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August 29, 2001.


Todays flight plan reads:

If there is nothing you want — nothing has any power over you.

Physical desire keeps you alive;
the other kind can make life more interesting — or irksome.
Tell me sir: since, being-alive is — most basically — what-you-are
how can it somehow irritate you?
Get away boy, your questions are killing sales.
All that lives desires to live,
and all who want — want to keep on wanting.
Desire is to the body as want is to mind;
physical desires are the body’s needs —
mental wants are what the mind imagines it wants,
(imaginary wants are all that are necessary
since the only things available to the mind are imaginary).
Kiddy pilots who want to fly to Olympus offer as incentive
to cut back on satisfying their physical desires:
if Zeus will allow them a fly over,
they propose to give up rutabagas & the doggie position.
Physical desires have a minimum sub flooring past which you cannot go and still operate a can opener or talk on the phone;
there is no limit however to the deletions you can make to your want list without it doing yourself any harm, or in fact,
having any substantial effect on your list, (it self regenerates).
Physical desires make you alert & intelligent;
mental wants make you drowsy & distracted, (okay — stupid.)
Do you realize that inside of everyone is another person?
Yes, but do you realize it is not so until you hear it said?
Consuming food satisfies the desire to eat;
dining on a particular dish or at a particular restaurant
is the satisfying of a want;
eating food keeps you alive;
eating certain foods under certain conditions
makes life more interesting, for most.
For either to flourish: bodys gotta desire — minds gotta want,
but if you want more than your body & mind now provide,
you gotta tinker with the, wanting-machinery.
Only those with hidden head tumors perceive reward in denying their body its desires, and no one in this mans army ever asks
permission to look into the nature of their minds wants.
Captain, I am prepared to meet the challenge:
I am ready to give up wearing my silk underwear
if Aphrodite will be mine,
but what’s this other crap about me looking into my mental drawers?!
Men will more readily abandon one of their physical preferences than they will even ponder one of their mental ones;
the stomach knows what it likes — the mind hasn’t a clue.
But does that stop it? What are you, heat stroked?!
Even though he touch it not, he who in his mind lusts for knockwurst
has the same as eaten. Now its plain that you are nuts.
Body knows when its desire has been satisfied —
mind never does — it has no way to know;
it pops a new fact into its mouth & for a moment — it is pleased,
but from such never comes lasting satisfaction;
there is nothing wrong with the facts being consumed,
not anything amiss with minds digestion —
that is simply the nature of mind & wants:
totally different from body & desires.
To do TheThing, forget any & all ideas anyone has ever had regarding interfering in any way with body’s physical desires
(assuming of course that you are standard wound & programmed
to act only in ways beneficial to your health);
turn minds full attention to the wants that make it up
(whose elses you gonna turn? just try getting your duodenum interested in why your thoughts favor the Yankees over the Mets);
see through wants, and you have looked up the fat lady’s dress;
the curtains coming down; Verdis still in the ground.
Everyone has one hand nailed to the wall;
the other one is free to wiggle its fingers and make little
ventriloquist dummy talking faces.
s all right? — Hell no, s not all right!
One hand wants — one hand desires:
one hand can grab — the other can only wave.
Gentlemen note: civilians make no distinction between the two;
that is why They are the targets for the attacks.
But Captain, you said the attacks are strictly an illusion?!
That they are, Lieutenant, but that is all that is needed to
bruise illusionary selves.
When bodys desires are not met — you know about it:
when minds wants are not met you are not aware of it since that is its normal state, (if you are part of the civilian population,
and not a trained pilot).
The hand that is free & the one that is nailed to the wall
have scant contact, and that which they do seems to you to be
that is because your present head is caught in the middle between them;
the hands are not at fault — the spot from which you are
reconnoitering their activity gives a distorted view.
Move, bombardier — shift positions, dammit!
The only useful attack is on the relationship;
not on munitions factory D, or steel plant E,
but the road that connects the two there is where to aim.
Between bodys instinctive, essential desires & minds wants
is an expensive-to-ignore nexus;
write down & fold next to your soul the fact: nouns won’t fly — only verbs.
It is ridiculous enough for those seeking to get off the ground
to not see the irrelevance of wants,
but to ignore their specious kinship to actual bombing sites
is too laughable to allow them to even climb on board.
The great — doing TheThing plane
does not do sight seeing flights (you have to take a bus for that).
To get your own individual plane off the ground
(which is the only way you’ll ever get off)
don’t want any thing and then there IS no thing that can stop you.
And don’t forget, (You trainees in the back there, looking groggy,
like you been smoking old army boots again.),
a man who can mentally see-for-himself
realizes that the wants that normally occupy all the space in his
thinking are transparently irrelevant to him when looked at
head on with the sang froid natural to a real warrior (that is,
one who knows what the hell hes doing).
All in all young troopers: taking away from nothing costs nothing,
except the illusion that it was costing you something to hold on to it.
Inside of everybody is another person:
inside of every hand is another hand:
inside of every prince is another prince, but none of this becomes so until you hear it said — until your MIND hears it said.
One man’s favorite pastime is killing off fictional characters,
(though he does not think of it in these words.)
Now before we go out there men,
a little something extra for you REAL men:
mentally, if you didn’t want to be different,
your present condition would mean nothing to you —
you wouldn’t even be interested in it enough to notice it —
much less be chewing up the scenery wanting to change it,
(fact is: if you simply had a better comprehension of your
present condition your feelings about it would be completely different,
[which is of course to say: your condition’s feelings about itself would be completely different….which of course makes no sense….which of course is why it was put like it was in the first place]).
And a nailed down hand cried out in shock: What other hand?!?!?
If you have no imaginary wants — nothing has any power over you —
— nothing imaginary that is — including quixotic goals.
Okay people; your real targets are clearly marked on the maps;
now fly out there; do your duty, drop your loads & be done with it;
I don’t want anyone returning who is not completely empty.
Swallow your fear & hesitation and put yourself in your own stomach.
Now — lets roll.
Comment ca va, Lieutenant — que pasa?