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September 5, 2001.


One of the trickiest discoveries you will ever make is in realizing that
without thought — you would have no troubles;
you could be dying, but without thought, you would not be bothered by it.
Survival presents periodic problems, (such as the need for food),
which are either satisfied in a timely fashion, or else you become someones.
Under primitive conditions, such needs can be met without the brain having to call upon its thinking; instinctive programming does the job.
But living amidst mans man made second reality (civilized conditions),
the brain must look to thought to decide at which particular restaurant
you will tonight dine,
or which form of treatment you will undergo to combat your life threatening ill.
You cannot be troubled by being seen at a dance class
or concerned that you picked the wrong hospital
without there be thought about either.
The problem of hunger, experienced by your entire physical being
(but centered in the stomach)
will never be, troubled, upset, embarrassed, angry (or any other emotion),
by the manner in which the problem was solved — if it was solved,
but the troubles experienced in thought — and in thought only
not only can never be conclusively resolved,
but the attempts to do so can easily enlarge the trouble,
(you’ve been troubled by feelings of being, “out-of-the-meaningful-loop
and in an attempt to rectify the troubling situation
you dress up in your best and go out to a hippest club in town,
only to discover that since last Tuesday it is now considered to be
the lamest place in town, [plus your wardrobe drew snickers]).
There are always two ends to problem-sticks:
either: success or disaster; either: food or starvation,
but in the wide & wacky world of troubles — no stick has any ends;
no matter which way you turn it, twist it, grip it or curse it,
satisfactory resolution of your trouble is not forthcoming.
You can keep changing your wardrobe and stay up to date,
but your basic trouble of not feeling hip & with-it will not thereby be cured — an obvious fact that even a really interested twelve year old can readily realize.
If other people physically assault you & take your food these are problems,
but if other people attack your ideas & those you cherish
all you have (if you are of ordinary consciousness) are troubles;
one can be fought against — the other is snipe hunting.
You can repel a blow to your face, but not an insult;
you can even extract revenge for a successful physical blow,
but never for someone ridiculing your talent as a sniper.
Once you have been discovered making love to an imaginary person,
you are mentally & verbally — cul-de-sac’d;
you are up a ten inch wide alley, stuck in the middle of an elephant parade;
thoughts giveth (as in an insult to you),
but thoughts will not likewise — taketh away.
When you think that you have been spat on in the second reality
there is no wiping it off;
if your thoughts tell you (whoever the hell that is)
that you are an eternal, out-of-step, unfashionable geek — then you are
– – case closed.
If you allow thoughts (when they magically occur)
that say fate has got it in for you
to occupy all the available space in your head wherein thinking can occur —
then by god — youre done for — fer sure!
If you take as, statements-of-fact
the judgments that the thoughts that mechanically appear in your brain make about which peoples ideas are correct, and which are foolish,
you will be forever troubled by waters in which you semi float, and choke —
but wherein you will never mercifully drown and be through with it.
You bob about in life, surrounded by idiots, the ill informed,
and those lacking sufficient appreciation for you,
and your p?t? de foie gras thoughts.
Cures & solutions to thought-dependent-troubles must be sold;
advertised, promoted and sold — in that they do not work.
Eating does not have to be sold; only eating at this particular establishment;
being healthy does not have to be promoted;
only trying to be healthy through the ingestion of these pills.
Without the aid of thought does everyone know how to solve the problems in life, but ordinary minds refuse to admit that they recognize similarly that there
ARE NO solutions to the troubles that exist only in it,
and by virtue of it having invented them.
Programs to produce weight loss must be actively promoted since
any eleven year old with an I.Q. higher than his shoe size knows that
the only way to do it is to eat less,
but the hawked plans are not actually about ones weight,
but rather the troubling thoughts one has about oneself.
And all schemes that claim to lead to a change in a persons genetic temperament, (religion, political affiliation, the occult-arts)
must above all others — be aggressively pushed.
It is from this, comes the fact: All who try to sell — must lie.
It is not a plot — they have no choice;
they are not even necessarily aware of what is going on,
but all submitted solutions to thought-dependent-troubles (your self doubts)
are always a sham, in fact — worse,
they are not even real shams, but — sham shams;
they are not simply proffered cures that do not deliver
they propose to cure problems which do not even exist;

now that takes some REAL selling! — but —
thoughts are up to the task of buying.

As salient as the sweat on a salesman’s closing-time spiel is the distinction that
with a first reality, physical problem you can clearly either :
do something about it, or you cannot,
while with a second reality, thought-dependent trouble it is a case of either
not being able to do anything about, or being an idiot PLUS
not being able to do anything about it.

Few people are interested-in, (nor are they supposed to be)
seeing life and themselves at the most basic level,
(It is simply not the, civilized thing to do! [Sniff!]),
but the problems possible for a man to encounter in his life are limited to those directly related to him staying alive,
anything else that bothers him — bothers him solely in the thoughts that
life so graciously provides — free of charge! to everyones consciousness,
day and night, year in, year out.
And while they seem real & substantial enough to thoughts,
(so what do you expect?! — since they are thoughts,
and thoughts are the only things that thoughts deal in?!)
no thought of food is in any way comparable to physical hunger,
and no mental image of you being physically assaulted
is in the same reality of you actually suffering such.
The brain runs troubles into the coliseum for its continued amusement
when all of the available problems have been slain;
they are like clowns at the rodeo acting as a distraction when the rider (problems) are off the horse (off your bodys attention screen).
When ordinary minded people do not have problems,
they either get sleepy, or so bored that they create troubles
to give their always hungry consciousness, something to nibble on
until the next big dinner invitation of, real problems arrives.
Mashing down the base line to its brutal max you can with validity say that
all of mans problems amount to one: death,
and even a forty year old bricklayer (on a lucid day)
knows that there is no solution — only wishful thoughts,
so the few (during their lucid moments)
have no defensible problems, (not even death,
since if there is no solution, then the so-called problem itself is absurd).
Of course they do have that one-thing singular to their bloodline (i.e.):
trying to come to understand the absurdity of being alive
and full of thoughts about being alive,
and most of all:
breaking free of mans normal mental sickness wherein thoughts
which mechanically pass through you
say that they understand what is going on — when they clearly do not —
(that is, from the drop-dead-view of the successful few).
A person totally unsatisfied with the activities going on in his consciousness,
into which he was born,
has something between an actual problem & mere trouble,
but this particular something can be solved,(in at least some cases),
but no movement in that direction is even possible until you see, clear-as-hell the plain, obvious, brutal distinction between problems —
— which are all physical, and either curable, or else, terminal,
and troubles, which exist only in thoughts and only inside your head;
they cannot get out;
neither can they escape, nor can you drive them out.
Thoughts themselves cannot get out of your head,
nor can anything they conjure up — such as, your troubles:
all of the various intangible things about other people which bother you.
The only cure for troubles is your own grasp of thought;
see the nature of thought — see the nature of all mortal complaints;
understand the nature of your complaints with your own consciousness,
and you will see the solution — the only solution.

The only cured problem, (Pardner) — is a dead problem,
a ghost that has had its sheet yanked off;
knowledge unmasked as a drooling two year old;
the judge responsible for your self censuring,
found to have been making up all the laws youve been accused of breaking,
as he went along.

(which was also the name of the oldest known approach to — doinTheThing.)