Jan Cox Talk 2702

After the States, The Ripening


June 27, 2001
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Key Words = States; no Second Reality – beer, music or reading; seeing directly; ripening; one thought drives away awakening; Nothing outside your skull

Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

June 27 2001.


The father walked into the sons space holding a computer printout, and said:
Did you read Monday’s edition of Jans Daily News?
and after the younger nodded affirmatively, the elder sat down and continued:,
If I may be so presumptuous, I would like to give you the radical interpretation of what he intended in one particular item:
the story wherein you were to imagine you were an artist of some variety,
(a writer, musician, painter), who felt you had something significant to, say’ —
but could never quite get it out:
you could not seem to find that: perfect-turn-of-phrase’;
or play that totally spontaneous, improvisational solo,
or get on to canvas, what is in your soul,
and a genii showed up with a free wish, and offered you a choice:
you could either be given the ability to prosecute your creative muse in a manner that would finally please you — unconditionally — but,
only when you were alone; no one else would be aware of the change,
nor would anyone else appreciate your effort — or:
you could choose to suddenly be world famous & respected for your
talent & creations, but nothing in you would have changed at all:
you would have the exact same attitude toward your efforts as you do now:
that was the symbolic cover story you were encouraged to consider,
but I feel sure he would not mind if I gave you the blunt version,
(as ruddy bich might say: enough with the cymbals already ).

Which would you choose if you could magically have one of these two possibilities become reality:
that you be fully awakened & enlightened — or:
remain just as you are, but be suddenly acclaimed to be
the most awake & enlightened man alive
by everyone interested in these matters?

Everyone: friends, foes, the press, strangers:
you are without any dissent, recognized by all to be the most awakened, enlightened, intelligent & insightful person on Earth,
but your level of consciousness & understanding stays just where it is now,
or you can actually become wide awake & fully advised of
exactly what is going on around here — except that
no one will, or can ever know about it but you:
no matter what you might attempt — no one will ever even suspect that
there is anything at all different about you. Which would you choose?

The thought-voice (face-of-consciousness) that always appears, and takes over
in your brain as soon as I commence conversations such as this with you,
will instantly insist that you (it) would choose to — Be awake.
It might have your tongue say something along the lines of:
There is certainly some, slight attraction in the idea of being –World famous and called, The Most Awake Man Alive,
but give me (us) some credit,
I would unquestionably choose to — Wake Up —
even if it had to be a totally private condition, whose reality was known to only me.
It is not even a contest! would proclaim that particular voice:
I (me & the kid here) would instantly choose to — Be Awake in private,
over remaining like we are in-here,
but out-there being called :The World’s Most Enlightened Man
…tempting for a moment? yes,
but ultimately — no contest.’

This would be the immediately predictable voice heard in the head of anyone
who has for long been sincerely & sanely involved in efforts to boost
the thinking function of their brain to a more informative & satisfying level,
but if you listen only to that reactionary voice & accept its assertions,
(since it says what is obviously the correct thing TO be said in the circumstances)
you will miss a bass drum bomb of an opportunity to get one of those rare & priceless, eye-blink, look-sees into what is going on in your world of thoughts
just at that instant when one thought is forced to shut down
to make way for a new one;
it is like getting a momentary glimpse of the, Forbidden Side View
of an inner figure just as he makes the turn-around
from going in one direction, to going in the other.

The sons face reflected a lack of understanding & certainty;
the father possessed sufficient for them both.

Consider, (that is: press your thinking apparatus into service
in that manner, unique to our family)
consider how-things-might-be if you were suddenly known
throughout all the world as being the most enlightened man alive;
(you know how to use that special way of thinking
that I have taught you,
to get into the hidden heart of matters capable of being talked about:
use it here — employ it now),
for the theoretical question of which one of the alternatives you would choose
is a falafel filled with guy fawkes day.

I hesitate to put it in such childish words,
(but you know how to go beyond them in your hearing of them),
but what — might-could-happen-to-you — IF the whole world
said that you were the smartest, most enlightened man alive,
even though you knew that you were still just as you are now in your development & understanding?

What could come of this?

The son looked even curiouser;
the father bore even more down.

“Some still, routine voice-in-your-thinking might reply:
‘Well, I guess it is possible that I might begin to maybe…ah, believe that I
WAS the most awake person alive?!?
which from a civilian view might pass as a psychologically-insightful observation,
but dammit boy — we aren’t civilians, and you cannot disgrace our tradition by permitting yourself to accept such blabber as being explanatory.

Consider the hypothetical situation completely outside the restrictions
of mere words;
ask yourself: What could be the effect on me if this happened?
without actually, asking-yourself, (you know how to do it).

The temp in the room rose a few degrees.

Actually I am playing wiffle-ball with you, my little cooperstown-wanna-be,
for the big bambino version of this particular game would be this:
What might — could — happen to you if you learned that
every single person on this planet is awake but you?! Literally!
that you are the only person alive who does not,
Know-The-Secret-Of what is really going on.

What if that were true?

…and the wrapped-up, eye opening, awaiting explosiveness in the question
is not in any, answer there to;

the, nuke-em-where-they-stand power to the poser is:
do you understand that it could be true?it could literally be true,
and what — WHAT, dear scion of mine — what feature of
thinkings nature does that little unexpected thought uncover?

Inside the non civilian depths of that picture
is every scrap of info about consciousness you need to permanently alter yours:
the simple, at first, unbelievable fact that:
in spite of all you have done, and the understanding you have gained,
and in spite of how asleep and stupid the rest of the world can appear,
everyone in the world could be wide awake & aware of whats going on —
–but you;

realizing, in its entirety, that this IS possible
will jolt open your eyes afresh, my son:
a man cannot recognize that this is possible
and continue to sleep as he now does,
nor make those efforts to awaken that are misdirected.

The elder stood, rolled up the print out, and as he left, said:
Instead of that Gulfstream for your birthday this year,
I give you the sentence:

What could be the ultimate result if
everybody in the world believed that you were awake but you?

and — Poof! — he be gone again.