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June 13, 2001.


(Part 1 of a conversation.)

A son came into his father’s library, and as he removed headphones from his ears said: Why have some of the world’s most revered composers written their most impressive works for the church
when many of them were known to be generally indifferent to religion? Something spectacular seems to often happen when otherwise
quite worldly men turn their efforts to the praise of a deity;
I know that the religious minded would say the extraordinary
artistic output was Gods reward to the artist for his efforts of tribute, but there is surely something else going on that I am missing.
Would you, Pa Pa, grace me with your insight into the matter.

His father stopped what he was doing, and replied:
Mans creation of the idea of a God is without doubt
the nicest thing he has ever done for himself,
and understood aright — the most potentially enlightening.

Now son, in what I am going to say to you
I could keep referring to, MAN as the creator & sustainer of
the idea of a God,
or be more literally accurate and say, THE BRAIN,
which undeniably is the ultimate source of all that man invents,
but if you have noticed in our past conversations of this ilk,
if I continually speak of THE BRAIN as the responsible party for what is going on in mans secondary world rather than saying, MAN is,
your mind tends to become strained & your hearing labored —
have you noticed this tendency in yourself?

The lad pondered the query for a moment, then said:
You are right. Looking back, I am aware that I prefer you to speak of, man doing this-or-that thing, rather than his, ‘brain’
having been responsible, (even though it surely is).
I obviously do have a prejudice against hearing the brain talked about as the responsible entity in human affairs rather than man.
The boy paused, and looked off for a bit, then spoke again:
That is strange. Why is that?

“That would be a whole other conversation;
what you specifically asked me about concerned the exceptional influence the idea of God appears to have on mens
creative endeavors,
but if you stay alert, perhaps insights into your other question
will reveal themselves as I speak.

The nicest thing that any organ has ever done for man
was in the brain inventing the idea of a God,
for what it actually did, (and continues to do), via the notion of God,
is to indirectly: marvel at itself;
plead to itself for help,
and sing its own praises.

To commence your realization of this most pregnant affair,
every time you read or hear anything that opens with the
salutary tribute cum plea: Oh Lord, or, Dear God
simply substitute the words, Oh dear brain, and you’re on the way.

Man is no fool,
he knows what has brought him this far;
made him top dog of the planet;
enabled him to bend the environment to his wants;
improved his health; extended his life — his brain;
not his muscles; not his feathers; not his fins, nor scales, but his brain.

As with all life,
man pursues a course that promotes life:
the brain is what brung him to this fancy dress ball,
and it is the brain who he will continue to ask to dance.

Man understands precisely where to turn for help the brain.
When his liver is ill, he does not ask the liver for suggested treatment,
he asks the brain;
if larger creatures threaten his well being,
he does not ask his stomach what to do,
he unhesitatingly calls upon the brain to formulate a plan of safety,
(and on & on, infinitum sidum).

Man knows fully well from whence all help comes in life — the brain.
When terribly ill, and he consults a doctor,
a man is not consulting another equally, prone-to-be-sick person —
no, he is consulting that persons brain;
it is the brain that always discovers how to reverse some previously
terminal malady, and it is the brain alone that can get man out of
all but the crudest of jams.

Now consider the ever present examples of mens:
attitude-toward & prayers-to — God.

In all religions, men attribute to their deity the same qualities:
he is all knowing; all powerful, and all forgiving.
In their minds, men speak & pray thus:
Oh Lord, as you know: I am quite ill;
the doctors can do nothing more for me,
so I call upon your incomparable mercy to help me.

There it is — right out in the open:
man pleading for extraordinary assistance to the only source OF
extraordinary help — the brain — but
the brain has caused him to call it by another name.

Men also ask God, (their brain), to assist them in matters ranging from
finance to romance,
making verbal note — in their head — to their brain
that they have done all that they know to do;
are at the end of their rope, and in dire need of, supernatural assistance, which is to say:
a new plan from the brain to fit the intractable circumstances.
And in a way, what the brain does is supernatural —
in the sense that, (for instance), the treating of cancer with radiation
is nothing that man would have naturally, by physical instinct alone,
ever done.
Compared to how the body, (left solely to its own devices),
would have dealt-with, reacted-to such a misfortune,
what the brain came up with is — supernatural —
and literally so to all that is non conscious & unable to have thoughts.

