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August 1, 2001.



(While note has been recent made of employing reverse engineering in the effort to alter consciousness routine running;
ordinary life also makes use of this approach
on a widespread & unrecognized level so as to maintain mans
current state of consciousness.
Todays News considers this matter.
Be forewarned & keep in mind that the aim of the reporting below
is not to castigate the examples used to cover this story —
they are merely the visible manifestations OF the real story.)


The social sciences are said to be mans attempt to understand
the uniqueness of his own nature — his world of thought,
(as contrasted to hard sciences efforts to comprehend
the nature of the physical world), but deeper down, that is not so:
the purpose of the social sciences is not to explain mans thinking,
(and resultant behavior), but to rationalize them;
to make them both appear to have some logical basis
even when their activity seems irrational & pathological.
Viz. life did not have man invent psychotherapy for the purpose of curing irrationality in mens thinking, but rather to make such irrationality seem somehow, understandable.
Hard science attempts to explain what comes out of the ground;
the soft ones, what comes out of mans mouth.

These social sciences, (Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Theology, History, Literature & The Arts), each offers explanations of man
which are constructed purely of thought —
and put into forms that collective-man’s thoughts find logical;
they explain nothing but rationalize everything.
Driven by & constructed purely of thought,
they struggle to come up with scenarios wherein ideas men have expressed, which at first sound irrational & inexplicable,
can, upon reflection, appear to have some cause which is comprehensible TO the thoughts of the person
thinking about the question.

Thoughts deceive man by making him believe, (for instance),
that Archeology is the study of something real
since he can touch physical artifacts he says are a part there of,
and attach appropriately seeming dreams:
Just look at what the images on this pottery suggest to us about those people’s intricate social interactions,
and those involved in Theology point to the tangibly recorded conflicts caused by men everywhere historically holding different ideas of god
as proof that a deity of some sort or another is a fait accompli,
and History is always there to play its part as the primo, back-builder
by finding new facts previous to any incident that now better explains its occurrence.

In a looser universe, these descriptions of certain intellectual activity would appear obese, for what is going on is much simpler,
(at least for a man in the position to, look-up-life’s-skirt);
through Anthropology, Archeology, Political Science and History,
men are not trying to understand their cultural lives,
and via Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy and Theology,
they are not striving to understand their inner ones;
what is driving it all is the thoughts in man
relentlessly struggling to come to an understanding of themselves,
and it is from this basis that man’s thoughts
operating in the guise of these humanistic sciences —
produce — NOT discoveries that explain the nature of man —
but rather rationalizations for their ignorance of themselves.

Men’s thoughts invented the idea of an all knowing god
to make themselves not feel so bad,
in that their ignorance of themselves is somewhat ameliorated by
the fact that they are smart enough to be able to conceive of a being
that is smarter than themselves,
and men’s thoughts made up the science of Psychology so that therein they could produce statistics & case histories to support the view that we all, (after all), are a bit nutty & irrational, (“It is normal”),
and thought conjured up the concept of History as the last-ditch, catch-all defense for its own ignorance of itself
by being able to there through, look backwards and locate past events that are undeniably responsible for present ones,
(events now plainly out of reach and unable to respond,
just as neither can God, nor
a man’s subconsciously suppressed traumas).

And of practical value to note:
thought engages in this not so much for the sake of, justification
as for, rationalization — in the sense of not simply trying to excuse,
but rather to make that which appears in need of excusing —
— verbally comprehensible.
A man says his dead mother appears in his bedroom at night,
and someones thought will explain this as being caused by mans
fear of death,
and if a man has social or economic ideas at odds with his peers
someone will have a thought that will point to his unorthodox views
as being an understandable result of his particular
childhood conditions,
and if a man studies a situation of conflicting political ideologies
his thoughts will proffer potential explanations of why one man might adopt a conservative position while another does a liberal one,
but the studious thoughts are not actually making analytical comments on the ideas of other men, but are in fact struggling to make some sense of their own reactions TO the other mens ideas —
and it is always thus:
thought — that uses you as its medium —
speaks aloud in your head, in-favor-of, or opposed-to
these-&-those miscellaneous other thoughts it hears about,
but its apparent weighing of some outside sourced idea,
and ultimate acceptance or rejection thereof
is not about the other thought — but is about itself.

