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August 13, 2001.

The father said to the son,
(in the strict privacy of their exclusive milieu):
Even though, throughout the years since you have been
worthwhile to talk to,
I have relentlessly spilled my guts & tried to tell you everything that
I have discovered & experienced pertinent to that, One Thing
which I find of supreme pertinence to being alive,
there is yet one aspect of it which I cannot — or will not attempt to
verbally convey — my responsibility is too much for me to try so;
I understand too clearly that putting this one thing into words
would do you no practical good & indeed would effect a disservice,
something that cannot be in our relationship at its now advanced level.
The truth is that since my initial realization of it & the instant,
inevitable verbalization that went along with it,
I have made it a point not to repeat the complete description
even to myself,
but everything I have ever said to you,
(and especially in our most recent times together),
is all around its edges & pointing right to it.

Your rational thoughts tell you that the reward of, This Activity
must either be in the form of gaining new powers, or new knowledge,
(which may indirectly lead to the exercise of new powers),
but let me offer to you a third, slightly different verbal description,
and say that what occurs when you more radically see, what-is-going-on,
is not a gaining of new physical abilities, or of new knowledge,
but of a new perspective.

If you picture mans standard view of life as that of
looking at a city sitting out on an open plain,
and your physical abilities as the material reality of the place:
(its geology & topography, along with its buildings & technology),
and knowledge as the talent needed to make maximum use of
its natural resources, and to design & operate the technology,
then the thing I refer to would be a new, non standard perspective of
the citys setting and operation,
specifically the relationship between its physical workings,
and the knowledge that comes from thought.

You can beat your brains out trying to alter inalterable aspects of
the city’s physical operation,
and you can break your back trying to retract its flow of mental info,
but neither approach will open a door to the forward compartments,
yet that reasonably seems to be all that is possible:
I will, through some exotic physical discipline,
battle my way into a more stabilized state of consciousness,
or I will, via intricate intellectual ploys, think my way thereto,
and as you know (from our own combined experiences)
pursuing either of these two courses can afford a man
much excitement and pleasure, and can apparently,
incrementally shift (at least subtly)
certain features of his overall mental interface with life,
but as you are also well aware,
frustration is your ever ready traveling companion down those lines,
and as you & I long suspected (to a defensible point of near certainty)
something is missing from all of the methods reported on
that are supposed to lead to the realization of, The Goal:
this alone should perk up your expeditionary interest:
if you assume that some of them surely reached the place
I am referring to, then why is it not clearly mentioned?

You are normally in a mental state which you dislike,
and by being aware of the dislike — bring on a different, acceptable state,
but then, even though no supernatural physical strength is required,
nor any esoteric knowledge is needed to maintain it — you cannot;
the more acceptable state cannot be held permanently;
you can neither cause it to banish nor absorb the unacceptable one
permanently (unless you fall into new dreams of being able to do so);
the truth is (if you have the interest, understanding & heart to see it)
that the acceptable state has not actually made any headway in overcoming the ordinary one;
what, un analytically seems to be, progress in this matter
is simply you thinking about it more;
is almost as though you are being sung to by cori spezzati,
or as though a certain boxer B cannot ever actually defeat boxer A,
but does become more clearly aware of the ongoing failure.
That is the frustration inherent in trying to change your head:
you seem to have two, but can only wear one at a time.
The thing I refer to is a totally other perspective of haberdashery itself.
It is the discovery of a secret, but not of secret knowledge as much as it is the realization of the true relationship of things.

It is like walking the face of the planet,
searching for that one missing piece;
step by step, you keep on trudging — frustrated,
but still you keep walking;
step after step: right foot, left foot, mental foot, physical foot,
but it is not to be found in how you walk, or in what you think;
what you are looking for is that which ties the two together;
the perspective that awakens you is
the sudden understanding of the ground you walk on.