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August 17, 2001.

(See 8/16 to be brought to speed)



Everyone participates in two games: Survival, and: What-If;
one with goal lines that must be crossed;
the other consisting of nothing but strategy.

Everyone is in two businesses:
one is unified & strictly local;
the other is made up of disparate, far flung franchises

Everyone lives in two worlds: one real, one pretend-real;
both are real enough to be lived in,
but only one can actually support life.

Everyone enjoys two things: one they can handle, one they cant,
but unique with humans — it makes no difference —
they can enjoy them both.

Everyone goes on two journeys: one of them goes nowhere,
and for it, each person must invent their own
imaginary destination, and the other one? — well,
everybody KNOWS where the other one goes.

Everyone has two sets of what they believe to be true about life:
one they really believe & the other, they say they do.

Everyone has two boxes of criticism: one for things-out-there,
the other for — things-in-here, and between the two,
everybody’s got everything covered complaint wise.

Everyone is twice a dunce: both times for not realizing all of this.


The mind is the only thing known to man — and in man
that consists solely of what it does — produce thoughts;
without those — it is nothing.
Other organs, even if non functioning, are still, something —
a dead heart at least lays there on the dissection table.


Mind displays no memory of itself — of what it does;
it is as though it has a natural aversion to doing so.
Is it to compensate-for, or cover-up-for this lack that
men & their minds recall & talk so much about what has
happened to their physical person?
Are copious memories of physical experiences to make up for
the mind not having any of itself?
In trying to study itself it is as though the mind must continually,
rediscover things about itself that it had just realized,
a day, or a minute before;
it makes the same discoveries over & over again,
and forgets them as fast as they were found,
and each time treating the re discovery as though it were
the first time it had ever been seen.
Is this why men cannot be, mindful, or, self-remember — because it is actually the mind trying to remember itself — and it cant.

Awakening is not as much a change in consciousness as it is
an understanding OF consciousness.
Nothing in the second reality is as much changed as it is
rearranged, and nothing in the second reality can be understood
only the nature of the second reality itself.

Each morning, in bed, immediately upon awakening, one man says to (something in) himself; Hey, don’t get me started!

One Master would answer all metaphysical questions,
first with an apple — then a shovel;
and when monks took this to be a metaphor,
he would shake his head No, and tell them they needed to go
pick an apple or dig a hole

While watching some animals first guy says:
Man, it’d be horrible not to be conscious, and second guy says:
But if you weren’t conscious you wouldn’t know that you’re not,
Yea, replied the first guy, You can say that again — I hardly do now.

Being fragmented makes a man want to talk ———- incessantly.


Guy laying in bed, musing on one of the endless challenges that continually appear in his mind,
first reassured himself with the words:
I’m on top of that – then made an immediate revision:
I mean: my brain is on top of that then the supreme correction:
I mean: my brain is on top of itself.


There were two princes who oversaw one kingdom:
their names were Hansel & Thoughtel,
and only Hansel’s activity had any affect on the people’s affairs.*


* Poor old Thoughtel never did catch on.