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July 30, 2001.

Reminding you that in any truly objective sense:
no one knows, or can know what is going on in this universe/reality
since we do not have another one to compare it to;
the best you can do,
(for whatever value the word, best may in this context possess),
is to make willful note of what goes on here
from a perspective not totally controlled by
your own mental preferences,
(to whatever degree this may be actually possible),
but just the struggle to do it is the pay off,
for even if you can never know with scientific objectivity
what existence in this universe & reality is about
you can get-to-the-bottom-of-certain-things locally,
and realize with certainty — what it is NOT about.

Thus, in a most real sense:
a man who might be said to, know-what-is-going-on-around-here
does not know more than other people — he now knows less,
(which is to say): he is no longer fooled by what other people
believe is going on.

Also important to remember: men are Supposed to believe that
what is going on is what they Think is going on.
To ever see through this is all an uphill undertaking;
you are pushing against the entire universe,
trying to move it into a new position
while having nowhere Outside of it to stand and get leverage.

The hapless, still harboring hope in perpetual motion machines
are rational optimists in comparison;
all that the few have going for them is their irrepressible desire,
and the fact that anybody at anytime can bring on the state
which is the doorway to what the few want;
the trick being in recognizing it and remembering it.

Keeping all of this in mind,
we return to our two main characters —
the ONLY characters in this story — this story in YOU —
the father & son again talking:


The younger came into the elders library, book in hand and said:
Papa, what say you about something I just read that says:
If there is anything more to life than enjoying yourself
and trying to stay awake — no one knows what it is —
is that possibly true, or is it a metaphor?

I am sure that at first blush it sounds intolerably crude
to those with self-proclaimed, metaphysical-sensibilities,
but you did well to take deeper notice & find the idea of interest.

All over this mortal orb, as any group of humans begin to feel their main orientation to life to lie more and more in their thinking,
the less and less do they find the idea of a life spent in the mere pursuit of sensual pleasure, acceptable,
and even if a man individually continues to live so,
he will — if questioned — denounce it.

To be even minimally civilized is to verbally pay allegiance to the idea that there is something more to life than simply enjoying yourself.
It matters not what culture, race or religion is your milieu:
being civilized = being conscious, and,
being conscious = believing there is more to life than
just enjoying yourself — even if you are not quite sure what it is:
this is how consciousness operates, and, (under routine conditions),
men are forced to put up with it.

The most logical reaction to this would be to say that surely
every person would like to live a life of only seeking pleasure for themselves, but that due to the demands of society, and their own individual, family/financial responsibilities, such is not possible,
even if it were acceptable,
but look and you will see that by his actions and words,
this is not how collective-man feels,
(is made-to-feel, of course we should say).

Yet ordinary people unwittingly still live in accord to the idea you first presented me with — that:
If there is anything more to life than enjoying yourself,
and trying to stay awake — no one knows what it is,
and you would want to immediately object and say that ordinary people have no interest at all in — staying awake (as we call it),
but you are mistaken;
life drives all creatures to stay alert;
it is: Stay alert or perish,
but the matter of alertness in an ordinary man is limited to
his external environment — but then,
a substantial part of his, enjoyment-of-life is in
criticizing other mens lack of proper alertness to their internal one.

So here is how it stands:
ordinary people physically want to enjoy themselves as much as their local version of mans collective consciousness will allow;
they also wants to stay as alert as possible to the external world;
alert to approaching trains, lightning, viruses & other people,
and specifically alert to other peoples lack of proper alertness to
affairs in their own internal world — in other words:
all men strive to be as alert & awake to conditions in their
physical environment as they can possibly be,
but they individually have no conception of alertness, or lack thereof,
concerning their own mental environment — only other peoples!
An ordinary man passively, and un analytically accepts whatever
passes through his own consciousness as being properly alert, awake and insightful, and judges whatever comes from the consciousness of other men that conflicts with his to be manifestations of other peoples lack of adequate alertness; (thus in essence says such a mans mind):
That person over there must be mentally asleep
or else he could not disagree with me when I am so clearly correct —
it is always this:
‘I am fully awake & alert in my thinking,
while those who share not my ideas are asleep and dreaming.
Although they do not employ such mystically laden terminology,
all men are made to live by this unnoted design.

When it comes specifically to the few,
here is how this situation sits on their terrain:
they should realize that there is nothing more to life that any man knows than to enjoy yourself and try to stay awake,
and that in their particular case the, trying-to-stay-awake part
refers to their mental awareness — and not just their physical —
and that what keeps them from a maximum enjoyment of this alertness
is their own normal mental awareness concern with
the lack of same in others.

Unlike the rest of humanity, the fews enjoyment-of-life
is specifically & severely hampered by their/mans-normal state of
mental alertness — about the goings on within mans mental world.
Thats it — theres the boulder under the saddle.

If we wanted to really get rough and play-without-pads,
I could say that:
Being-asleep is nothing more than — believing that other people are — now how do you like that?! —
and apparently the son really did — or didn’t —
cause he exploded on the spot,
and splattered himself all over the old mans books.

There is one thing that keeps those of their family tree from
the un itchy enjoyment of being alive — and that is:
they alone have to live with the, impossible-to-totally-forget-knowledge-that
at any & every moment you can be more alert & awake than you normally are —
and can’t see to do it.

The heartbreak of being one of the few is that
even if you physically live the life of a libertine —
the pleasures are still never enough —
you always feel there is something lacking,
and when you look around you to see what it could possibly be —
you look in the wrong direction.

The reality is, (whether understood aright or not):
If there is more to life than enjoying yourself & trying to stay awake —
no one knows what it is —
and anyone who tells you that they do — even a friend —
is not your friend.

Face it: there is only one thing that will ever satisfy those who want to be more alert in their mental awareness — face it —
realizing what it is is as good as doing it;
pretending that you don’t KNOW what it is
is the same as death by slow — and extremely annoying — strangulation.

(One father-&-sons family crest was a drawing of a hedonist —
never paying any attention to what other men think —
always with his finger on his own mental pulse.)