Take specific note that in addition to men attributing all power to the God idea concocted by the brain,
they picture him as the fount of all knowledge —
and what could be more obvious and expected than that;
it is only via the brain’s ability to think, and manipulate symbols theoretically that radiation treatment was conceived,
and the machines to deliver it, constructed.
If there is anything you want to know — anything! —
there is only one place you can look — the brain.

Also note that men say one of God’s other outstanding,
superhuman, (read: super-ordinary), qualities is his
ability to forgive —
to forgive men of all their mistakes;
to relieve them of the greatest non-physical ill they suffer — guilt.
They say in the head, in prayer to God:
I so regret the way I treated my mother, and now that she is gone
I cannot tell her so and ask her forgiveness,
so I come to you, Dear Lord,
the sole source of all understanding and compassion,
and ask for your supernatural intervention and forgiveness
in this most troubling matter,
and men do come to the right and only source of forgiveness
for anything they have done about which they now feel guilty,
feeling, guilty being:
having-thoughts-about-something-which-bothers-you —
— no thoughts — no guilt,
and the source of all thoughts is?(you got it!) — SO:
the only place to look for relief, (forgiveness), is — the brain.
No one but the brain can forgive you of anything;
for who can stop you from having the thoughts that remind you of
the regretted deed — but the brain.

So you can certainly say that there is a God, and that man could not be closer to him — his brain.

Indeed, indeed,
as marvelous as be other organs, (such as the heart & pancreas),
nothing can aid men in living physical lives superior to that which they would instinctively — but the brain;
in a quite physical sense, compared to all other somatic features:
it is: all powerful; all knowing, and all compassionate,
but in the mental realm or mans secondary reality is where this matter is of specific interest to the few.

Men are so impressed by what the brain can do
that they want it to do even better;
provide them with even more benefits, both physically and otherwise
and thus, unknowingly: Everybody is trying to, WAKE-UP,
which is another way of saying that:
Everyone wants their brain to — DO BETTER.

At the cruder levels, men want it to help them do better financially;
have a more enjoyable social life;
appear more intellectually impressive;
all quite ordinary human desires,
but behind it all stands, (mostly un stated),
mens hunger to understand with ever greater clarity,
what this, being alive thing is,
which more accurately put is to say that it is the
brains hunger to understand itself,
(which is factually what the other statement is actually saying.)

The brain struggling to understand, even reasonably, comprehend itself, and having only itself as a means thereto,
is akin to a ladder trying to climb to a roof on itself,
but along the way in this apparently, impossible endeavor,
is where the brain has conceived of cures for deadly ills;
improved nourishment; profitably altered natural conditions,
(and so on) — SO:
the effort has not been, nor is it now, futile,
for man-the-collective ultimately benefits by all extensions of
the brains abilities.

In ordinary mens desires to: live longer; be less ill;
be more comfortable; have more fun —
they are urging their brain to even greater exploits,
the supreme one being: The brains comprehension of itself;
thus all men are unknowingly, inadvertently & indirectly —
— trying to WAKE-UP their brains —
make them conscious of ever wider possibilities & realities.

In talking to God,
man converses with what is best in himself — the brain;
it is arguably the nicest, most intelligent thing a man can do for himself.

But for some reason,
the brain seems unable to directly confront what it is up to —
ergo its idea of having man call it, God;
then it can speak freely about the wonders, plans & possibilities of
this other entity while never making any mention of itself.”

The father then leaned over his desk, closer to the son and said:
My boy, what the brains in our family have long been involved in
is a more direct dealing with their situation.
What I have talked to you about all these years, such as :
waking-up, being-enlightened and the like,
is about nothing other than the brain attempting to comprehend itself — which would be its coupe de maitre —
the reality behind the idea of: a-man-seeing-God;
it would be the highest achievement the brain can imagine.

Toward what greater goal could we be aligned?!

The father ceased talking, and all was quiet for a while as the son obviously pondered what he had heard;
then after a bit, he said:
My first reaction is that this seems a significant expos?,
but you are my own brain telling me all of this —
— to what end do you do so?!*


*”Plus, how are you able to tell me these things which you yourself do not yet know?!”