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August 6, 2001.

In speciem, deeply involved in their Monday morning ritual,
(which the father would, at odd times throughout their life,
suddenly conjure up and declare, if not: culturally, de rigueur,
at least: comfortably, se d?ranged),
and as they huffingly went through the ridiculous — yet
medicinal motions, the first in line began talking to the second.

Son, there is a something which is ultimately of no consequence,
(like, what is?!), but which initially can be quite profitable to consider:
the matter of what, from some conventional verbal view,
our familys private tradition & secret activity might be named.

The father did some extra pretended huffing & chuckling,
wiped imaginary sweet, deliciously from his apparent brow & continued.
In one instance, what a thing is called is patently irrelevant,
that is, when the thing is something found physically here on this planet: everyone realizes that it is of no significance whatsoever whether you call violent storms: hurricanes, or typhoons,
or fiery eruptions: volcanoes, or candy mountains, and mans heart will perform the same no matter what name it is given.

The irrelevancy of what the physical features of life are called
is clear to everyone,
but what is blinding mud-in-the-eyes to ordinary men is that
when it comes to matters that were not found in the ground:
which are solely the creations of mens thoughts,
and which have no physical reality —
what they are called is an integral and highly significant part of
the purpose they serve in the collective life of man.
This obviously has nothing to do with the intrinsic nature of the thing being talked about,
since mentally-sourced matters have no inherent nature —
— only an invented one —
thus, in this non material realm,
what a thing is named, and what the name implies
is as much a part of its, nature as heat is to fire in the physical.

The father sat down on a wait (but not-too-long) bench,
& scrutinized his feat (but not his most outstanding) & further noted.
Those throughout history, born part of our familys anomalous bloodline, are carriers of a mutant hunger-gene that triggers in us
an aspiration that the thinking function of our brain be radically altered, for reasons; by means, and in an ultimate manner, unknown to us;
the weaker branches of our family tree are always pretending that they know the answers to these unknowns — but they fool only themselves, (and even in that — not very well).

The hungers of the body speak distinctly & are clearly understood;
and when a man needs water, the voice of thirst is plainly heard,
and t would matter not if thirst were called, exhaustion —
a man would still go to a stream.
But the hungers spawned by the various creations of mans thoughts have no comparably clear voice;
let us say that a man comes to believe that he needs a religion,
but there is no intrinsic, tongue-of-certainty to direct him to
the assuredly correct one, as will physical thirst, him to a water.
Or, ponder such a question as this:
Which is the, proper field of study: Anthropology, or English Lit?
In matters strictly of the human realm,
there are no objective, or even anything resembling, right, answers
to such questions,
as exists in the earth-sourced physical realms of Geology & Chemistry. It is not a case of one of them being the, correct world,
and the other, foolish;
they are both demonstratively required for normal human existence
as we know it — as life has herein, us placed.

The father stood, went into a boxers stance & began to bounce about as he puffed out his cheeks in his best john birks imitation,
and continued his solo.
Thus does it matter nada whether a man claims-to-be,
and believes-himself-to-be a Christian or a Muslim — in whatever case:
his thoughts have found an acceptable religious nesting place,
but amongst our minor flock — it does matter — in that
the very feature in us that wants things to be named,
is also what stands between us and the door.

At this very moment, throughout the world,
many of those remotely related to us & ostensibly following the
family tradition say they are trying to, Wake up:
to, awaken-their-mind-from-a-dream,
(others call it by a different name, but it makes no difference),
a man has learned of this ancient-of-ancient ideas,
and has adopted a name that describes its goal & purpose,
and though necessary in the beginning, it later will become an
albatross-carrying-a-millhouse draped around his neck;
strapped around his head; wrapped around his eyes,
dropped into his drawers,
and he will be hard, hard pressed to ever realize it —
and without easily being able to realize why it is so difficult;
for, (as I already noted): in the intangible realm,
the name of a thing is an integral part of the thing,
and in this case, the thing we are talking about is the
Aim of a persons effort, (that is: to, Wake up),
but in this singular, human circumstance,
having the name of a thing be even the smallest PART OF
the thing itself — fatally flaws it.

If you believe that you are trying to, Wake up,
and do not fully understand what that term means
you will never succeed.

The elder stopped speaking as he did several squats,
then some jumping jills — then some more talk.
Everyone who is trying to, Wake up believes that they
do understand what the words mean;
the alternative seems preposterous beyond possibility.

The father walked to the water fount; partook liberally thereof;
picked up a towel, turned back to the boy and added:
If you are trying to, Wake up, and do not finally realize that
the term MEANS nothing — you will never succeed.

The one-&-only; the only-&-one reality of, Being asleep is in
going along with the natural inner scam that says you
understand things that you do not.

Do you appreciate the symmetrical beauty,
and hurricane force winds of this?
Believing that you understand that you are, Asleep
will alone — keep you from ever, Waking up.
(Its enough, Ill bet, to make p.t. barnstorm envious.)
As the elder stepped through the door of their imaginary gym,
he had these final sweaty, but muscular words for his
less developed progeny:
At this stage of your workout,
the very best thing you could do for yourself would be to
come up with your own original & purely personal description of what,
Being-asleep, and, Wanting-to-wake-up are.
This is by no measure easy, for I do not mean for you to simply swap one set of words for another,
but rather through your own, inner-directed-entirely
study of your thoughts & physical sensation
to begin having one epiphany after another that reveals to you increasingly revealing & direct views of the physiological reality
that is obviously behind the desire to (as commonly called) Wake up.
As deep and sincerely felt be this hunger in you,
it will finally be a bar to its own fulfillment if you do not realize the
terminal need for you to understand what it is
TOTALLY apart from any other humans words on the subject.

Oh, It is super fun to think to yourself:
I am on the way to, Enlightenment — on the path to, Awakening’ —
but until, from your own efforts & understanding-from-experience,
you can get off of these, or any other known terms,
you are ultimately on the way to nowhere new.
Believe me, son of mine:
you never truly get started in the process of
waking up from everyone elses dream
until you have loosed yourself from anyone elses telling of the tale.

You must concoct your own mythology of it;
you must invent from scratch, your own private,
School Of Enlightenment,
your own personal, Method To Awaken — and remember the central theme of my talk to you this fine morning:
what you (to yourself) CALL this thing you are doing —
has a staggering influence on what it is — TO you —
to your, thinking-about-it — which, for a long time — is all that it is.

What you call things you cannot touch — is irrelevant —
except in the instance whereby you believe that you
understand a certain extraordinary thing because
it has an extraordinary name — that you can say.

So, for those standing in the shade of our family tree & tradition:
words mean nothing — yet everything,
with the comprehension of the one, leading to the liberation of the other.

Neuralize this, (that is: think on it without coming to any conclusion,
other than the realization that what words represent,
has no conclusion),
so: neuralize this:
were it not for words you could never awaken,
and if it were not for words you would have never been asleep — and,
were it not for words I could not point out to you
this most liberating distinction.

Shower when youre done.


If you are dissatisfied with your struggle to awaken — you are not doing it correctly;
if you are satisfied — you aren’t doing anything.