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Where Thoughts Come From


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July 4, 2001.


The universe is populated by two groups:
the visible midgets and the unseen giants,
and while they occupy the same physical space,
their lives could not be more different.

The visible midgets represent all types of men;
the unseen giants ARE the few archetypes.

The visible midgets appear to run things,
but only the unseen giants understand things.

The lives of the visible midgets are based on conflict
while the unseen giants slide effortlessly through everything.

Most of what you read, the visible midgets wrote,
but the intelligence that gave man something to write about
came from the unseen giants.

Almost all of what you hear is from the mouths of the midgets,
and is trivial,
while it was the unseen giants who originally perceived of using sounds as useful symbols of the world around them.

The visible midgets constantly sense & proclaim public danger;
the unseen giants heed only private messages from
the other end of the scale: from their own cells.

The lives of the midgets are fueled by:
while the unseen giants run on a combination of todays catch,
and the scope of the seas, lit by their understanding.

The visible midgets are charged with the care & feeding of
the past & future;
the unseen giants are never anywhere, but underfoot.

The midgets debate & disagree on what IS reality;
the unseen giants are its most striking, but unnoticed examples.

The visible midgets appear to set the agenda for the life of man;
the secret lives of the unseen giants are the reality of its perfection.

The visible midgets are the life-of-the-party; the center-of-attention;
the unseen giants move in a different social circle.

The visible midgets do not know that the giants exist,
but the unseen giants know all there is to know about the midgets
because every giant has a midget inside of him.


Expanded Coverage Of A Previously Reported Story:

All men are captives pushed daily into an arena
wherein they are manhandled by beasts,
but never so injured that they do not the next day return.

Ordinary men take the beasts & themselves to be one,
while a few wonder how things in mans head came to be thus;
their curiosity results in the desire for another arena of the mind:
theirs is — THE ITCH TO AWAKEN.


There was a bat who lived by radar;
a man caught the bat and ate him —
but just the upper part — with the antennae.
Do you mean the upper part of the bat — or the man.

Fact: The, brains-of-everyone’s-operations is programmed to
feed on that which is a rung below itself.

Question: Who decides who mans thoughts will feed on?

Fact: A judge can try himself, but not a D.A., prosecute himself.

Question: If you do have to go down that obscure road alone,
why pretend that someone is with you?..when you know better..
..and they do too.


The speaker, (who some believed was a profit), shouted to the assembled: What is worse than greed?
and they shouted back: Inattentiveness!
then he cried: What is worse than envy?
and they cried back: Inattentiveness!
then he bellowed: And what is worse than pride?
and they bellowed back: Inattentiveness!
then he tried: Well what is worse than all forms of prohibited behavior
put together? and they shouted back loud & clear: Inattentiveness!
and the speaker turned to his assistant and whispered in amazement:
Wow! — where did you ever find such a crowd?

…(Ah!mused one man ,
If I but had such an on going scene inside of me.)

And someone asks: How do you justify presenting those last two stories
when they are in such obvious conflict? —
— only a midget would perceive such a conflict,
and only a midget would attempt to explain it away.

The ever present obstacle to you understanding
to your own complete satisfaction,
exactly what is going on in life
are the questions, problems, and situations that
the visible midgets in you continually detail, and which,
until you become super alert,
the midgets in you will react to — on your behalf.

A man ignores at excruciating expense
the fact that his brain not only has a tongue to speak,
but ears to hear itself as well,
and stirred up in this distracting mix
is the neurally invented sensation of an, I — a self —
a person inside your head who at one moment is doing the talking,
and the next — the listening.

Reality in our part of the universe is composed of two groups:
visible midgets and unseen giants;
you cannot choose where to be born —
but a few can later pick the team on which they want to play.


To the visible midgets: thoughts = reality;
to the unseen giants: clarified consciousness = REAL reality.

. ……(Yes, it makes no sense — unless you’re a giant.)