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June 20, 2001.


For prison to work, inmates must voluntarily cooperate.

Ordinary minds picture prison as a place where
people are held solely by force,
but as so often is the case with these creatures —
their view lacks elucidating detail.

None of the stone & mortar prisons anywhere in the world
could contain their prisoners
did they not cooperate & voluntarily participate in their imprisonment.
Such places never have a sufficient ratio of guards to inmates
to physically restrain them & enforce their confinement;
peace prevails at such sites only through the prisoners acceptance of their situation.

Commonly, once a mans society has condemned him for
some offense there against,
he will accept their judgment, and if confinement is the punishment,
he will passively submit himself there to.

Humans overall are programmed to be submissive to authority,
and will freely acquiesce to its displays & attempted exercise:
someone speaking & acting in an authoritative manner can suddenly order people walking down a sidewalk to stop where they are,
and stand over against a building and wait — and most will do so,
just as inmates will return to their cells when a bell rings,
not because their place of confinement has the sufficient physical force to make them,
but because of their willingness to do so.

A man hungry to know the truth about,
what-is really-going-on-behind-the-scenes,
ignores this basic fact of life at his personal expense;
for the voices who routinely address each mans mental assembly
are sent directly from, The Collective Minds Speakers Bureau,
and each & every one of them is undyingly loyal to their employer,
and totally submissive to authority & their own captivity;
they are not about to say anything to you that would be in conflict
with their source;
in other words, (Number 27608),
none of the voices you hear in your head are ever going to say anything that is in opposition to official prison policy —
…or that might excite a desire to escape —
much less offer any information that might aid therein.

No, sweet jail bait,
unless you can get in touch with an obscure area of your brain
that sits on a fault line between the time zones of, pre verbal I,
and your present vocal-driven ones,
you will continue to readily accept your inner imprisonment,
which certainly allows your, blowing-off-of-steam,
by your periodical pronouncements of your intention to
“break-outta-this-joint — that’s what all good prisoners say.
It is in fact, part of official prison policy not only to permit this,
but indeed to encourage it within specific limits:
the limits being that the prisoners threat is not serious,
and that he is not smart enough to ever follow up on it anyway.

If there is any hope for you,
you must first recognize clearly and dispassionately
your instinctive reaction to be submissive to authority,
but now we move from the area of physical authority,
to that of mental,
wherein the terminology need be revised to read:
your instinctive reaction to be submissive to APPARENT authority,
for in literal fact, in the strictly mental realm
that is all there strictly is.

Yet learned, sophisticated people will mentally yield to the
patently ridiculous words of another human being,
delivered in an authoritative manner
in an authoritatively constructed environment,
viz. Men are not actually dead when they are dead,
or, A vote for my tax plan will enrich everyone, or,
Describe what is troubling you and I will tell you its cause, inter alia.

Ordinary men hand over their thinking capacity to confinement
just as willingly as do actual prisoners, their bodies to cells;
routine minds readily yield to displays of apparent authority
as freely as do the convicted to the judgment of their community.

All who wish to seem intelligent cry out for freedom,
and insist that they, do their own thinking —
but they merely reveal themselves to be fools:
those who make such statements are never guilty of it.
Men who rail against the tyranny-of-human-stupidity,
and identify it as the suppressor of all that is potentially
enlightening in man,
are themselves stupid & immune to enlightenment.

There is no conspiracy, willful or otherwise,
to hold humanity back — much less you individually;
there is simply the situation as above noted:
from the view of an enlightened mind,
the rest of human thinking is in prison,
and prison only works with the cooperation of the imprisoned so:
— don’t cooperate,
but the willie-sutton, smother-me-in-squirrel-fat subtleness of it is that
the non cooperation necessary for escape is not —
resistance to the apparent authority — no;

you do not liberate yourself from the hypnotizing clutches of the
stock broker who continually churns your account, and sells you
useless shares by arguing with him,
and professing to have finally caught on to his little game —

you quit going to his office.


A father said to a son:
If there is anything else to life other than: having fun & trying to stay awake — no human being knows what it is.
(Their family herald is The Star Of Ingres: two mobius strips placed one upon the other, with one, allegedly inverted.)

In certain quarters it used to be commonly quoted that: Once a day, someone on this planet — wakes up;
now, (as per one guys report), it is more like once every hundred years.

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