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Men Blame the data – Never the Processor


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July 23, 2001.

The obviousness of the Monday’sness made it unnecessary for
either the father or the son to make any verbal note thereof;
in loose fitting, comfortable silence they poured coffee in the kitchen,
then took their cups out on the east wing patio to sip
as they watched the other sun rise.

When they were on their second cups, the patriarch finally spoke:
Just for fun kid, consider this:
this, Thing, around which my whole life has revolved,
(and in which you are now firmly into — up to your inner arm pits),
what would be its ideal presentation?
If a man who had finally come to understand fully the aim & nature of, This Activity decided to then make available what he had learned through his own experience — for the truly interested —
what would he conclude was the best way to go about it?

The elder arose with empty cup,
and headed back to the breakfast nook, still talking,
as the younger walked beside him, still listening.
I suggest to you that the first thing that would strike him would be
that the highest degree of efficiency could best be achieved through a total break with This Activity’s identifiable past,
and I further suggest that this is about how he would go about
this undertaking:
he would have a place with open doors where he would talk about, This-kind-of-thing,
but the place would have no name,
the subject of his talks would never be mentioned,
and he would never use any terms which people generally identify as
being related to be, This-sort-of-activity:
never would he utter the words: Awakening, Enlightenment,
or, consciousness-&-the-mind, in any metaphysical sense — AND,
if an attendee ever asked anything about his talks having a name;
or what was their, real topic,
or anything about anything they had already heard of before,
they would never be allowed to return & hear him speak again.

As he refilled both of their cups, the father said to the son:
As always, I am moved to remind you that I am not really talking about some man giving public lectures to other men,
I am talking about the world that goes on inside of your thoughts,
and tis at that refined level that what I say to you has practical value.

They walked back to their out of doors seats, and after settling back in,
the larger of the two continued his storytelling.
So, consider what I sketch:
If a man who, from his own life & efforts,
truly understood the precise, physical nature of, Being Awake
were to set up what he knew to be the absolute best & most efficient,
School — means of conveying his understanding of the facts
the school would have no name;
its teaching, no course descriptions,
and its terminology, totally unconnected to anything in the past.
In any routine circumstances, (say at an ordinary college),
such an approach of course would be unabashed folly,
and a predictable failure:
no sane student would be interested in a class that had no title,
no course topic indicated, and in which the instructor never used familiar terms which the students believed would be in order, and informative.

No thoughts in the ordinary mind of any ordinarily, rational person
would lead them to pursue such a course of, apparent study;
normal human thinking is simply not equipped to deal with such a thing,
and will/can only notice it long enough to dismiss it as insanity —
— and so it should: that is the proof of its potency,
if you take all of what I am saying as occurring in your own head.

The sun was well above the visible horizon now,
(in more ways than one).
So: set this scene inside your own head;
picture that therein exists, A School-For-Awakening,
its curriculum consisting entirely of thoughts about, Waking Up
that you have picked up from various expert, outside sources;
in the ordinary world this would be the expected & the norm;
an institute of higher learning is a repository and safe voucher of
the wisdom that has gone before, and is the basis of all held now;
you would want professors who were completely steeped-in,
respectful-of, and dedicated-to the ideas of their predecessors;
if you are studying mathematics, you do not want someone who teaches that two plus two equals five;
in the standard mental world of man, ordinary mental facts rule,
but in the non standard realm, (sought for by the few),
an entirely different situation — if things are optimized — reigns.

Heat of full daytime began to creep up onto the patio,
as both father & son squinted upward
into the expanding, embracing rays.
So, my boy, picture, (to momentarily resort to such terms):
you want to Wake up your consciousness to a more
Enlightened, and Liberated state, but now you pursue your efforts
having abandoned all such descriptions — even to yourself
and ignoring any thoughts that come bearing reference to anything
you have read or heard about before that apparently concerns such a feat,
in other words:
each day, at a place in your home town, (your head),
lectures are presented on a subject that is never named,
that is the focal point of your non-physical existence,
and about which you can ask no questions — no dumb questions,
(which would be any questions related to anything that
you had had thoughts about previously).

