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Why Do You Want to Hear What People Think About You?


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Key Words = Primary Level of Curiosity is survival.
       Secondary Level Curiosity
  From the thoughts of other men that your ability to think clearly is realized?
  Why ( to what purpose) does the Race of Man have a shaky image of itself?
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July 11, 2001.

For various purposes, humanity can be divided into as many factions as would be seen by the eye of an enlightened fly,
but one of the most revealing, relevant the interest here,
is the categorizing of people into those who primarily live out doors,
and those who live in.
Every ordinary person lives in both,
and spends the necessary time in each,
but even casual observation will readily reveal each mans preference for one:
you were born programmed to be either a homebody, or a boulevardier.
This is easy enough to see regarding a mans observable behavior,
but at a more subtle and eloquent level, much more is going on than is
displayed by a person’s posings & extroverted social swirlings.
Obviously, some people enjoying being out in the ever changing company of others
while some prefer to stay home in the familiar circumstances of family,
but when this division is investigated — inside of you —
in its normally unnoted, non-physical manifestation,
what you can see is the very foundation upon which mans routine mental structure & sense of a, self sit.

Just as with the physical side of man,
the thinking portion of each person’s
nervous-system-personality-&-temperament has a social life,
and via the genetic lottery is wired to seek their secondary pleasures either out of doors — away from their house with others,
or in their own home — just them & their kin,
in this instance, kin being the thoughts they find in their head.
It is understandable and easy to see that physically speaking,
people have a social life that always involves other people
— that requires their physical presence,
(in that sex is the driving force behind same),
but what goes un-noted is the fact that mentally speaking,
all routine people’s social life also requires other people —
in this instance other people’s thoughts.

Parents commonly censure young children for always wanting to
go out and play with their neighboring counterparts,
and are told they should learn how to stay home and entertain themselves,
but never is such advice proffered concerning the child’s mental life,
indeed, exactly the opposite is done & considered proper:
people, young & old alike, are encouraged to
go out and play with others, (that is) — go read books,
go play with other people’s thoughts.

At the outset, this is necessary;
Adam did not have his own mental voice to deliver him thoughts
until he first heard a word from the creator,
and no one will begin to, think, in the ordinary, verbally-based sense,
until they are first, (no matter how perfunctorily),
exposed to already extant, extrinsic thought.
You must be exposed to thought & language to ever think & talk,
and once the thought-machine is operational in a man —
he never looks back……or forward……or sideways,
thought then just continually rolls in,
and becomes as much a mechanically accepted process
as does blood flowing through his veins.

In ordinary heads,
in ordinary neural veins,
the thoughts that flow are desperate-for & dependent-on a social life;
an ordinary man’s thoughts — and, regardless of his education
require the presence of other peoples thoughts;
in a routine persons head, there can be no party without guests;
in a routine persons head there can be no mental life at all without
the constant presence of guests.
Mentally speaking, an ordinary man — if nothing else —
is indeed a social creature;
even when physically sitting at home alone,
he is, in his thoughts,
strolling the intellectually fashionable boulevards of history,
debating the meaningful mortal questions
with both all the great minds, and the supreme idiots of the world.

Amidst a crowd, an ordinary man knows he is physically, having fun,
and mentally, likewise assume pedestrians;
awash in vigorous wrangling over ideas —
even when carried on in just his own mind —
an everyday man is certain he is having a ball:
cutting down a thought he just read in the paper;
demolishing a thought he just heard spoke on the radio,
and showing-up as sheer foolishness, an older thought suddenly brought to mind by the one he just heard.

Every person’s mental programming comes with a thought that
says such debate is the basis for increased understanding —
which is true regarding physical matters in mans primary reality,
but this social dancing, sparring & fisticuffs concerning
the strictly mental matters of his second reality produce
nothing of value indeed they produce nothing,
(a thousand — a billion times zero is still zero;
a thought that has just, Proven-the-existence-of-life-after-death
also just disproved that, Punk-killed-Disco).

Life has wired ordinary men to think that thinking about
other men’s thoughts is the proper exercise of thought;
why this is expedient is too obvious to bother with again,
but if you hope to see what is going on with,
you must make the almost impossible, minuscule effort necessary
to pull your face back away from the glass against which
it is pressed and staring through,
and try to make your face — face itself.
Forget whether it is impossible or not — it does not matter —
you must try — for by so relentlessly trying,
will your present mental condition of total dependence on the completely useless,
and meaningless thoughts of other humans, (living, dead & imaginary),
become clear to you,
and by this sudden clarity will the door of your at-home-cell — swing open —
and out you can step.

Even though almost every part of your mental wiring & programming
is set to tell you & itself that it is only by the examination-of, and debate-with
the thoughts of other men that your ability to think clearly is realized,
and the ultimate understanding of life achieved,
every sane, normal human being who is now, or ever has been, alive,
is also programmed to be mentally governed by this thought,
and for collective-man, it observably serves him well, (if minimally so),
but if you are one of the few who were born with a
non standard twist in the routine wiring schematic,
and who perforce can find no mental surcease in creations coming from routine ones,
you must eventually see for yourself — quite within yourself —
that nothing whatever is accomplished by your thinking about thoughts that came from other people, (nothing other than killing time),
and what you can now undertake to profitably do is simple:
metaphorically: restrict your mental social life to home;
stay indoors, just with yourself — but not with your face pressed up against the two-way-street, glass windows — squinting & staring
but back away from what is clearly NOT your own original thoughts —
but also away from what seems to BE your own mental self — but
which clearer eyes will soon show is not.

Amidst the noisy debate always going on in your present, social-head,
there is no real, individual, you to be found;
the fact that you have no individual mental self is covered up by
the constant noise and activity.

Stop fencing with fools — especially those in your own thoughts —
and you’ll soon see the light.