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September 19, 2001.

In the realm of the flesh: birth & death fuels life:
one animal destroys the life of another & consumes it to survive;
in the realm of the mind: creativity & criticism so provide;
at the most material, brutish level the latter can be seen in the binary dance of: construction & destruction.
A building is constructed; then torn down to free the site for the construction of
a new, improved building,
but at the more subtle, abiding level in men’s lives does the cycle reveal itself
in words — not materials;
one man constructs — not a building — but an idea,
and another, through criticism, attempts to destroy it.
The guards charged with protecting the non physical areas of
the kings domain can take such non tangible assaults just as seriously as do
the guards responsible for the kingdoms physical well being —
and in some instances, even more seriously.

Lions eat gazelles, and creatures without the ability to likewise feed,
fault the lions for their life style;
a talentless, frustrated jackal with a sledgehammer can — in an instant —
destroy what it took an artist with a chisel, years to create.
Destroying is much quicker & easier than creating;
a much less taxing way to be noticed — and yet
men do not notice that the thoughts that continually
stream through their own mind are engaged, programmatically,
in a crusade of endless mental destruction of the ideas,
cum personalities, of the planets other humans.
If a lion is struck he strikes back twice as hard;
if a lions food is stolen — he makes the thief pay,
but the king of creatures does not go about the rest of the time,
rolling around in his mind like worry beads, replays of past mistreatments:
only jackals & critics so spend their lives.

You can repay physical assault, but not mental ones;
you can regain a previous material position, (rebuild a destroyed structure),
but you can never return to a mental position once held;
believing that such is possible and desirable is cataracts of consciousness;
only those with no working knowledge of what goes on in their own mind
speak of permanency — or the substantiality of thought.

That which never existed cannot be destroyed,
and that which was not original with you is not subject to criticism:
you can pretend otherwise, just as jackals can imagine themselves sculptors,
and theatre critics, Shakespeare.

The easiest way for any human to be noticed, (in the non brutish, civilized sense),
is for him to criticize something;
the object is irrelevant; all you need do is recognize something that is important to those who you want to notice you, and make critical remarks thereabout;
they do not have to be especially literate or insightful; almost any criticism will do.
Be somebody! Be noticed! Tear down & try to destroy what someone else believes they have created.
(It is a lot less dangerous than physically attacking someone.)
PLUS: keep up this same ring around the thorns in your own mind regarding one of your thoughts criticizing & trying to destroy the others and you will have no trouble keeping yourself in the dark, dreaming for the rest of your years here.

….(As always, there is the good news side of all this: don’t be a part of it.)


Wednesday, and in the universe of one man’s mind, the dialogue continues,
as the father says to the son:
There is something more I want to say concerning what I,
day before last, was talking about regarding the king of everyone’s domain being protected by two sets of guards:
the first, who act automatically and defend the liege from physical attack,
and the second which is responsible for defending him from all non-physical assaults,
(and it is that):
although they never speak theirs, the kings physical guards are all of a like mind
not so his non-physical protectors —
and especially not so in a few select kingdoms
which have amongst their mental guards,
one who is a total anomaly, (insofar as such is possible).
This one guard is in almost complete disagreement with everything that
the rest of the second guards do and believe — and essentially stands alone,
(in that none of the others can be recruited to his position).
He does however have the ability (as it were)
to ‘create’ new guards who support his view,
(in so far as such invented beings are able to do so);
but when it comes to any actual facing off regarding the differences between
the one rebellious second guard, and his natural peers — he stands alone.
His creations (so to speak) offer him moral support,
but only he can take any action pertinent to his rebellion,
(assuming that any is possible);
the action that the rebellious guard seems to desire
is the eradication of the other guards — with him as their sole replacement.

Upon casual observation, you can be fooled into thinking that this sole dissenter has more support than he does by the periodical, brief appearance of these private,
neural Doppelgangers,
but if you are to ever free your king from the useless shackles
of his unnecessary defenses, you must see plainly the situation just as it is:
only one guard (thought) comprises the entire dissatisfaction & would-be rebellion — and that’s okay: that’s all it takes,
once you and he have a clear picture of what is going on in the throne room.

In almost every kingdom you find on this planet,
the people are satisfied with their situation,
at least sufficiently so as to preclude any passion to rebel,
(plus; even lions make no more effort than is necessary:
they will partake of a carcass that they did not bring down).
Efficiency, my son: efficiency has always been the key:
see the situation as it is; ignoring how the majority may disagree:
if you see it — you see it;
then take what actions you can, and forget about those you cant,
and be not concerned at all with things that do not personally matter to you,
(again, separating your thoughts from what everyone elses may be insisting are things that should matter to you): you know — your physical guards know;

they will always lead you aright.

Trust that part of your kingdom that does not live in dreams & schemes,
and you will finally stumble right over what you are looking for.


There is an enormous ocean which feeds a gigantic river which feeds small streams
which run through each humans yard.
Each man lives from its nourishment,
yet none recognize the source of their sustenance;
most give in and attribute it to supernatural causes
when it is clearly not so and plainly in sight.
The few who open their eyes and see the stream know a mighty secret.

I have thoughts — therefore I think: so think those who have no awareness of
their own yards stream, and thus no notion of what is really going on.

There are no such things as psychological motivations behind human behavior,
only proffered psychological explanations cum justifications for human behavior that strikes most humans as being non human.

No man knows why man does as he does, and only a few realize this,
and thus see & accept man as he is.

These few know a mighty mighty.


One lion said: “Some times I am almost ashamed to be a lion.”