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June 15, 2001.


(Part 3 of a conversation.)

Off in the woods for a walk, after a long stretch of silence,
the father started to talk to the son again.
The cause of all your complaints and confusion is that:
you are the thinker, and not the thought ABOUT.
If an ordinarily minded man heard that he would vigorously disagree,
and insist that he indeed spends a great deal of his life —
— thinking about himself — but is that true?
We certainly know what he believes he means by the statement,
but is it a valid reflection of what is actually going on?

Routine people can never be made to look beyond such an assertion;
the collective needs of man does not require such,
thus most men have no further interest in the matter.

I bring to a boil today what I was stirring up for you yesterday
regarding the fact that men’s brains make them say that there are certain things that they: Will not think about.
We now discard the bay leaves of examples, and go to the meat.

I have already put voice to the sinews by saying that for the few,
the source of all your complaints and confusion is that
you are the thinker rather than the — thought ABOUT —
but let me be more accurate and say that living in a dream comes from you being the apparent thinker — rather than the thought about.
There is the key distinction;
there is both the key AND the lock that keeps your realization out of the sealed room.

When an ordinary man says that he thinks about himself all of the time, he speaks inaccurately;
what he does think about comes in two flavors :
things he has done, (which as always, is irrelevant to our interests), and, what-he-has-thought-about.
The reality of it is that men do not normally think about themselves,
but about what they have thought about themselves,
ergo I say that the unrecognized, original source of your confusion is that you accept yourself to be, The Thinker,
rather than pursuing a course-of-life wherein you,
(the apparent you), becomes the — thought-about;
and put in even greater detail would be to say that:
the cause of you feeling hypnotized, disoriented and at a disadvantage
is because you drift along playing the part of, The Thinker
rather than making The Thinker the thing thought ABOUT.

But even at this advanced verbal-based outpost,
and after being exposed to such mappings,
many of our more distant relatives lose their way by believing that they ARE making themselves the thing thought ABOUT
by making note of their posture; how they walk; how they gesture when they talk; their hateful daydreams; their laziness; their fearfulness; their lust, their greed, and so on —
but they too are missing it.
They still are not the thing thought about
for all they are doing is thinking about thoughts they have already had and thoughts they are now having, regarding these subjects.
This can certainly be an enjoyable way to pass the time,
and can make for entertaining conversation among the similarly interested,
but noting how you are increasingly aware of the negative thoughts
you have about your mother, muslims, manchurians,
and anyone better looking than you, accomplishes nothing,
for not only does it not tell you anything that is new to you,
but moreover — such tells you nothing that is useful,
(if your aim is still to, get-to-the-bottom-of-everything.)

To believe that, your thoughts have any significance,
or useful information to convey, or be uncovered,
requires that you pretend to the intelligence of an imbecile;
it requires — absolutely — that you do not — THINK ABOUT IT.

Life is constructed so that near a hundred per cent of the six billion people on this planet passively AND normally
accept the superficial neural sensation in their head of there being some sort of, them in there that is, doing this, thinking-thing.
The world as we know it is run on this basis,
and having none other by which to compare it,
we can say with some reason that its running goes rather well,
but that is not good enough for our family, is it my boy?!
No sir — not good enough by a third.
We accept the physical realities of life, (as must everyone,
but at least we don’t fall for being their critic);
it is not the inescapable tangibles of our existence that
drives us to these walks & talks,
but is that specific operation in our brain that produces thought —
and thought, while superficially seeming to be that which is most reflective of what we individually are, is no such thing;
the thoughts we unthinkingly have,
have nothing to do with us individually,
but — my God boy! — does it certainly want to seem otherwise to us!
It is as though the whole weight of the universe presses on man
to make him take the electro-chemical impulses continually surging
through his brain which produce in our heads,
words we apparently hear, and images we apparently see,
and since they are inside of us —
— in the privacy of our own individual head —
— they are surely from us.

No ordinary man with an ordinary mind ever looks at this matter truthfully, even for an eye-blink, for if he did — THEN
— just for an eye-blink — he would see what is really going on,
(although with an ordinary man all it would do is
momentarily disorient him,
since his aim is not to get out of this normal state of consciousness.)

What has long been given a name, (such as: Becoming Enlightened,
and, Waking Up), are a few mens attempted descriptions of what happened when they managed to somehow, stop being The Thinker,
and the apparent Thinker suddenly was the thought ABOUT.
The jig was up;
the con discovered;
the fraud exposed.
(Course I’m just engaging in a bit of harmless hyperbole,
since man is not victim of some hoax, or curse,
he just — is-what-he-is,

but he is not exactly as
the thoughts in him say
that he is.

the mother-of-all-things-that-the-brain-makes-men-say-they —
thinking about the thing that seems to be doing the thinking.

The elder stopped to examine a flower, then said:The difference tween our family and the fockerellers of the world is that
our wealth & privilege is secret — barely known even to ourselves.
But — damn! — what a treat, huh Dad?!
You could say that again, my boy!, you could say that again!
……..(cept of course for my distaste for redundancy).