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Being asleep is being who you are and not noticing…
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Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

July 13, 2001.


Every day is just the same to a day,
and every same is different & the same to the same old thinking;
a stagnant stream finds each mornings light dull & boring,
while a fresh flowing one creates its own excitement & enlightenment.
What you ate & how you laid, makes your brain bright one day,
and cloudy the next,
and what you eat & how you move are on a menu writ in genes;
there is no escaping the inescapable,
and no outwitting yourself — until you realize for yourself
what self
truly isn’t.

Every day the self is the same to itself,
and every day the illusion of self is not;
man the species is born to change, and to facilitate same,
he is given a sensation of himself that is permanently fixed,
thus he has the taste for the new, but only in non essential matters;
he is driven to change his wardrobe, but not his skin;
rearrange his hair, but not his thoughts;
keep up with each new days news,
but only the stories that reinforce yesterdays.

Of the worlds readership,
there are a few who are weary of the redundancy,
yet they continue to read with ears always ringing from yesterdays buffet, posture, and passive submission to genetic gods.

The news is never news when it is translated by
your own brains tongue for consumption by your own brains ears;
when you listen to the thoughts in your head report
the news about life,
you are not hearing true stories about life, but rather,
fabricated tales thoughts unwittingly tell about thoughts.

So there it is: all the news you ever need to know
being reported constantly, right there, inside your own head;
you just have to realize what kind of stories it is that you hear
being reported;
fiction has its place, but mistaking it for fact — particularly when
it concerns what a man calls, himself — is quite devastating
for one in search of sunshine & the truth about things.



Live-and-learn equals: new-habitual-behavior.
Until something is habit, you haven’t, learned it; you do not fully know it,
and when something is habit,
it is no longer reasonable to speak of it in terms of, knowing it — So:
there you are, My Mental Czar.


There is one form of reality that never has any news to report
— and a few people are a part of it.


One guy pondered: If, as I have previously concluded:
Now is not forever — is forever now?


Fashion News: One man always wore a coordinated outfit:
his mind matching his thoughts.

Question: Why don’t mystic pretenders go out in the rain?
Cause they’d shrink..leastwise one part of them would.

Super Insiders Beauty Tip: Even ogres, (who never see themselves),
aren’t concerned how they look…….to others.


One way to gauge whether you are the right person for this job
is if you can have almost as much fun above your jaw as you can
below your gullet.and, alone — at that!


One man found a, special message that someone left for him:
well, not actually left by someone — but!,
a, special message just the same — and — just for him.

Concerning: Value:
Everyone’s thoughts are worth just as much everyone else’s.

Tomorrow’s topic will be: Bargains Are Everywhere!

How do you diagnose a man who is, a bottomless well?
you say that he, has thoughts.
(Most people’s wells are pretty well filled up with
their own resistance & other peoples garbage).


All rituals ultimately distract from the goal for
which their practice was initially conceived to achieve.


Definition: The Past: A synonym for non-physical indigestion.

The Future: Heartburn — prepaid.

In the poorer parts of the universe, time has no middle stage.
(Realizing this will explain a lot of lost stuff.)


Bunions & Blisters:
If you do not dance with the thoughts that show up in your ballroom, they cannot step on your feet.

Construction & Constrictions:
The wily foreman always yells to the crane operator:
A little higher, always, Bring it up a little bit higher —
and try to swing that girder around so it bumps into itself.

Even the most foolish of network thoughts
never realize their own foolishness as long as
their local affiliate never inquires into the legitimacy of thought.
Mere questioning of particular stories contents will not do —
it is the character of the thoughts — the reporters of the stories —
which must be looked into,
a task that few individually owned stations are equipped to handle.
the few who are however, miss a shot at broadcast history by not
pursuing this most fascinating story.


A real man IS his own news.