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July 6, 2001.

Every summer the father & son hold an outdoor festival at their place, with the expected food, and music,
but this year they added an opening speaker,
who just walked on stage, lets listen.

Thoughts are only about two totally different things:
stuff, and other thoughts,
and failure to hold a constant awareness of the distinction
will cause you to go blind, and develop boils around your uranus.
When you are hungry, you have thoughts about food;
once you are full, you have thoughts about the waiters attitude:
the first is thoughts about stuff, about which changes can be made:
(you order some food);
the second is thoughts about thoughts, an area in which attempted change requires an advanced degree in idiocy.
If your shrimp is served too spicy you can wipe off the sauce;
if you had thoughts that deemed the waiters attitude unacceptable,
you can glare at him; complain to the management; short tip him,
even leave him a note of constructive suggestions, but none of the above, or anything else you can do
will change the thoughts you had about the waiters attitude.

Thoughts are only about two completely separate places:
out-there, and in-here,
and failing to keep this distinction always in mind
will cause you to grow up to be just as stupid as you are now.
When you are hot, you have thoughts about air conditioning;
once you are cool, you have hot thoughts about the
price gouging policies of monopolistic energy suppliers;
the first is thoughts about stuff out there,
about which changes can be made: you turn the air conditioner on;
the second is thoughts about thoughts: the land-of-the-free —
— the home-of-the-mildly-deranged.

Animals, (not that we would want to BE as dumb & content as they are!)
only have thoughts about, stuff, and about, out-there,
(which of course is WHY they are so smart & dumb);
while humans have risen to their extraordinary & enviable level
by their capacity to also have thoughts about
the two other things: thoughts, and, in-here.

Consciousness in man would serve no purpose did it not produce in him, thoughts about the — in-here, and — thoughts-about-other-thoughts.
Without this double-threat-talent, man would enjoy no arts,
no entertainments, no academia, no religion, no politics,
and worst of all: there would be no: back-biting & gossip,
nor meaningful public debate of the issues,
nor an individuals ability to privately reflect thereon.

Hidden from the rheumy eyes/Is of those
six billion unfortunate souls currently being held in mental detention,
is the existence of, Secret Cosmic Knowledge.
If a house is on fire, both the privileged, and deprived look,
and have the thought: That house is on fire;
a thought about stuff — the house
and obviously a thought about stuff — out-there — outside the thinker,
but the mentally constrained, (just-plain-folks),
have a collateral thought regarding the owner of the burning house
against whom they have a grudge, (Serves the son of a bitch right!).

Thus I point out to you, that which is plain & obvious,
and indeed, that which no one,
(upon sincere, momentary consideration), can deny, which is that:
everybody, sees and, knows what is — going-on-in-life,
for what is really, going-on-in-life is right out therein the visible world
for everyone to see: (you cannot hide a hurricane),
but what is not automatically plain-&-apparent to the human,
is the fact that what is not — out-there, and which is — stuff ,
but rather is — in-here, and is — thoughts,
about those things nothing can be seen,
(since you cannot look inside yourself),
and about them, nothing can be known,
(perforce, perforce — supra perforce).

But the brains of those poor dears presently suffering from that
world wide mental affliction are unable to make this distinction,
and alas — must content themselves with being the puppet government which runs, the-world-of-stuff — out-there,
(but it is not all: work, work, work for these folks,
in their spare time they engage in the various pastimes that their
thoughts, [limited as they be], have created: [movies, religion,
novels, politics, cogent criticism, etc];
it falls the burden of the privileged few
to keep alive
the all inclusive view,
whereby — some where — at all times,
there is at least one human brain holding the real time awareness that all thoughts are only about: stuff-out-there, or about: other-thoughts, which exist only — in-here — for everybody.

He began walking toward the wings as he delivered his final words:
What a responsibility for these select few: oblique noblesse oblige,”
then with a rousing cry of: “Tempus goobers! he was gone,
and the first band rolled on stage.


Those boogying in the isles are people who have extended the frontiers and no longer, think-about-thoughts, but rather about
where thoughts come from.