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August 3, 2001.

There is a planet whereon all the inhabitants are in slavery,
but since this is how the situation has always been,
even before their memory began,
none have any objective knowledge thereof.

The primary means by which their slave master has maintained
the arrangement & sustained their ignorance
is by creating amongst them the illusion that groups with
conflicting interests exist which seek control of their
visible, governing institutions;
for a while, the Xs will be in power,
eventually replaced by the Ys,
who are ultimately turned out again by the Xs,
or some newly formed collection of unwitting slaves.

Their unseen master, in a move of breathtaking, brazen genius
has further tightened his hold by causing to periodically be heard, a minority view which in fact publicly professes that the people
ARE in unrecognized slavery, and that only through an
intricate & elaborate conspiracy is this truth kept from them,
and as the final knot in the net, their captor causes a few to claim that it is the conspiracy itself that is secretly behind the public accusation of there being a conspiracy,
and that by having it come from unorthodox sources
assures it will be dismissed by the mainstream majority.

So, under this contrived arrangement, there exists on this world, the appearance of self-government — even dissent,
and virtually all of the enslaved inhabitants believe that
by & large, they are in control of their own lives;
whereas the truth is that they are completely enslaved,
and held fast therein —
principally by being made to believe that — they are free.

And so it goes, on that far ——— far away world.


This little tale periodically manifests itself visibly
in the physical world of man,
but unseen is its uninterrupted existence in the intangible world IN man;
for operating quite openly, but under a subterfuge similar to
the one employed in the fable,
there is, in mans consciousness,
an unrecognized — master-slave arrangement,
which tracks precisely, all of the details in the supra story.

Just as the unseen master on the other planet
has set up conditions whereby the enslaved inhabitants live in
an illusion of self-governing, individually-motivated freedom,
so too are the circumstances under which operates,
mens routine thinking;
and same as how the captor on that far away world
secretly and irresistibly prompts certain of its inhabitants
to claim that they are being held captive, and kept from realizing it
by being fooled into thinking that they are free —
through a, free-will-hoax secretly promoted by their captor,
likewise in the head-world of a few people on this planet
is the belief stated of mankind’s intangible enslavement:
a minority of voices, popping up throughout human history
have insisted that man is not free to think whatever he chooses,
and is barred from ever realizing it by a simple ploy:
that allowing him to think of the possibility that
his thinking is not free — is instant proof that it is.

While a few people are born with an ability to tinker somewhat
with their own thinking operations,
they too initially fall partial victim to this normal mental hoax,
but conceive of it by way of their own specialized language:
they hear a view expressed by some inhabitant of their mental planet which insists that man’s thinking is not operating as
freely and profitably as it could —
and they have oft labeled this condition as:
Being asleep with your eyes open,
(which, everything considered, is not without merit),
for the more actively do such people look,
the more do they, all around them see,
endless examples of mans unrecognized enslavement.
They see — or with certainty — suspect it in:
politics, finances, the worlds social hierarchy —
in all exercises of external power can they find the subtle finger of
an unseen force prodding & directing human affairs,
and if a man does not get permanently intrigued & entangled in
this episode, he begins to see a similar state of affairs taking place in the private confines of what goes on in the vocal part of his own brain — — in his thinking.

In that function of the brain that men call consciousness,
there exists an inherent, standard situation of a master & a slave,
open to easy observation,
(if anything is actually ever, easy for a slave!),
which could also be termed a relationship between
a talker & a listener: a teacher & a pupil; the potential & the extant —
— the awakened & the sleeping,
and it is by virtue of this arrangement that mans thinking —
— the thing, unique in all of the universe that he knows —
stays malleable and capable of real-time evolution & expansion;
no creature including man can change their physical being,
but man can, his mental one,
which, when it occurs in an ordinary man, is always concerned with
matters of a material nature, and pertinent to his survival,
but with those exceptionally-wired-few,
there is forever in the offing the possibility of
changing the fundamental manner in which thinking takes place —
not a mere change in the particular way that you think about
some particular something,
but a change that occurs at the root of thinking itself.

To awaken from the mental dream
to be as free as a human can be
is not in changing what you think, but in what you think about;
it is ultimately not in changing what you think,
but in how you think.

The un freeable captives can never hear the reality behind this,
their inability to do so — proof of the hoaxes success with them,
but it is still a lengthy challenge to even the select few
to ever see far enough through this conspiracy-of-mental-slavery
to have any exercisible freedom there from.

From the position of one wanting to escape,
and see-to-the-bottom-of-things,
you indeed have a slave master operating in all of your
thinking, but it is nothing untoward,
but rather a necessary ingredient for the operation of
normal consciousness,
the task is to recognize for yourself what is going on in there,
and not a slave, nor non-slave be,
for when it comes to what the few are really after
neither one of them, slave nor master, know anything of any value;
the master is life talking to you;
the slave is your brain receiving the messages
generalized messages intended for all mankind,
with nothing normally included that is of any help to those
seriously chafing under the yoke of simply being part of — all mankind.

Only fools believe they are free
and only BIGGER ones believe they are not.

And there is — The Great Secret —
once again, drug right out in the open —
— insofar as it can ever verbally be.