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September 28, 2001.

Proof that you are ordinary and still loyal to your employer
is your display of dismay over selected episodes in life’s vast repertoire;
such also portends the hurdle you face in ever realizing
what is going on in life.

Being the dunce is being unsettled by specific events,
as identified by the thoughts that pass through you;
tornados are only terrifying when you think about them by name,
and in that tornadoes are a natural part of the planets respiratory system, fear of them is academic, (in the stupid sense).

Everything man has named exists naturally in life;
things his thoughts approve of; things they denounce;
people he agrees with; people he hates.
Life births each man standing on an unseen soapbox,
his little hands already clutched in preparation for later
fist-shaking in the air.
Life has created within itself many acts that many men oppose;
then created some men to do the acts,
and others to oppose them.
Life is as wide as the universe,
and at far corners has forces working which appear in conflict,
as though one corner was pulling in one direction,
and another corner, in another,
but all corners are a part of a unified universe.
Those (seemingly everybody) who do not see this are born into life to question life (commonly called, God) about selected events, (e.g.):
How is murder permitted to exist?
Some men are born with a permit from life to murder;
most are born with instructions to condemn murder;
thus, if you are one of the former, and murder: you are doing your job, and if you are one of the latter, and outraged by murder,
you too are fulfilling your responsibility.
Life also directs that men (primarily of the second group)
try to explain/justify/make-some-thought-based-sense-of murder,
but they can come to no satisfying conclusion.
Life is not made of conclusions; life is an open ended sentence,
an ongoing process, and a universal process requires all of the
ingredients men find extant in the universe — including murder,
its condemnation, and inexplicableness, (to routine thought).

Life creates everything just as it is and just as man sees it,
then creates enough men with diverse thoughts so that ultimately, every feature of life gets it share of fulmination;
life creates each man just as he is,
then causes each to condemn certain features of himself;
ordinary men do not escape their indictment of themselves any more than does the life going on all about them.
Just as the universe contains all that human thought deems proper,
and all it judges unacceptable,
so too exists the same situation in each mans inner universe.

Wholes beg no explanation — only parts;
each man is born with individually adjusted fly eyes
which see in facets and are incapable of delivering to the brain,
the entirety of a scene;
those who would cry at the thought of helpless saplings
being pushed into the whirling blade at a sawmill,
beam with delight at the framing of their new house;
only piecemeal sight alarms — full viewing never disturbs.
Life does not provide men usually with the talent of thought to
take in a full picture of life — life cannot do so even for itself;
(where can the universe stand to take a full length photo of itself);
life uses mans fractured sight, whereby each persons attention is automatically drawn to focus on & criticize selected activities,
as an internal feedback system;
a man condemning a murder which life allowed to occur,
is life reflecting on its own life.

Life & the universe expands materially at levels
beyond human comprehension,
and in another direction, on a different level,
does so through man — and primarily via his thought&talk.

Life understands this — why can’t you.


……want a hint? Ask yourself: Why is no one interested in the above.

……men are made to be blind — not to see.

……and you must participate in your blindness by staring at first one thing, then another.

……the cure for uncertainty is action. Do something, dammit! — don’t just stare.