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ZORK – the Little Voice in Your Head


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July 20, 2001.


Everyone has a little man inside of them who runs their lives.
In simpler times he was thought of as a representative of God,
or conversely, an agent of Evil;
others referred to him as, Nature, or instinct,
but what he is is — a little man — a little, you, if you like;
the template & archetype for the larger, visible you.

Although his handiwork & influence in every man’s life
is everywhere evident,
his presence is ignored & never spoken of;
judged by mens most intimate references to themselves —
— the little man does not exist.
There is a semi exception to this,
in that while men take all credit for their accomplishments,
they will admit to a renegade cousin of the little man
who is responsible for their failures,
(I can’t explain why I did such a terrible thing,
I don’t know what came over me, The Devil made me do it, etc),
but the verbal conjuring of such ad hoc scapegoats does not a —
— full-time, all-knowing, all-powerful, Little Man make — no,
only when the little man is trying to shift blame from himself
does he cause his host human to engage in such
vacuous verbal finger pointing as the above;
turning your attention, under threatening conditions,
to something apparently extrinsic to you — and to him —
is in fact, one of the ways that the little man keeps his
permanent presence unacknowledged;
he has things arranged so that if all is going well,
he allows YOU to take credit therefore,
but when they go sour, he begins to cry out about the sudden,
unjustifiable intrusion into your life of
overwhelming nefarious forces,
which alone, are responsible for any & all
unprofitable or condemnable moves you ever involuntarily make.
(The little man is no idiot.)

The little mans omni presence in everyone’s life
explains everything.
It explains why you can feel one way about something,
and inexplicably say something just the opposite;
or why you want to do a certain thing in life,
but never have the energy to even try,
or why you will engage in activities that you clearly recognize
as being detrimental, and also, (of specific interest to a few),
it explains why you can decide to arrange & manage your thinking in a certain physically feasible fashion,
but are never able to carry through with the plan;
it is all — ALL explained by
the existence of the little man
inside of each person
who runs their life.

The reality of his existence & power resolves all questions
concerning the extreme difficulty, nay — near impossibility
of a person changing.
The little man does seem somewhat amenable to slight alterations in the way his human host conducts their physical life:
he will permit them to change their diet so as to lose weight,
or alter other behavior to save their life,
(apparently even wee ones are not without vanity & fear),
but go beyond matters of the body into affairs of the psyche,
and a dramatic shift occurs:
the little man then evidences no tolerance whatsoever for change —
— not where HE lives!
(Even just rearranging the furniture is out of the question.)

When faced with threatening physical realities,
the little man may make his human host stop using drugs,
but he does not collaterally stop him from thinking about them;
so too, a man may want to stop using his consciousness in a certain way, but in this instance, the little man will not allow it,
at least in no wise as readily.
The little man will permit — indeed, direct you to
make changes in your life that will physically extend your life,
but he has no interest-in, or even observable tolerance-for
you making any changes that might extend your conscious life,
(is there something about that possibility that frightens,
or is even a threat to the wee one?!?!)

A fat man can shed pounds; a drunk can abandon booze,
but a man with one certain state of mind
is not allowed to materially tinker with it:
mens consciousness is his home and pure domain,
and he brooks no changes therein which HE does not authorize
— and HE, (apparently in everyone, regardless of what he may
allow them to say to the contrary), is quite satisfied with how things are in everyone’s consciousness.

Thus we have people who sincerely want to change their
present mental state of X, to that of,
what they are sure would be an improvement, state Y — but no go;
the little man inside of them who controls their mental process
will not allow it.

The above explains everything about man, and specifically,
the staggering difficulty of a human attempting to change the way
their consciousness operates.
Yes, the existence of a little man in your head,
with the powers above noted, would explain everything —
— except for one small problem;

figure out what it is for yourself, and your consciousness will be forever changed.