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September 21, 2001.

Most people live mostly in the flesh;
some live primarily in the mind, and they become either: intellectuals,
geeks, or people wandering the street, talking to themselves,
but just for the sake of something to talk about,
let us imagine that there is one more type of person who tends to
live the tenderloin of their life, in their head;
a type of person who cannot be mentally pacified and adultified
by the ordinary sources that attempt to do so,
(social pressure, education, the family religion).
What these people want, other people cannot provide;
what these people want to know, institutions do not have to give;
what these people want, even they, (in the beginning), do not know,
and thus is their want, victim of crushing confusion.

Everyone lives their essential, irresistible life in the flesh,
and most people find their satisfactions of life — in the flesh,
and while every normal person enjoys the natural pleasures of
food, sex and rest & movement,
there are those who remain disjointed even after all fleshy desires have been fulfilled, and who cannot be brought into alignment by
any of the circus attractions that amuse other people,
(post sensual romps):
such people become either: intellectuals, or mental patients —

This planet is populated mostly, (at any given moment), by the fleshy;
their work keeps civilization rolling;
even while they are, fleshing-it-up, they are also living in their mind;
remembering past fleshy encounters,
and dreaming of potential new ones;
in most people, a balance is automatically maintained between
their life-of-the-flesh, and the one in-the-mind,
with neither getting in the way of the other;
it is: do, do: dream, dream:
move, move: imagine, imagine,
all occurring seamlessly and simultaneously,
and with none the wiser, dumber, or bothered by it.

And even with those in whom the balance is shifted,
who feel their core orientation to be in their mind,
and not in their flesh,
there is in place, a coordinated relationship between the two;
(geeks still eat, and psychotics procreate).

But what about the other category that we are pretending exists?

They are a special case who no one wants to fool with,
(most are irritable, argumentative, sarcastic fanatics,
[least wise, most of them end up that way]),
and have been historically dismissed by the herd as being:
dreamers, mystics, seekers-of-the-Grail
(none intended as complimentary);
they can be taken to be, Philosophers,
except of a stripe who
will not settle down and become professors,
or accept the built in inconclusiveness OF, the-Philosophers-way;
they run the risk of eventually falling into the profession of:
Writer Of Resentful Letters To The Editor:
(What in blazes is wrong with people!
The world is going to hell and no one even notices!)
These people were born with a neural set up in the cortex that forces them to be unusually aware that humanity’s collective statements of intent & belief commonly do not coincide with their fleshy actions,
and that overall, everyone seems to overlook it —
— these peoples mind will not let them —
and they are driven to speak out — and destined to be ignored.

The herd knows what it is doing even though it does not know,
but since it does not know that it does not know what it is doing,
everything works out okay,
(except of course, for the strays we are discussing).

When, (as young calves), they mention to their father that the
emperor/priest/teacher is not fleshly garbed in the same clothing they verbally promote, they are, “Shushed”,
and as they age, and continue to have their
non standard observations ignored,
they tend to step onto the road of, Grouchiness.
They have no doubt as to the reality of the discrepancy they see between what men say and what they do;
it is so obvious that anyone can see it,
But why don’t they?
is the increasingly frustrating question that rocks their mind.

Most of these imaginary, minority mind-dwellers-&-aficionados
never get past this hole in the road;
they go limp and fall over in a ditch of, Vexation & Anger,
(but who is to tell a cow which septic field they can wallow in!).

There is not a chance of success for these
would-be bovine revolutionists as long as their
sight stays fixed-on, and their arguments remain aimed-at
the doings & sayings of other cows;
they will be just like them — only not aware of it,
for they take their criticism of the worlds “foolishness
to be proof of their separation from it,
but they are in fact, more foolish than those they criticize.

No one but these few neural strays WANT their inner life
to be different, strongly enough to try to change it,
and no change is possible BUT in there;
NO change can a cow effect on the way the world out there runs,
and men who seek to see clearly, injure their own eyes by
not soon realizing this.

But even getting beyond this popular sticking ditch does not
immediately assure success,
for merely turning your minds natural insight & criticism from
the external world to your own internal one is just as captious,
and just as senseless.
There is no more idiocy in you than there is in everyone else,
(which is none);
no other human is more hypocritical than you,
and you do not live a more ironic life than does everyone else.

An always available, protein boost to those who frequent
that, special-gym
is to take your attention away from your mind TO your flesh;
flesh will not pretend;
flesh will not deceive or mislead you;
your thoughts could learn a lot from your flesh..lets see?..
.well, like dealing only with matters that matter, for a starter.

hummmmm, there may be are others but…