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Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

July 25, 2001.

Since it will soon be a year since these daily writings commenced,
we will celebrate your birthday early by giving you a concise wrap up
of all the previous days news.

(Anyone who now says I never gave them anything is a liar.)


There is a phantom army — which has a real general;
it rides out everyday; accomplishes nothing; no soldier ever returns,
and this is repeated endlessly.

The general generally appears oblivious to the situation,
and continually urges on his imaginary forces in their hollow pursuits,
and at odd times when he does suddenly, come-to-attention,
the army and entire operation momentarily vanish;
then, after a brief, harmless pause — everything goes back like before:
a phantom army — a real general.


On one world, some people suffered from a low intensity ill
that caused them much frustration,
and whose specific cause defied discovery.

They finally decided that it had to be due to something
they were consuming —
but extensive testing turned up no culprit:
they found much junk food in everyone’s diet,
but such is meaningless — not malicious.

They then turned their attention to the packaging of their consumables,
theorizing that the toxin could therein reside;
again they found much that was superfluous, but not noxious.

So, they were stuck: if their malady comes from something they ingest,
and it is not in the contents
and it is not in the container — what?!?!

Question for you:
What did they not see that is clearly there amidst the above details?

The Big Goof

One race of beings eventually realized that they had originally
gotten off onto the wrong foot by adopting a common description whereby they would say: I am going somewhere,
(to this-or-that place, the exact destination of no importance),
the relevancy was in the idea that: I am going SOMEwhere,
for they finally recognized that the only part of that statement
that was real was the word, going, and that there is no such thing as, somewhere, (or destinations overall), there is only this:

a phantom army — and a real general,

and those who see this, see all that there is to see.