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October 3, 2001.

The flaw with gods as an explanation for the drama of life is that
they are pictured as separate forces working for conflicting goals,
and that one can conclusively overcome another.
Such is naturally how mans mind would devise the scene,
but it contains an error that makes a comprehensive overview impossible.

All peoples of the planet from the onset of their various histories
paint verbal realms of a life behind/beyond/above that of mans visible one wherein beings more powerful than man play out their individual lives in struggles which ultimately determine the kind of lives men experience.

Mans mind has always seen human life to be endlessly replete with
things which seem inexplicable;
acts of man which by any ordinary mental measure appear irrational, unjustified, detrimental & self defeating,
and is at a loss to make sense of the constant danger & unexpectedness this presents;
thus, the mythologies of gods enacting prototype lives of man on a
larger, unseen stage,
which enables mind to maintain the obviously needed sensation that
although man has freedom of will,
oft times overwhelming forces drive him to un planned acts.

To most, this scenario has, and continues to, play well;
behavior which someone finds abhorrent is explained by
a momentary success of some evil god over their deemed good one,
(if simply blaming the doer of the deed is unsatisfying,
[and in place of the term, gods, you may insert:
unseen economic, or political forces, but tis all the same mirage]).

This approach to analyzing life, while commonly accepted,
is fatally flawed for those with an uncommon hunger.

Regardless of whether the sobriquets employed reflect deific, political,
or economic forces, the above perspective rents the infinite fabric of life unrecognizable due to minds need to see connected, cooperative systems in terms of discrete, competing components;
as a ridiculous example (to highlight the case):
mind would see the mouth and the stomach to be in conflict:
what the former happily takes in – the latter immediately starts to destroy,
and similarly does mind picture god-X (representing this-or-that
feature of human temperament) as a separate being from god-Y,
(who reflects some other aspect of mortal nature),
when no such separation exists;
life, the universe, reality — is seamless,
and while the mental picture of behind-the-scenes, battling forces
present to thought a tolerable facsimile of an explanation,
(not surprising, since thought devised it),
believing that particular, mentally labeled parts of life can be
somehow separate from the totality of life via their actions
which yours or someones mind condemns,
establishes in ordinary consciousness such a fractured concept of life
that those with exceptional expectations will forever be disappointed.

One man does not shoot another man;
inside the inescapable-insides-of-life,
one part of life attacked (from minds view) another part;
to believe it otherwise is to look at one piece of a jigsaw puzzle
and pretend that it — unilaterally, for no reason —
assaulted another piece.

Mind is not usually wired nor programmed for this perspective,
but rather to rant & rail at the totally unexpected & unjustifiable,
(to it), turns in the ever unfolding human drama
(for those who do not see it as a light comedy);
it requires unusual electro-chemical activity & desire to understand
what is going on in life — as opposed to being upset by it,
and letting your consciousness passively trail after the words you hear from others and from your own brain
will nicely squelch any such possibility.

If necessary, a really hungry & sharp man would tattoo this
on the inside of his eyelids:
Anyone who tells you what is going on in life does not know what is going on — including the tales which life normally allows to appear on stage in your own head.

Ordinary people are not evil in their attempts to explain life;
life obviously wants them to try, but does not outfit them with the
mental wherewithal to accomplish it.
Life is omnipresent —
in what part of the universe does the universe not exist? —
the extreme northeast corner of reality is in no manner separated from
the extreme southwest corner, and neither corner can kill nor harm
the other through some ex parte act.
The enormity & complexity of lifes internal workings
(which is all that we IN the internal workings can be aware of)
is observably beyond the capacity of anything therein
(including mans mind) to take in & fully comprehend,
and anyone who attempts to predict the future should be identified throughout the world as a fool, yet note they are not,
and yet it is clearly known that no one has ever had any
meaningful success in doing so:
men’s minds — while knowing better — will listen attentively
to prognostications which they know, and history proves,
are always juvenile, and not to be relied on,
(unless you prefer paying stock analysts fees
to the old fashion method of simply burning your money,
[etc with: psychics, priests, and men who rebuild brake linings]).

Saying that the inner operations of life are enormous & complex
hardly covers it, for it is of the same magnitude as the universe itself,
and totally beyond being comprehended by
any one eye at any particular vantage point;
no observer inside the system can ever recognize what life is doing:
there is no proof in here that even life, knows what it is doing,
(in any humanly conceivable sense),
but what can be grasped by a few weird-born individuals is akin to
the reverse of this insurmountable unknowable, (and that is):
since life continues to be alive (you as proof & witness)
then whatever goes on in its inner workings serves some
life sustaining purpose,
(perhaps if you were a cell,
you, [as a matter of individual taste[ would prefer
to make your home in the stomach rather than, let us say, the intestines,
but as you know: without the colon — stomach is a goner).
There are no parts, people, actions, ideas or things in life that are not
an integral part of life, serving some life sustaining role
even though the thoughts life allows inside of your consciousness
finds many of them horrid and inexplicable to a civilized,
(read: partially-distracted), mind.

If life wants to internally have one part of itself take a shot at another part, it can and will damn sure do so,
and if it wants some other part of its inner self to be
horrified at the shooting — who is going to stop it? — better yet:
what idiot is going to tell life that it CAN’T?!
(other than you & your six billion counteridiots, I mean, parts).

What goes on inside of life (inside of this universe)
cannot be explained, understood, judged or predicted by anything
or one within it;
there is no need to seek additional definitions of:
living-in-a-dream & stumbling-around-in-the-dark, than this:
if you think that what you think now explains life,
and makes proper judgments about what goes on therein,
you are normal, sane and normal,
but your thinking will never stumble onto what is really going on
if you stumble through eternity,
(life will however, permit you to continue your ranting & cursing
for as long as you like — and as long as you keep stumbling).

If you leave your thoughts to their natural action of falling onto
the episodes and the details of life,
your consciousness of what is always going on is
artificially fractured — segmented and separated from the
seamless continuity that IS life —
both outside of you, same as it is inside of you.
Under normal healthy conditions, your lungs never attack
nor do harm to your kidneys,
and neither does life do so to itself, inside itself,
during the span of its healthy lifetime
(a period unknown to us, but so far, all markers look good).
Life does not accommodate internal life threatening activities,
be they from galaxies or from men.

The undivided reality of life (which when seen, explains everything)
is always present inside the consciousness of the few,
it is just over in a remote corner of your neural universe
that you have yet to visit;
you keep hanging around the same old corner you grew up on;
shootin the bull with the same old gang of thoughts;
staring off into a distant nowhere; yackin bout past times,
and squandering the immediate one, (don’t let this sound like, sermonin, but sometimes it is the only way, [as you should know yourself by now], to get consciousness attention).

Look away-from and far-beyond mentally identifiable episodes that occur without end in the life of man and of the universe;
resist your normal thoughts natural programming to either
favor or condemn any episodes that attract their attention & override their instinct to limit their interest to details — isolated details of the event;
for in so doing, your consciousness cuts up the reality of what is going on into normally needed, digestible pieces,
but in the process, renders life incomprehensible.

That is yet another fair telling from top to bottom
(if there were such from the view inside a sphere)
of what it is behind that certain-hunger that motivates some people
to read and consider such words as are daily here laid out,

and which is the most fun they ever have,
(it is actually more fun than anyone has, but no one knows it
— including those who have it).

There is but one faithful map of life,
and you can recognize it within yourself by the fact that
it has no creases from being previously used and folded.

Happy travels,
(send a postcard when you reach the real Olympus).