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June 22, 2001.

There is a certain game, (the only game acceptable to some),
which cannot be played on anyone else’s field,
yet all men play a version of the game,
and without exception, do so on one another’s turf;
under such conditions victory is not possible.for anyone.

There is a certain research that cannot be pursued in
anyone else’s lab;
all men engage in a version of it,
but do so consistently in one anothers facilities;
under these conditions, nothing of value can ever be discovered.

There is that certain — search-for-The-Truth;
and it cannot be carried out in the public arena;
it can only be successfully prosecuted in private.
Man lives under a blanket sensation that says just the contrary;
this impression is the anti, search-for-the-truth.

What passes among ordinary men for, original thinking
is commenting, favorably or otherwise on someone else’s thinking;
accepted wisdom says that the truth can only be discovered through
the give & take of passionate debate;
from the honest confrontation between the hammer & the anvil;
that The Truth will eventually arise from the push & shove of
competing ideas as to just what is — The Truth.

This makes perfect, and rational sense to man’s thinking,
and seems to establish the inescapable basis for all intellectual
progress, and certainly for the ultimate discovery of the great & elusive — Truth.

In their hunger & search for the, supreme-reality-of-things,
men pay much lip attention to the need for, original thinking,
and will point to improvements in technology as always
being dependent on such;
but their I.Q.s are instantly lowered, and they rendered myopic
as soon as they turn their attention to matters which
no inventor can set on a workbench.

But the fact is that the type of men who want to know, The Truth
have no real interest, or regard for such activity;
they will avail themselves of the benefits of science & technology,
which always come about due to some new understanding of
the truth about the materials that make up the physical world,
but they do not consider such achievements as being on a level with their search for the metaphysical-truth.which would be okay —
……………..except for one detail.

Seekers of The Truth are not amiss in their assessment that,
original thinking is required for success in their search,
for if the current thinking was going to lead to The Truth,
it would have already done so — so:
obviously what is needed is, original thinking
to correct the errors in that which is presently available.

If you attempt to correct the flaws in someone else’s thinking
you do nothing but reveal yourself to be a fool,
with a phantom hunger for The Truth.
The truth about what is going on in life & in you will not be discovered
from your passionate mental, head-butting with other people
on the playing field of debate & discussion,
nor can any idea that came from ordinary human thinking ever be: straightened-out, modified, expanded, or in any way, corrected to
such a degree as to finally lead to, The-Truth-About-Things.
As long as your thinking does battle with other men’s thinking
you are not playing on your own field;
not researching in your own lab,
nor studying in your own classroom,
and without doing so, you are eternally doomed to only:
getting dirty, bruised, and discouraged,
because on any of the mental playing fields normally available to man
success is not the goal, nor purpose;
the purpose of the game is to keep the game going —
not for some player to win! What are you — nuts?!
You’ve lived this long and never noticed that before?!

Debating, discussing, even — thinking-about
other peoples ideas will never take you a step closer to the discovery
that so tugs at the souls of the few, (if the few had souls);
this fact is unconditional, incontrovertible,
and almost entirely, Fat Free.

Nothing that any other man has ever thought or said has any significance, relevance, or importance to what you seek
whether they be ideas that you agree with, or that you disagree with,
it makes not any difference whatsoever,
and by you giving over your precious & limited mental potential
to even THINKING about what someone else has thought will
guarantee that you will never discover anything.
Isn’t that nice to know?!.what imaginable information could
possibly be as helpful!..and it could not be more exact & accurate — and could, (as a matter of fact),
be seen as the only statement a human can make that is not
distorted & misleading: no one else’s ideas about The Truth
have any relevance whatsoever;
they are neither correct, nor incorrect,
they are not even partially correct, with some errors,
they are simply & totally — irrelevant,
(and this statement being the only mortal one which isn’t.)

You are not really hungry for The Truth if you overtly, or silently
argue with the thinking of other men,
for by dancing-with, and wrestling-with
thoughts that came from the mind of some other sleeping human being,
you cement your own to that same inconsequential level.
A hermit who yet tolerates other people’s ideas in his head,
so as to examine & critique them,
reveals himself — even in solitude & silence — to still be a fool.
If you are a shark who says he wants to become a landlubber,
but after an brief, understandable initial interlude,
you make any comment about water,
call yourself what you are — not a Truth-Seeking-Shark — but a fool.

Keep thinking about anything that anyone else has ever said or written
and you will drown in your own environment —
that is: be forever blinded by your own eyes/Is —

— by your very own quarrelsome, irrelevant thinking.

Don’t settle for being a wisenheimer; create your own thinking —
and let others comment thereon, (if they must).