Just lean back, relax and picture it,
for that would be the absolute best possible,
School For Getting To The Bottom Of Everything,
that any man could ever attend;
it is indeed the only, Graduate School for finally — getting it.

The sun was plenty hot now.


Later that day, (after reminding him, [& you], again that everything ever described in these writings takes place — or should take place — inside of one man),
the father further said to the son:
Your more distant kin, who no longer deal with me directly,
sometimes still communique? with me,
and primarily to register their frustration with what they
say I have previously told them about this, Certain Activity.
They say they have listened intently to my words,
and attempted to follow my suggestions,
and yet feel, more and more as though they are simply,
running-around-in-circles; accomplishing nothing,
almost going crazy while going nowhere.

I remember well being where they are now,
and fully understand the nearly intolerable irritation & frustration,
so,(figuratively speaking), I say that I am, ‘puzzled-by’
peoples almost total failure to question what is going on inside of them
that causes them to at first apparently,
comprehend what I am talking about,
then later makes them claim they are confused by it,
instead of them trying to somehow lay the blame on what was said.

Literally, I am not puzzled by this at all,
since this natural disinclination to ask such questions of yourself is in fact
the very foundation on which rests this confusion & frustration.
It takes specific & consistent effort for a man to ever suddenly realize
the simple fact that the pleasure he receives from reading
comes not from the ideas expressed by the author,
but from ideas that the reading causes to appear in his head.

Thus do those of your relatives who, for some reason along the way, lose-a-direct-connection-to-me, (remember,
all of this is still just inside of one mans head), Always then begin to
find fault with what they believe they have heard me say about
achieving the goal,
and never turn their attention in the begging, profitable direction
of asking themselves: What is the fault of this thing acting
within my head that first says it has grasped what it has heard
about all of this,
then, in spite of this self-certainty, says that it: “Still doesn’t — Get it.”‘

Men blame the data — and never the processor:
an approach which would ultimately bring them face to face with the goal.

As soon as man began to have thoughts,
he had to have the thought that there is a, ‘meaning to life —
that there is some special something about being alive, TO get;
and that is where every man’s ability to process thoughts
is nailed, almost inextricably, to the floor.

An intelligent, originally sincere person,
hears about an alternative,
though strictly, individual way of processing information,
and determines that is what they want,
and after ingesting all of the ideas about it that they can hold,
they begin to experience cramps & frustration,
and rather than then undertaking an examination of their
own stomach & digestive system, they complain about the food,
yet still sit more or less at the table, while incessantly
picking at the left-overs — they have — left over.

Everyone who ever tries to achieve the so-called,
Awakening & Enlightenment
falls to a frustration that is completely beyond the experience
of ordinary men, even under the direst of physical circumstances,
and yet, the frustration SHOULD BE the supreme clue to the alert.
A truly perceptive man would finally ask himself:
Why does everything I have read & thought about regarding changing my state of awareness only seem to frustrate me — and not change me?
How can it all make such perfect sense when I first hear it,
then ultimately, take me nowhere?
Is it the idea itself which is faulty? No!
I can feel with certainty, into my marrow, that the idea is real,
valid & achievable — so if the concept is not faulty
what IS the hold up? and there my boy,
is the very spot where most of your relatives meet their end:
they correctly describe a feeling of,
hopelessly, chasing-their-own-tail-of-knowledge,
but as close as they then are to the secret,
few finally ever recognize that what they should now be looking at
is the nature of the, Thing, (whatever it may prove to be),
that will engage in such a thoroughly foolish & futile act AS — chasing-its-own-tail.

This supreme & unavoidable, frustration, is the key — not the lock;
it is your way of escape — not your jailer.

Wake up son of mine — wake up;
wake up and get on the trail of that highly suspicious smell.