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October 5, 2001.

The creatures of one world have several possible ways of looking at life:
one is to look directly at what is going on:
another is to look at life via its reflection in a mirror they carry;
the most common is a combination of the two.
Some circumstances require a direct looking at what is going on,
while others are best dealt with using the combination method.
The looking-at-life’s-reflection-in-the-mirror approach
is responsible for the planets art — although —
a few of the inhabitants have historically attempted to employ this perspective for a purpose not pertinent nor called for in the normal changes of circumstances on the world.

The conditions which most basically affect their lives are those which
the creatures need look at most directly,
and the further you move from the radical base
the more is looking-in-the-mirror-at-reflections safely pursued,
and when the circumstances of an undertaking are constructively
unconnected directly to anything essential for survival,
a near total looking-in-the-mirror view of life is permitted.

These two ways of looking at the world and their lives,
along with the most frequently used, combination of the two,
constitute the creatures — View Of Life
but the distinctions noted, go un noted by them,
and to no discernible harm.

Same as here, circumstances there are in an endless state of flux,
and from one second to the next, a creatures view might be
instantly required to go from a reflective looking to a direct one
then suddenly, need a combination of the two,
then back to a purely reflective view, (and so on);
all going on so quickly and constantly as to be beyond the creatures normal awareness.

The few are born with a kind of mutant antenna which makes them alert to these ongoing internal shifts in perception,
both in themselves and in others,
and a few-within-the-few become downright fascinated by it,
and by the various, often conflicting, significant manifestations that appear in the lives of the creatures as a result of these constant shifts, and about whose cause they seem blind.

What their exceptional radar picks up are the sounds of creatures
looking at reflections of life in their mirror
in circumstances where a direct looking is called for,
or the combination method being used, but
with the relative weight between the direct and reflective looking
being ill appropriate to conditions.
Their unique neural antenna causes them to sense when the approach
a creature is employing to look at life does not suit the situation,
and most of the few never go beyond this data reception;
they feel something squirrelly going on,
but they do not readily see which tree it is taking place in,
and usually pursue their interest no further (not pragmatically,
though they likely will roll around what they sense in their
mind and mouth for the rest of their life).

Failure to chase down the source of the captivating,
anomalistic signals their singular antenna brings in
turns many of the few there into contentious carp merchants,
who try in vain to peddle their petulant catch
(though all they actually have is half a fish:
the smelly, un differentially critical ass end.which is of no use;
you cannot eat it, nor make it give up any useful information)

The, let-me-out-of-this-suffocating-internal-submarine trick
would be for the creatures who sense this continual
misapplication of the direct and reflective views of life
to look a bit harder and finally realize that this view of theirs
— as striking as it be — is itself a reflection, in fact:
a reflection of a reflection, but if they would carry their search just a wee bit onward, they will discover that this unique reflection they see is a reflection of the source of all reflections.
Once you see that — you can toss away your glasses.
……they were not actually your prescription anyway — nobodys is —
……nobody that is, who wants to see straight).

Gentlemen: a toast: To proper looking.