel any responsibility for others,
but verbal declarations are never the relevance in this investigation — realization of reality is — and the reality is —
— but which can only be discovered & felt by a few —
that any feeling you have of responsibility for life is no more based on your personal understanding & decision making than is your breathing,
it is simply that you must feel responsibility same as you must breathe;
there is no judgmental comment to be made after that on either case.

Only those with severely constricted sight see good & evil
in the natural, inescapable workings of life:
life is neither good nor evil; right nor wrong; this nor that:
life simply is and those who define it after that understand nothing,
(but they are in the comfortable majority, and indeed,
make up almost all of humanity
— which must be the way life wants it, so………….).

Life does not require your help,
truth be told, each man can barely help himself,
but life wants you to feel that it needs your personal assistance,
and that it is your responsibility to acknowledge same,
at least in words (which is generally sufficient).

But what sort of extraordinary visual impediment can make a
sane & intelligent person take a brief glance around the universe and believe that life needs your help in any way to survive, or work properly.
On the objective face of it — the idea is clear foolishness,
and yet a foolishness that life demonstratively demands of man;
the few not born with the capacity to be fully hypnotized by the great clown-god, Current & Past Events,
if they are ever to get anywhere in their private research,
must see if they are exempt from this normal, species-wide
feeling of responsibility to things outside themselves,
or whether they are not;
(if life worked with a bit more local precision, those lacking this exemption would not ever show any interest in this activity to begin with and be reading such as this —
— but alas…………..).

If you find that you have irrepressible feelings of responsibility
for life outside of yourself, there is nothing whatsoever wrong,
or questionable about you, but you are not born with the potential to successfully pursue this particular activity.
If your sincere feelings are that you have a responsibility for life outside of yourself then by all means you should see to this
responsibility and do what it takes to make you feel that your responsibility has been met;
the rest of you — open your damn eyes
you have to start forcing them open now
to ever see the full scene later on.
A person born with that certain-hunger-&-potential
has an ability to be truthful with himself about himself
that is totally lacking in ordinary people,
and it is not something to be talked about,
but something to be privately exercised,
and the truth that these few need realize as quickly as possible
is that: life does not actually require or need your individual help
with anything (if seeing these last 12 words in print does not make you laugh aloud, you are doubtful),
and that what your minority destiny calls for you to do is to
help your damn self — and thus REALLY assist life —
by not being mentally ordinary.

Life will appreciate this.