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August 10, 2001.


Friday — their second most favored month,
and in celebration thereof, the father said to the son:
I am going to say a bunch a stuff about that thing we are always
talking about, but today — somewhere in the midst of it all —
is going to be a newly clear mention of the linchpin to the entire affair.

What d’ya think — will you catch it;
will this turn out to be the day of the warriors ultimate triumph?
the beautiful one in which to die-to-confusion & be reborn-into-clarity?
(Ill start with a story that is a test):
do you picture the hero who goes into the depths of the dream world and successfully returns awake,
to have gained: powers, or knowledge.
Which will it be: which do you imagine you want?

Thought is a knife, and the reality perceived by mans consciousness does not exist until it is a piece of something;
until it is thought of and thus sliced off and has become a
piece of something.
(Lets all suspect a missing modifier: meaningless.)

There was once a guy who proposed that man’s state of
distracted sleep is not caused by an internal, troubled,
psychological relationship he has with himself,
but by improper relationships he has with external, material objects.

In regard to mans science, there are always those who say that
we should not be, Fooling with nature
when it is clearly a matter of — nature fooling with us.

(like in it making men say that we should not be fooling with nature.)

On one planet were some beings who wanted to stand on one foot long enough to count to a million — none of them ever could,
and the only pleasure they ever derived from amidst their
overall frustration was in realizing that they had failed again
every time they tipped over again.

Waking up is like an innergalactic ass whuppin.

Only the foolish speak of, full consciousness,
or complete awakening for none know either to such a degree.

Man may be asleep in one time,
and when he is wanting to awaken — in another.

(Need it be noted? — probably.) Those who feel that the awakened state must be shown to not be in any way comparable to a neurotic one, are inhabitants of the latter, (certainly not citizens of the former).
There is a difference between being enlightened & being crazy,
(although the crazies have a tough time grasping precisely what it is).

Trying-to-wake-up is attempting to put mythology in action.

The enlightenment that men believe they get from a guru
turns out to be a transference of his sleep to them.

The sane student finds his teacher in gravity, wind, rain —
from the earth itself: the source of all we are and all we have;
from it, the alert man learns all the answers to
all the questions the human mind can ask,
since its mother was rains mother too.

Said one defender-of-the-physical-state to an inner revolutionist:
I dont know whats wrong with you people;
nature has been thoughtful enough to provide you with your own personal commentary to life, but not only are you not pleased with it —
— you bitch about it.

No one lives the life they intended to live, but neither does anyone live the life they did not intend to live.

Thoughts can only harm you if you take any of them seriously;
there is no better description of being un enlightened than doing this.

About you, before you were born — nothing is known
and about you after you die — additional stuff is unknown.
Ordinary people pretend they know everything;
a man trying to awaken pretends that he doesn’t believe he
knows absolutely everything — yet,
while a man who has finally pulled it all together pretends that he
doesn’t know anything.

After you have been awake a few times, one way to deal with ordinary
life after that is to treat things you know are not serious — seriously,
and not treat seriously those that everyone does.

Ancient Arabian Axiom Updated: Tis been often quoted:
‘Rightfully is rued the departure of Enlightened Master Po,
for he shall not return.’
Handymans Translation: Act while you can
and while you have the necessary desire.
Not So Ancient Alabama Wisdom, Revised & Corrected:
It is not that, ‘A man will fuck anything’ — but rather:
a man will fuck anything that appeals to him.

There is a difference between something that accomplishes something,
and something that makes a difference.

Well son? — did we finally pull it off?

It is having one clowns mask after another fall from your face,
each new one, less sophisticated than the previous.

We do things — and we know things, but cant remember this:
no canary, no matter its intelligence, can think itself green,
and even the old man had to chuckle at the inherent playfulness of
his last three words;

even ideas open to different interpretations can tell the truth