No matter how well verbally dressed it may be,
ostensible, academic analysation of whether
the idea of reincarnation has been totally discredited,
or in fact, has an objective basis — the pertinent fact is that,
nonsense always remains nonsense;
that which thought entirely conjured
cannot ever later be objectively comprehended BY thought;
zero multiplied by a million remains zero —
looking — no matter how sincerely — for possible alternative sums
is a sport for fools
yet every man’s thoughts are programmed for it.

A bare fist version could be thus presented:
as long as thought does not understand its own nature
it will invent imaginary institutions outside of itself
which it then pretends to understand,
(or professes itself capable of ultimately understanding),
as though if arguing long enough over whether the Invisible Man
walks about naked, or wears clothes which are also invisible,
[or if Jesus rose from the dead in two days, or three,
or if these miracle-producing bones are really Buddhas or not,
or if Marxs best explanations of society were actually pilfered]),
under this normal circumstance, human thought that is not
talking about something that came out of the ground
is always talking about something that came out of human thought,
and inasmuch as collective human thought does not at all
have any understanding of its own nature,
its understanding of the things it has made up,
and is subsequently forced to pretend it doesn’t remember making up
is less than none;
the entire notion that there is actually something there to
BE studied in: Psychology, Theology, Literature, etc —
— and that progress therein is being constantly realized —
could figuratively be said to be funny — were it not so sad;
insane! — were it not embraced by all ordinary men;
unbelievable! — were it not so plainly necessary TO the lives of ordinary men, (if the overall status quo is to be maintained).

Those few, outside the mainstream of mental ordinariness are faced with the additional challenge of confronting a situation wherein a cloak has been thrown on top of an already existing one that covers the hard outlines of unadorned reality — reality, sans thoughts commentary;
those who have a thought residing in them that vibrates
in tune & true pitch with the thought that says
mans thought-machine can operate more efficiently —
and more pleasingly to its particular human host — than it does,
must not only stumble around for damn near a lifetime of constant struggle to finally see through the nothingness of,
Emperor-Thoughts-New-Clothes — but on top of that
then have to keep pushing on until they recognize the nakedness
of their seeing through thoughts nothingness in the first place.

Knuckles bared: brass additions, in place:
it is either: a double-barreled, uphill march or,
(looked at from the opposite direction),
a half-a-barrel, downhill slide.
You either work like serious hell studying the thoughts of man
to finally realize that the only things that really mean anything
to a mans existence come from the ground,
and that everything else — that comes from men’s minds —
— no matter how enjoyable & fascinating they may be —
have no meaning, (outside themselves) — or,
you shoot for the short cut, and start shooting at the one
doing all the shooting to begin with.

If a man struggling for the hidden understanding
is called a, Warrior,
then his success comes ultimately from a self inflicted wound:
he shoots himself in the foot — but in his case
this is not the usual act of cowardice, but one of supreme bravery.

Anyone without a full, but impassioned personal realization of
everyone’s unconditional and unchangeable ignorance about
any & all matters that did not literally come out of the dirt of this planet,
is still lost at the starting line,
but if you can taste the tangible texture of the,
present-at-every-moment-in-your-head reality
behind the above dots on your computer screen,
you have someplace to actually begin;
something that the rightly wired person responds to
when they hear it described,
and toward which they can then aim their attention & efforts.

Children, captive animals, and machinery-in-transition
will all drive you nuts if they are not given something to do to hold their attention,
and of course, the above three examples are all metaphors for thought,
but thought-in-the-few can never satisfy itself by merely turning its attention to things that exist only because of it having invented them:
that is what keeps ordinary men’s minds sane and in-place,
but drives the few to the outskirts of Bonkers.

A man who is actually wired to be satisfied with nothing less than,
will not be aided an iota by anything in Psychology, Philosophy,
Literature, History, Political Science, Economics, Theology, Mysticism,
or by anything else that exists only by virtue of
human thought thinking it up;
it may well be enjoyable, but recognizing it for what it is
is the necessary first step to eventually
falling completely down, and injuring yourself quite seriously.

Ho tally! — ho tally!

Build backwards — but knowingly.