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July 16. 2001.

The breakfast table was covered in newspapers,
technical publications, popular periodicals & the sons eyes & elbows
when the father strolled in & requisitioned a seat.
Science attempts to explain the world as man finds it,
while the rest of the pinheads, Im sorry, while everyone else
tries to explain the world that man has made up.
and as he poured coffee, loudly whooped:
Makes you proud to be a HoSap,
(the elders latest hip hop name for homo sapiens).

Son, I too once suffered from the bite of that vexatious
frontal lobe flea which put me in hot study pursuit of philosophy, theology, the arts,
and all the social sciences,
in my burning hunger to grasp, swallow, digest-with-satisfaction,
then understand all of the intricacies; the ins & outs: the subtle,
revealing, finer-points of the thing men call: The Life Of Man.

He sipped his brew, and theatrically rolled his eyes skyward:
Oh, what exciting times they were!
Always feeling, (as I plunged through the volumes in my hand),
that I was right on the verge of the, Final Breakthrough —
that the, Ultimate Understanding was surely no more than just a page away.

Same as you have done:
I roamed the obscure book stalls of the world,
and would become deliriously, (and delightfully), sidetracked
for long periods, searching for some super rare,
does-it-still-actually-exist writing
that caused all whose eyes ever caressed it
to instantly be opened to the Supreme Truth.

Ah, my boy, (teenage sex notwithstanding), it was a time of excitement,
unparalleled in the routine annals of everyday men.
(He reached for a Finnish, then stopped — realizing that he had only begun.)

As is obviously a feature of our kind of peoples neural wiring,
I had no interest in the physical sciences:
I did not care about what mixture of what elements would produce what alloy,
I wanted to know what mixture of what intangible elements produced
the particular behaviors & beliefs in man.

As seems the common replay of our type,
I first looked at the religions around me, but scant discussions with
their professional practitioners revealed they shared not my interest;
then I quickly discovered Philosophy, (which at first encounter appeared to be
the very mental-picture-mine for which I had been longing),
but with equal rapidity I found it to be merely a mental gymnasium
in which the game is based on the enjoyment of reflecting on the questions,
with hope for answers having been long ago relinquished,
and from the view of the participants — with very good reason,
but it was not due to the good reason of them understanding WHY
their search for answers to their essential questions had been abandoned,
for their collective conclusion is always a mumbling about,
‘certain problems perhaps being forever beyond the grasp of human intelligence.

Don’t you just adore it! the father bellowed; cup held high in mock tribute.

They are just sharp enough to strongly suspect that some of the seemingly, fundamental questions & problems they pose, that so rub mens souls,
may not be answerable or solvable due to some sort of inherent
limitation to human comprehension, (which sounds insightful to kids),
rather than realizing that they made up the questions,
and thus all their proffered answers thereto are also trinkets of their imagination, and can never in any way be substantial or satisfying.
There is no answer or solution to the problem/question:
What is the sum of fourteen & yellow? or:
How high can a man reach on a Wednesday?

Men of science try to explain the physical world as man finds it,
being driven by survival instincts in that their explanations are always of ultimate practical benefit;
everyone else are morons trying to explain a non-physical world
that man made up, and now pretends he didn’t.

All of our ilk eventually discover the various so-called, mystical schools/teachings/ideas which initially seem to be the missing bridge from, here-to-there —
that transcends the hopelessness of philosophy,
and the foolishness of religion,
and gets down to hands-on methods that supposedly will finally
open a mans mind to the plain, but presently camouflaged,
truth of why things are as they are.

But, alas — tis not to be,
for those of the attempted meta-physical science
fall instant victim to the same old common ill
the ill of struggling to solve imaginary problems,
and answer non existent questions.

Paters paws went under the printed pulp, feeling around for a
Bismark, til the empires replacement by the republic returned to
his memory, and he abandoned his undercover search for
down fallen sweets in favor of up rising comments.

Life to me is such secret mental fun, that I want you to join me, consider:
those who can tell you — what-is-going-on
do not KNOW what is going on.
The planet is stocked with people who, when asked about any subject:
politics, economics, social conditions, the arts
can tell you the REAL reasons for — what-is-going-on,
(can detail the various nefarious conspiracies);
can explain why a third party candidate never has a chance;
reveal to you, who directs the rise & fall of the stock market;
what is behind the increasingly immoral content of popular music, and on and on, into the most distant corners of the most arcane of subjects —
just as long as the subject is one that man has made up,
and which doesn’t actually exist in the real world;
as long as the question meets this one criteria,
anyone breathing can tell you precisely what-is-going-on
in any area about which humans speak.

In the realm of things totally imaginary, made-up,
invented & concocted — everyone is an expert:
each man knows as well what is really going-on
as does any other man.
A student does not know what is going on in chemistry
as well as does his professor,
but any believer knows as much about religion as does
the head of his church, (or anyone who enjoys paintings — art,
as thoroughly as any renowned critic).

Ask any ordinary, educated, sane & sophisticated person to explain to you anything that occurs in the intangibly based realm of mans
second reality, and they can do so:
ask them to tell you why the price of gold is so unpredictable,
and why the small investor is always the only real loser in bear markets,
or why the same type of men are always offered up as candidates by the only viable political parties, and who actually controls governments from unseen positions,
or simply why the overall social, economic & judicial systems of the world, indeed — life itself — so favor some men at the expense of others:
simply ask any ordinary human being walking the face of this planet —
WHY this or that activity, singular to man, and thought-based,
is like it is, and that person can tell you instantly — and emphatically.

To employ the metaphysician’s vocab:
only those fast asleep & totally in a dream can tell you
what is going on in life, and why things are as they are.

Do you read me young trooper —
only people who have no idea what is going on
can TELL you what is going on.

Being alive here amidst hoomans is sometimes more fun than I can hardly stand.
He roared like a moose who just won the lottery,
drained his cup, then leaned over on his own elbows into the sons face and said:

Even when you know, you cannot say what is going on,
but what you can say is that:
anything that men say is going on — is not. *


*And that includes anything said by thoughts in your own noggin.