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Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

July 27, 2001.

The reason this Daily News alternates between
simulated straight reporting, and allegorical stories is that
if you attempt to tell someone about a place they have never been,
all you can do is compare it to places with which they are familiar,
but the destination that is the sole subject of these reports
is so uniquely at odds with all sites that any person has ever
visited before that unilateral comparisons are inadequate.
On this trip, a traveler’s necessary energy & interest
cannot forever be sustained from without by someone simply telling him that all of the places he has previously experienced are
unworthy, and incomparable to this abstruse other one;
to have any chance of seeing this journey through to completion,
a person must eventually begin to furnish their own
energy & encouragement, and ultimately — all of it,
(but in the interim):
the highest possible efficiency & profit is in the listening-traveler
actively participating in what he hears;
after getting a look inside the box at the jillions of different pieces,
everyone wants the puzzle solved FOR them;
once you have become familiar with the apparent test questions,
and their superhuman complexity,
you want someone else to GIVE you the answers,
(even those who may now know, once felt the same way),
but that is not possible:
the puzzle cannot BE solved; the questions cannot BE answered,
and only you can realize that for yourself,
and only by first attempting TO solve & answer,
then ultimately shifting the focus of your entire effort to
determining where the puzzles and questions came from,
and the most practical approach thereto is to
entangle yourself thoroughly therein — willfully, vigorously,
and with unrestrained verve & anticipation, (totally well founded).
So, those of you truly interested in the realities of this
otherwise, intangible journey,
read these stories with the sustained awareness that they each
were written with a specific, pointing-to places that simply do not exist — even comparably — in any of the mental locations you have ever visited before, or even read about;
they can only be found inside of you,
and only you can finally track them down & uncover them.
It requires effort — but of a subtle sort not normally required of man;
this makes it tricky for you to get your hands on & get started,
but if, to-This-Thing-you-were-born — you can do it.
Just ignore the bitching, whining & fault finding that
goes on in your present location: it means nothing, this way or that,
and any attention you give to it is energy totally wasted.

Only look forward — to some place you have never mentally been —
— there is where it all is.


A firm hired a man to monitor their equipment;
he soon began making critical comments
regarding company policies and suggesting changes;
the powers-that-be showed almost no interest in his blabbering,
and in return he showed no sign of stopping.

One man traveled the world seeking The Great Prize,
and carried a box which he filled each day,
and which was always empty the next.
His expedition’s motto finally became:
Each Day, A New Map: Each Day, A New Day — In The Box. —
and on he went.

Xs pilot the plane
with whom the passengers, Ys, cannot communicate;
all Ys can do is comment & complain about the flight — to themselves.

For many years one man lived in Idaho,
and struggled desperately to get out of the state;
he finally discovered it was a zinc deficiency.

Some men are fascinated by the Ys of others;
a few, by their own.
(The difference between an artist and a collector;
between the sighted and the blind.)

One man traveled the world seeking The Great Prize,
and carried a box which he filled each day,
and which was always empty the next.
It took quite a while for him to realize that the box WAS the prize.
(His motto then became: The comforting hum of the equipment.)

The sign of a sighted man is that he does not say:
I have a Y, but rather: I IS a Y.


…(Were it not for the passengers access to the word, almost
the plane would be in fair weather by now.)